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Charlie Sheen -- Bringing Winning to Haiti

3/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen better make sure his warlock passport papers are in order -- because we're told he plans on bringing his comedy tour to Haiti ... with the help of close pal Sean Penn.

Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ his people are working out the logistics to have Sheen's upcoming tour make a stop in Haiti. We're told the plan is for the show to end there, with all the proceeds going to charity.

According to our sources, Sheen is enlisting the help of the unofficial president of Haiti, Sean Penn.

To the best of our knowledge, tiger's blood is legal in Haiti.


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The "Who's Crazier" tour! A bunch of wicked, voodoo loving, coming-to-America-and-commiting-unspeakable-crimes people who deserved what they got, OR Charlie who just needs to go away. We shall see!

1320 days ago


Surprise, surprise! The haters find a way to crap and piss all over Sheen doing a charity stop in Haiti!

Congratulations, you all make the world a crappier place.

Thank goodness for celebrities, like Sheen!

Big Poppa

1320 days ago


Please Haiti, jail both of them for life.

1320 days ago


I understand Charlie Sheen wants to donate $1 from the proceeds of each ticket sold on his tour to charity. I understand he is offering to not be paid for his show in Haiti. As if the people of Haiti can afford to pay for his show. Don't Haitians have more important things to do and pay for than listen to Charlie Sheen rant?

What I want to know is: How much of his own money is he willing to donate to charity?

Not how much he has donated in the past.

How much is he willing to donate this year to any charity?

$0? Nothing? Zero?

That's what I thought.

What a great humanitarian, you are, Charlie Sheen.

You're not fooling too many people, Charlie.

You've spent more money on hookers, booze and drugs than you've donated to charity in your life.

So, why are you trying to appear as the "good guy"?

We're not buying it or your tickets.

1320 days ago

Hey Now    

Or he could lend a hand to Sean Penn and do some good for a change...I'm pretty sure this isn't what Sean had in mind when he made the invite.

1320 days ago


LOVE IT!!!!! To top this off, it's being reported that Les Moonves/CBS is in talks to bring Charlie back for "Two and a Half Men" & all w/b forgiven....... You go Charlie for $$ talks & you were the ratings & brought in the big bucks for CBS!!!!!

1320 days ago

Steelers suck    

Those poor people have enough to contend with. Sheen needs to keep the douchetrain where we can run from it. But I'll bet his "goddesses" have more diseases than anyone down in Haiti who have no real healthcare to help them out.

1320 days ago


I'd like to know who the morons are that are actually buying tickets to go see this wack job. Really...paying to listen to some pseudo-celebrity ramble on about nothing. I think I'll pass

1320 days ago


Obsolutely disgusting and a slap in the face to the people of Haiti. Most are still living in tents, starving, unable to rebuild and he is offering only the profits from his show that no one could afford to see anyway? Sicko!! Why not take one or two of the Million you may make and really make a difference and not bore these people with your problems, Charlie!?!? You should drop to your knees and that the dear Lord or universe or whatever whack job warlock leader you praise that you don't ever live even 1 hr in their shoes. What you spend on crack and whores could feed a village for a year there....LOSER!!!!

1320 days ago


Maybe Sheen could get Penn all coked up and have him recreate his character from Falcon and the Snowman.

1320 days ago


Ok, yeah, they are all like broke and living in squalor-even before their disaster.....I'm sure they will be lining up to buy their tickets. WTF for real!?!?!? Like, do they even know who the hell Charlie Sheen is? This is seriously laughable.

1320 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

So the sheen a-hole flys into ravaged Haiti in a private jet with his 2 porn hookers and his little posse of losers and then what ?-Charge them for a show about tigers' blood,trolls and adonis DNA ? the Haitians even have money for tickets...even if he really does give back the proceeds for "charity". Hey sheen...just write 'em a check MF'er.= I'm reasonably sure these people have no idea who sheen is anyway, as I don't think watching 2 1/2 Men was ever a part of their lives.Sheen either just needs to write a big check to help these folks with food,clothing,shelter and infrastructure...or just stay the hell away from there and STFU.

1320 days ago

Glory Bee    

Both Sheen and Penn are ABUSIVE and completely unrepentant about it. And, hey, you 2 Maliboob no talent losers, we know you came out to our gig there in Agoura. Yeah, that one. That's where Charlie got the "goddess" and "Worlock" spiel. Not even original Charlie. Sheesh. Loser

1320 days ago


you can just hear the Taitians screaming now "No Sheen No Sheen! Give us another earhtquake, but no Sheen!"

1320 days ago


Yes, I am sure all of the proceeds from the Haiti show will go to help Hatian hookers get implants.

1320 days ago
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