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Charlie Sheen -- Bringing Winning to Haiti

3/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen better make sure his warlock passport papers are in order -- because we're told he plans on bringing his comedy tour to Haiti ... with the help of close pal Sean Penn.

Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ his people are working out the logistics to have Sheen's upcoming tour make a stop in Haiti. We're told the plan is for the show to end there, with all the proceeds going to charity.

According to our sources, Sheen is enlisting the help of the unofficial president of Haiti, Sean Penn.

To the best of our knowledge, tiger's blood is legal in Haiti.


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Sensible Grandma    

He's not as crazy as you think. He's rsking in the dough.

1310 days ago

artie help    

why make the haitian peoples suffer any more than they have, if you really care mr.penn you'd stop this

1310 days ago

Sammie in the entertainment section has an article about Sheen saying it's not scripted, that he's going to talk for 80 mins. Can you imagine paying $80 and be subjected to nothing more than his webcast? Yikes! Maybe he'll just bore all the poor Hatians to death.

1310 days ago

moe l.    

TMZ - PLEASE stop giving these two losers anymore face time - PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!

1310 days ago


Haven't those poor people suffered enough?! Charlie will soon implode and be gone from this world and it will be the better for it.

1310 days ago


So instead of just donating some of his multi-millions of dollars he has, he has to attach his donation to Japan's relief efforts to his ticket sales...$1 each. Wow! Meanwhile Sandra Bullock just donated $1 million. Period. No fanfare. Just did it. Why? Because she actually has some class and is motivated to help not by greed, and ego to prove something. By attaching the donation to his ticket sales he essentially is using the tragedy in Japan as marketing and image other words for his own profit. BTW in Toronto they are now advertising special seats for $750! Gee, do you think he can afford the $1 from those tickets? Please, this guy is not a winner. Real men who are confident dont need to brag they let their success speak for itself AND they dont threaten or abuse women in any way. Period.

1310 days ago


I didn't think the Haitians could afford Charlie's prices.

1310 days ago


Sean Penn is famous because his father was a director and put him in his films at a young age. Charlie Sheen also has a famous father, the two are very similar, coke addiction and violent tendencies.

If these had the the genius they claim to have they would form their own movie studio, bring in Tim Robbins. It's agreat idea, they would have the freedom to produce whatever they wanted and wouldn't have to answer to anyone. Charlie sure has a problem with people he works with so maybe he should work for himself.

They only reason Sean, Charlie and Tim would never start their own company is they are too afraid the studio would flop and they would lose money. In other words the three of them won't risk investing in themselves because they know they would fail.

50 year old has beens.

1310 days ago


What? People over there are not interested in his show. That is ridiculous! I have a friend who has been there 20 yrs and this is not what they need.

1310 days ago


Why, so he can flaunt his wealth in front of the poor and suffering?

1310 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

All the proceeds going to charity ?? What proceeds?? The folks in Haiti have little or no money for tickets to a show, as well as I'm sure 99% of them have no idea who the hell sheen is. If he wants to help...he just needs write Haiti a million dollar check for food,clothing and housing, and stay the hell away from there.

1310 days ago


with all the proceeds going to charity.
And no doubt be stolen by Wyclef Jean

1310 days ago


Maybe they'll shoot him like they did Wyclef, and we will be rid of this foolishness!

1310 days ago


Both Penn and Sheen are all we need is for that retard Garaffalo to stowaway on the plane...and have it go down in flames.

Oh, and have Mikey Moore in the co-pilot seat.

Posted at 8:12 AM on Mar 21, 2011 by Stiletto

And Rosie O'Donnell, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Gloria Alred...... the list goes on.

Stars - always helping other countries while crapping on the USA.

1310 days ago


Maybe Lindsay Lohan could go down and sign autographs like she did at the LA homeless shelter just before going to jail last time.

1310 days ago
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