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Mike Starr Memorial -- Grunge Salute at Space Needle

3/20/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Starr's memorial is going down today at Seattle's Space Needle where the family and friends have planned an awesome water fountain tribute show for the former Alice in Chains bassist.

Mike Starr Memorial

Mike's sister, Melinda Starr, tells us everyone is gathering around International Fountain -- next to the Space Needle -- where a water show is usually set to classical music ... but for the memorial it'll be rocking to Alice in Chains tunes.


Melinda says officials at Seattle Center offered to change the music for the memorial -- and adds Seattle Police are providing security, free of charge. 

Starr was found dead earlier this month in Salt Lake City.

Melinda says some of Mike's old Alice in Chains mates will also be at the tribute -- which is open to the public and begins at 4:00 PM.


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Wonder if they will play "Man in the Box"? If so, it will have to be one of the stranger memorial songs considering the very first line is "I'm the man in the box, buried in my s**t".

1313 days ago


wonder if he introduced himself to the devil as " mike star, bassist from alice in chains."

Posted at 8:13 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by dube buzz
Oh jeez, one of those types.
AIC, from the time when music was actually played and not just manufactured.

1313 days ago


#13 - hahahhaah!!! Yes, that's how he introduces himself to everyone. Mike Starr, former bass player from AIC.

I won't be there. Sorry dude, you were a **** in life, you get nothing from me in death. Should have tried a little bit harder to do something for other people, not just ride that fancy wagon "former BP for AIC" yeah, what a great title, you must be so proud. Giddyup, f*kker.

1313 days ago


1. You have to be really a bad addict to be kicked out of a band that Layne Staley is in, because YOUR drug problem is so bad.
2. Mike was not that talented. When AIC was being looked at by the recording companies, it was decided that they needed someone stronger on bass to support the band.
3. Not only did they need someone stronger, they needed someone with more pull in the rock industry. Hence, Mike Inez.

So, sorry. If you think Mike Starr was so talented and such a cool person, you never met him. You don't know him. He was an arrogant POS.

Nate Dogg dies and you hear about the children's choir he supported. Mike Starr dies, and all you hear is "how sad, if only...." etc etc. Mike Starr never did anything for anybody in his entire life! It was all about HIM. So, C YA.

Jerry, Sean, Mike, if you are going to the memorial, good for you. Got to put on a brave front, right? But I won't be there.

1313 days ago


BTW - If Mike was so freaking talented, why didn't he move on to bigger/better or start his own band? You know why?


1313 days ago


The two Mikes in AIC reminds me of the two Beckys on Roseanne. You know there's something different, you're just not entirely sure you know what that is.

1313 days ago


I think it's an awesome gesture that his family planned this memorial for Mike that his fans could attend and pay tribute. Alice in Chains were huge in the '90s and had a huge fan following. I'm sure the fans appreciate this and there will be quite a crowd. RIP Mike.

1312 days ago


His overdose was from Xanax and a painkiller. According to doctors he went to a doctor for his back who didn't understand addiction. The doctor gave him a painkiller and BAM. From what they say he didn't fully relapse, but it only takes one time.

RIP Mike. I hope you're at peace now.

1312 days ago



Thank you to Mike's family and friends who reached out to him for so long. Mike is a wonderful kind-hearted person who just had some things he couldn't shake off. Many know of the pain he tried his best to deal with, and we are very sorry to know these issues choked his soul. I trust Mike has found peace, and I'll always remember his kindness above all.

1312 days ago


BSweet, seriously, did you know him?

1312 days ago


I will definitely be there today! My sister had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago. RIP MIKE STARR! <3

1312 days ago


1312 days ago


who cares better yet who is this clown he should've just took a bunch of pills like the bitch he was.. I can see the future white folks and charlie is not to far behind this douche

1312 days ago


We honor our dead musicians because we honor all of our musicians, athletes and businessmen, we appreciate those who contributed to our culture. This young man had problems, but instead of kicking him out they should have tried to get him help before he got as bad as he was. You can diss him all you want but Seattle has produced some extremely talented and successful people...people who have changed the world in some way. So if you don't like Mike why are you reading about him? Yeah, you must be the loser.

1312 days ago
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