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Lindsay Lohan -- Warming Up to Jail

3/20/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's confidence is starting to wane -- sources close to LiLo tell us she is finally getting it through her head she can't avoid jail and is now "seriously considering" taking a plea deal.

Lindsay Lohan Plea
As TMZ first reported, Judge Keith Schwartz offered LiLo and her attorney Shawn Holley a deal that includes three months in jail ... which get whittled down to 19 days because of jail overcrowding.

Lindsay has been adamant for weeks ... she would never take a plea deal because she feels she did nothing wrong. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she still maintains her innocence ... but reality is starting to sink in and Lindsay is beginning to understand the risks of going forward with a trial.

If she loses at trial, she could get more than a year in jail for the probation violation ... plus prison time for the felony grand theft.

If Lindsay accepts the deal, Holley must tell the judge on Wednesday.  Lindsay will be back in court Friday to either take a plea or declare war.



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Doesn't matter what Lohan feels. Everyone else knows differently and that's what really matters and Lohan knows it.

No one is jumping to her defence. Holley has to.

1251 days ago


Yes, 19 days is garbage but until the people of California vote to spend more money on jails, it's going to be like this. However, how is it overcrowded in ad seg? There's room in there to do her time. But look at it this way, she will be a convicted felon, her image will be tarnished even more, she will admit to being a thief (although she will still never admit it,) she hates being alone, another mug shot to add to the collection, hopefully she'll be forced to remove those ungodly hair extensions instead of special treatment, and of course she's going bald. But on one hand, I'd LOVE to see her cry when she's taken away in the bracelets and headed back to Lynwood (later at sentencing) but on the other I'd love to see her take it to trial. She pleads guilty on the 25th, does her time, and gets off probation and ends this though, you can bet the mortgage she will say FU to all of it and go back to drinking/drugging. As much as I cannot stand her, man do I see another Dana Plato in her, sadly. Also, did I mention she's going bald? I'll also bet the mortgage Shawn Holley doesn't get paid. Can anyone even image her paying a debt? She definitely has no Robert Downey Jr. comeback in her at all. She's going bald too.

1251 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Her unhealthy weight loss is attributed to her abuse of Adderall. Since the judge revoked her probation she is no longer drug tested. She has a prescription for Adderall, but would have been level tested which means she would only be allowed to have a certain number of milligrams in her body. No more drug tests means she could "doctor shop" and recieve multiple prescriptions. I have heard that Dina and even Ali(my God I hope that is not true) are on Adderall too. That's how Dina stays up 24/7 to troll gossip sites for stories about LL.

You can tell by the gaunt look of her face that she is back on speed and lots of it. She has zero muscle tone in her arms and she wears tons of makeup to try and mask her unhealthy look. Hair loss is a side effect of Adderall also which is why she looks like she is balding. Those terrible extensions don't help either.

LL is not clean and sober. Sobriety means nothing to her. I bet she thinks after her 19 days she can hit the clubs and do anything that she wants, but she will find herself under a microscope. Everybody in Hollywood knows about her and drinking and drugging and falling down in public is not going to be cool.

Once she is done with this mess she will create a new one.

1251 days ago


Don't waste the jail space on her, save the space for the real criminals who deserve it. Hit the celebs where it their wallet.

1251 days ago


Who the f**k gets 3 months to decide if they wanna take a plea deal????? Are we supposed to feel sorry for miss privileged?

1251 days ago


I couldn't care less what she does to herself. She did this to herself.

This is what's been getting people really mad. If this was you or me, they would make room and overcrowding would not be a factor.

Lohan had 2 ok movies the last one 8 years ago. She's not even remotely close of having the talent of a Robert Downey Jr. Besides nobody want's to work with her anyway. Hollywood is not going to waste anymore time and money on her, she's just not worth it.

Lohans unprofessionalism, reputation for not being prepaired, always being late and messing up production and just acting like a complete a**hole went around Hollywood like wildfire.

Lohan even burned independant producers. Not good if you want to work again.

1251 days ago


19 days? sheesh. NINETEEN days? When people who are convicted of a bit of pot get a year?

1251 days ago


#50 LMAO!

"We all know this sperm burping, rug-munching, cocaine-addled, alcoholic tea drinking, nickle and dime thieving, talentless has-been, wanna be, trash can rattling and did I say stupid(?), fur-stealing kletpto, (you can add maniac of any kind to that), nose-picking, coke pack high-heels wearing, FU ring bearer, continual thumbing her powdered nose at authority, so-called and self-confused, pencil headed, scoop-mouthed, butt-lipped white chick is GUILTY!! "

1251 days ago

Davey Boy    

She'll take the deal. She's known all along that she's going to have to take it--all of this talk about her refusing to take it is just a ploy for the cameras.

Posted at 1:18 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by disgusted


Yup, this is exactly right. I never thought for an instant that LIeLo wasn't going to take the deal. She just pretended that she wasn't going to take the deal to feign "linnocent" to the public at large. It was all just a ploy to get the Trollhans to feel sorry for her.

1251 days ago


This time I do believe Lindsay is innocent. The jewellery store selling the surveillance tape and then shopping a book deal made them seem like they were looking for attention. The problem is Lindsay has been able to avoid justice for a very long time but finally boxed herself in. Right or wrong she now has nowhere to run. She should just do the time in jail and if she is serious put this all behind her and stay out of trouble. She can use the time in jail to write her own book. She needs to just lay low for a while after getting out and then restart her career.

The problem is Lindsay is her family's cash cow so her mother will push her back to work before she is ready. The rest of her family need to get their own jobs and support themselves! Dina needs to realise that she's going to send her daughter to an early grave if she doesn't stop pressuring her to support that family! Completely dysfunctional!

1251 days ago


#62 lmao..nose picking? *** guzzling too. What's with her making out with a man last week too (allegedly?) Years ago when Fez dumped her, he knew what she was.

1251 days ago


she messed up her face with those plumped up lip injections. pathetic fake hollywood skank.

1251 days ago


Dina's going to write a book if she go's to the slammer too long. What to do when your children are too broke to support you any more.

1251 days ago


Even if she was Linnocent this time, F her. She deserves to do time for all the special treatment and getting away with her past garbage. She's up blank creek having a felony on record however, if she takes this plea. What does she have, a 9th grade education? Worst parenting ever.

1251 days ago


Anyone know if her plea sentance would include probation a well?

1251 days ago
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