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Angelina and Brad -- Maximum Children

3/20/2011 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Much like a comet or a supermoon (whatever that is), it was a rare sighting in New Orleans yesterday when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted out with all six of their children.

You won't see them all together like this again for another 75 years.



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Dandy Dan    

Comment To Number 3 - Lori... Really Lori?... Really? You look at a couple of pap photos and come up with this Bull****, Do you have a f-in life?

1278 days ago


Shiloh has two rowdy brothers and her dad growing up and she ended up as a tomboy. Her mom said she's just a tomboy/dresses like a boy but in my opinion, Shiloh thinks herself as a boy. I bet Angie will be so proud to have a gay/lesbian child in the family and then next step, gender change. Oh well, may be she was just born that way and not influenced by the surroundings. And I think their biological children are cloned!!!! made since day 1 in the lab/IVF.

1278 days ago

More Cowbell    

Wow, many of you are so critical of this family. The youngest daughter is wearing a dress, so if Shiloh wanted to wear a dress - I'm sure she would have. As for their attire - it looks fine, nothing wrong with it. Are they going to a fine dining restaurant? Probably not. Casual clothing for a casual day.

To make comments that the youngest children look like they downs syndrome and to say that in a negative way...why be so cruel? What if they actually do have downs? Prejudice...

If anyone were to have made comments like this about your parents or your siblings - I'm fairly certain many of you would be pissed. It's not like they abuse their kids or just chill and stop criticizing people you don't actually personally know and assuming you know what kind of family they really are.

1278 days ago


They look like homeless children the way they are dressed!

1278 days ago


I'm just going to point out again that I've never seen any of their children in clothing with colors that children usually wear. Red blue yellow pink green. Never. We're supposed to believe they pick earthtones -- tan, beige, kakhi -- and black and white. Riiiiiiight. Those kids don't pick any of those clothes.

1278 days ago


Boy, I bet Brad wonders what the heck he got himself into!! He looks just miserable!! He probably wants to go back in time and be faithful to Jennifer instead of dipping his stick into this crazy woman's womb. Too bad, Brad, you have another 10-15 years of insanity while raising this goofy brood through the teen years. Have fun!!! But lots of fighting and no sex from mentally unstable Angelina!!

1278 days ago


Why do their kids always looks so scruffy and pissed off? You hardly ever see a picture of them smiling. I bet Ange is a right miserable cow!!

1278 days ago


What does the comment under the photo "You won't see them all together like this again for another 75 years." supposed to mean?

1278 days ago


It's been widely reported Shiloh is not girlly...and they don't press her. As for the looks like a typical family shot. Mom looks a little tired. The kids aren't wearing sun glasses and squinting. It's just a normal family shot.

1278 days ago


I gotta say that Brad and Angelina really don't look happy in this photo. (They usually only look happy when on a red carpet.....well Angelina does. I have my doubts about Brad.)But, maybe they had an argument before it was taken? Maybe they were annoyed that this photo was taken? Or maybe simply these are their normal looks when not smiling? Think about it. As for the kids, I agree with those of you who say that the kids are dressed like crap. I personally would be embarassed if my kids were dressed like that if I had the money they do. But I do give them credit. the kids are at least dressed. Some children in this world can't even say that.

1278 days ago


I hope it's another 100 years!!!

1278 days ago


Wow! These kids always look so dirty and sloppy!! So Sad!!

1278 days ago


"Lori, why do you feel that I singled you out? I said "many of you" but you seem to be taking it quite personally, why? As if I attacked you, that is an odd thing to do, since you were not singled out."

So the rule is, if no one is singled out, no one can comment on your comment?

Posted at 12:47 PM on Mar 20, 2011 by Lagoon
Comprehension not your bag, huh, Lagoon? Why don't you read all the conversation before making ridiculous accusations that were not implied, insinuated or otherwise said. I was replying to Lori's comment where she said, "I didn't "trash" the kids...I simply made an observation about why their oldest biological daughter dresses and acts like a boy...Now, if you want to speak to others about what they wrote? FORGET chose to come to TMZ and you LOOKED for what you got...period." When I had not at all singled her or anyone else in a particular manner out.

Now out of that conversation how did you come up with the assumption that I was implying "So the rule is, if no one is singled out, no one can comment on your comment?" I ask because I find it odd that people defend themselves of something they have not been accused of, thus my comment to Lori.

1278 days ago


I think they are no better than the Cruises. Whatever the kids want, the kids have it. Not to interfere with their independence and confidance etc. etc. etc.. No parentral control. Let them be as they are/they want to be.

I think it's also true they have to take Pax out of school because he is violent. His look/manners says it all. And Maddox like weapons/daggers, then Maddox can have them. Shiloh wants to dress like a boy, then she can have it all.

1278 days ago


88. I hope it's another 100 years!!!

Posted at 12:59 PM on Mar 20, 2011 by sem
Thanks for the laugh sem!

1278 days ago
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