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Charlie Sheen No Longer Restrained!

3/21/2011 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's lawyers have notified the court that they want the restraining order against Charlie Sheen to expire ... TMZ has learned.


The temporary restraining order prohibiting Charlie from having contact with Brooke or twins Bob and Max expires tomorrow.  Brooke had the option to seek a permanent restraining order but she will not do so because she's settled her differences with Charlie.

The restraining order -- which was issued March 1 -- is set to expire Tuesday, and Brooke's lawyers have told the judge to take the matter off calendar. 

Translation:  Case closed.



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Sorry, but I've seen it before, as long as one party or the other has $$$, there'll always be the kind of parent that takes advantage of it, & uses the kids as their lil cash cows. That's how I see Grand Godess Brooke, plus I read someplace where she was going on the tour too.

1248 days ago


Kinda seems wrong that you can waste taxpayer money using court time to get a stay away order, and then decide you don't need it anymore. If he threatened people's lives, it's weird you can un-do your complaint.

1247 days ago


1247 days ago


I'd trust Charlie before I'd trust Brooke. She's a manipulating, gold-digger.

1247 days ago


This woman is a freaking fool. Charlie is not mentally fit to be around anyone's kids let alone his own. He won't be watching his kids when they come over, those bimbo hookers will. Charlie sold her a load of bull**** and she bought it hook, line and sinker. I bet you won't catch Denise doing this.

When he threatens her again or beat the **** out of her I won't fell a bit of sympathy for Brooke. She's putting her life and her kids life on the line fooling around with this lunatic again. SMH.

1247 days ago


They're agreeing to agree. That sounds nice.

Are they going to do a kind of "Charlie plus 8" or "8 is enough" reality TV show with his goddesses, wife, ex-wife and children? Maybe that's what Les Moonves was talking to Charlie about? How much money could they make doing that?

1247 days ago


This must mean,

Brooke needs from Sheen,

Her coke supply has run dry,

and she needs a little high.

1247 days ago


Case closed until he knocks the snot out of her again in a drug induced rage to be performed at a later date you can bet....

1247 days ago

t jam     

$$$$$$$$$ WINNING $$$$$$$$$$$$

to be continued next week
media w ore ,,
and look no headband today
damm is she gross ,, not even whiskey makes her look good

1247 days ago

Spelling & Grammar    

I would not be surprise. She knows that she couldn't pass the drug test that charlie was requiring. She is just as a druggie as he.

1247 days ago

George McFly    

"The restraining order -- which was issued March 1 -- is set to expire Tuesday, and Brooke's lawyers have told the judge to take the matter off calendar."

since when is a judge "told" to do anything?

1247 days ago


#16 ksis wrote: "It is clear that the judge rushed with the decision to grant her the restraining order without even checking of what she says is true. "

DUH! That's the whole point and purpose of temporary restraining orders; it's not the judge's *job* at that point to determine whether or not it's true. The judge merely determines whether the story is plausible, and if taken at face value rises to the level necessary; if yes, the order will be granted without investigation or checking. The whole idea is to quickly provide protection, THEN the restrained party gets a chance to come into court and argue why it's not necessary.

Just think of the alternative: Person A files for a restraining order, the judge and establishment "check to see if it's true," and during the days or weeks the checking takes, the other party has full access to the purported victims. Is that really what you want?

1247 days ago


To all of you criticizing Brooke: what do you think is really going to happen if Brooke goes into court?

Charlie is Bob and Max's father. Absent some *direct* evidence that he's done something to one or the other of them, the odds were always against the judge continuing the order and cutting him off from his children. Most likely, the judge would have modified the order to provide for supervised visitation. Instead, Brooke and Charlie reached an agreement that apparently provides for ... supervised visitation.

1247 days ago


If people knew how dumb they sound when they comment and go "DUH". I don't care who is saying it, it the makes you sound like a complete idiot. Get over it people and some of you learn to be a leader and not a follower....especially if it's a crackhead you're following.

1247 days ago


Just curious - are those differences called "money" by any chance?

1247 days ago
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