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Michael Vick -- Right Place, Wrong Time

3/20/2011 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is doing an autograph show at the Dulles Expo Center today in Virginia -- and at the exact same time, the same venue is hosting the Super Pet Expo. Ruh-roh!

Vick is a featured guest today at the Collectors' Showcase of America, where he is supposed to sign autographs this afternoon. The event takes place in the North Hall of the complex while the Super Pet Expo is taking place in the South Hall.

Let's hope everyone plays nice.

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This piece of filth should be torn apart by a pack of dogs. There is nothing he can do to "pay" for his crimes. He can't bring the lives of those animals back, he can't undo the torture they lived through.

He doesn't deserve to be walking this Earth. He took from those animals all they ever had and all they were every going to have and there he is strutting around like he's king ****.

1310 days ago


Hey TMZ, why are my comments deleted? Compared to some they are mild. Is it because I used the term "ghetto filth"???

1310 days ago


Yes I act like he is John Wayne Gacy! He just did it to those poor defenseless animals...he should rot in h@ll! I hope when his daughters grown up they find out what a horrible piece of crap he is! I wish I would have known this advance..I would have spit in his face and paid the little fine they give animal abusers!

1310 days ago


Why is this fool even being allowed to sign autographs??!!!!!!!

1310 days ago


To Tom G,
I am so far from a hater..I just hate pigs like you and Vick...what are you saying what he did is OK?! What do you do to your dog you SOB!
I will make sure his little daughters know why they can't have a dog, Because their black ass pig of a dad kills them for fun!!

1310 days ago


if the people who are responsible for the organization "dogs deserve better" want to live in a mansion they should have to buy it just like anyone else who wants to live in a mansion. according to reports they have swindled people out of 120,000, which is a good down payment for a piece of land, they could buy and move their trailers there. and for the fool who said if you love dogs you have to hate vick, well how foolish can you be. i love dogs, and i own one, but i have never been able to hate a human being, hate is something that you are taught, which says a lot for you folks and how you were raised.

1310 days ago



As part of Vick's probation, he can't buy, sell or own a dog. And some of his critics believe that arrangment should be permanent.

Vick's daughter wants a dog, but guess why she can not have one???
Daddy is a dog killer, honey. Go play with your goldfish.

1310 days ago


The truth is that his fans, mostly blacks and latinos don't care about his animal abuse. The notion of dog being the best friend is very alien to them. I've seen kids roughing up pitbull puppy for fun. To a certain social classes pampering pets are ridiculous luxury to them. To those people, dogs are just animals, no more no less.

FYI, I love my Chihuahua.

1310 days ago


To all of you people still bashing Vick, where is your concern for Jeffrey Nalley who was just recently charged with killing more dogs than Vick, where is PETA, FBI, ASPCA, HSUS, and the local shelters with their picket signs? This guy isn't even getting any media coverage. He was killing those dogs right there in good old VA. Do you think Nalley should pay millions for rescued dogs, or do you think he should buy them a mansion. Will you think he should be bashed for the remainder of his life, will you picket and protest every job he gets? More than likely not. Face it you folks are cowards and the only reason you continue to bash Michael Vick is because you know that he is attempting to rebuild his image (due to his profession), therefore he will not say anything back to you, or do anything to offend you, however those that committ the same crime as Vick, but are your everyday Joe, you cowards will stay away from them, because they don't care and don't have a thing to lose and more than likely will get back with you in a way that won't be pleasant. That makes you not only phonies but also cowards. You're exploiting the issue with these dogs and taking advantage. If the population of dogs has gotten out of control to the point they can't get homes, then maybe it would be a good idea to stop breeding them.

1310 days ago

Kim Scot    

SO what he apologized, get over it!! What about all the child rapist out here!! Get Mad at that! Start a pickline, nail poster on the wall, run them out of town, and dont forgive them. #12 get a life!!

1310 days ago


People need to get over the whole "dog thing" with Michael Vick. The guy said he was sorry, paid the penalty for his crime and is trying to begin again!! Please have compassion and give people time to prove themselves!

1310 days ago


Vick is no good and everyone should boycott Vick the dog torturer.
Pet lovers should picket Vick, to let Vick the dog mutilator, know how evil and sick he is.

1310 days ago


Once you kill a dog you're tagged a DOG KILLER.

I hope he gets injured in the field. He'll be lucky he won't be put down like all the other dogs he trained to kill for his own personal whim

1310 days ago


ever notice that his tongue is always out?,,maybe he was a dog in another life..

1310 days ago


That man should not be allowed to be anywhere close to any animals!

1310 days ago
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