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Mel Gibson -- Kid Tested, Father Approved

3/20/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is set to begin his court ordered community service at a kid's charity in L.A. soon -- and  he's already getting support from some of the parents ... TMZ has learned.

In fact, one set of parents associated with Mending Kids International tells us they're more than happy to help give the actor a "brand new start" because Mel has helped fund a life-changing series of operations for their foster son over the past couple of years.

James Nicol tells us his Ethiopian-born son Berhanu was only able to undergo an expensive series of medical procedures to help fix severe spinal issues ... thanks, in part, to Mel's generosity.

Nicol says his family is still active with the organization ... and they're excited for any assistance Mel can provide ... despite the fact his community service is the result of a plea deal in a domestic violence case.  

James says he completely trusts the actor around his child ... saying, "If Mel was coming over to our house to play ball with my son, I would not be the least bit concerned."


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M. Gabriel    

Mel is an awesome guy who would be doing this charity work with out it being court ordered. I'm glad to hear James Nicol speak up on Mel's behalf. James Nicol also sounds like a wonderful human being who has fostered a child outside his race and one who is struggling or suffering from a serious medical problem. My hat is off to you Mr. James Nicol and best wishes for your sons recovery. You are a wonderful, compassionate person and deserving of recognition.

1258 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Curious: You're very welcome.

#6: ROFL!! :)

1258 days ago


last night a guy came into the bar and he was so excited, he went to something down here and was introduced to Jessie James and got to talk to him and get some pictures.

I had to laugh at this young man with his excitement. He told me that he had always liked him. I said Wendel, hope you like him and support him, but pleaseeeeeee don't be like him. I asked what his colorful girlfriend there? He said no and I don't think he will really marry her either. We talked to him and I kind of giggled to myself, if we look at other things but the faults that are in the media, you will see lots of redeeming things in people. I didn't know a friend of mine are good friends with Jessie's parents. Talking to Wendel was kind of refreshing. I did ask, how in the world did he ever get with Sandra. He looked at me serious and said How does Santa Clause get down chimneys.

point made.

1258 days ago


#6: ROFL!! :)

Posted at 9:12 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Sam

1258 days ago


I did ask, how in the world did he ever get with Sandra. He looked at me serious and said How does Santa Clause get down chimneys.

point made.

Posted at 9:18 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by azlee

1258 days ago


Your hero, Ox on the other hand is lazy and spent her life doing nothing remarkable.

Posted at 5:49 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by gonesi

Well, if I can say one thing in her favor it would be that she
brought public awareness to the issue of

What is a Golddigger and how do you recognize a Golddigger?

Posted at 6:14 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by shirleyholmes

touche shirleysherlock!!! that made me laugh out loud!

1258 days ago


Ox will go after Gibsons wallet for the next 20 years through Lucia. Gibson is doing what he is suppose to do and is doing it without a problem.

Gibson has family and still has friends and a new grandson and Ox has lawyers and court. That's it.

Still can't get her music off the ground. Still not having the Hollywood wives and girlfriends asking her to lunch or any functions.

Gibson will be just fine. All the wealthy men know to steer clear of Ox. Ox's own doing.

1258 days ago


janet -
I hope your prediction about going after Mr. Mel wallet eventually turns out to be wrong.

I can't know what Mr. Mel may be thinking and I don't even want to try and imagine how he must feel over the situation. I am hoping, though, that he's got a plan to shut that woman up for good and all.

Still holding out for bottomless pit :)

1258 days ago


Observer -
Hiya :)

How are things holding up down there? Did Prince William enjoy his sausage sizzle?

1258 days ago


@66 kpacota
@75 Curios

Great Posts!

1258 days ago


Thank you Champix!

1258 days ago


Kwm -
Thank you :)

1258 days ago


Muppet and Champs

Thank you for reposting that Champs...Muppet...I think that is one of the best explainatons of the West Plea....Mel was allowed to state for the DA what he felt he did and it was accepted...I admitted he slapped her and it appears the DA accepted his version, not hers, and allowed with the West Plea which is not given often....IMO

1258 days ago


oops...He admitted he...sorry for typo

1258 days ago


So what if Mel throws lots of money to charity. He has tons of money. But where it really counts, toward people he is close to, he acts like a bastard with the feeling he can do it all with impunity. Not so Mel, nobody gives a dam what money you've given to charity, stop getting drunk and threatening people, a s z h o l e.

1258 days ago
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