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Charlie Sheen -- Bringing Winning to Haiti

3/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen better make sure his warlock passport papers are in order -- because we're told he plans on bringing his comedy tour to Haiti ... with the help of close pal Sean Penn.

Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ his people are working out the logistics to have Sheen's upcoming tour make a stop in Haiti. We're told the plan is for the show to end there, with all the proceeds going to charity.

According to our sources, Sheen is enlisting the help of the unofficial president of Haiti, Sean Penn.

To the best of our knowledge, tiger's blood is legal in Haiti.


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Dee Madison    

The only reasons Sean Penn is in Haiti is it's part of his community service from last year. Don't know is Chuckie got community service.. maybe he heard it's a good place to score.. maybe he'll adopt something.. he's crazy crazy like a fox people..

1278 days ago


two action heros

1278 days ago

S. Curran    

Wake up, people! We all know high profile people making big $$ need to donate "x" amount of money to charity each year as an income tax write off. Aside from donating $$$, I'm sure their "time" and flying expenses, etc. for events are also a write-off. I read Sheen is making about $7 million for every 3 tours. Any high profile person who "chooses" a charity or donates to a relief does it out of necessity, however, of course there are events or people/children in their lives who draw them to certain charities close to their heart who truly wish to help that organization. The flip of the coin is that the charity or relief receives the much needed assistance it so desperately needs if it weren't for these high profile people.

1278 days ago


Crazy like a silver fox. hes gray as a ghost. that's just for men. you can see the gray hair haze on his chin when he hasn't shaved.

1278 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Great. Two more losers to add to Haiti's d**che-bag list.

1278 days ago


i love all your anti sheen comments i agree whole heartedly. i used to like penn but if he's gonna buy into sheens b.s. then i likey no more. I'll eat my couch if they can prove they gave ALL and I MEAN ALL the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to charity. As i always say when i seriously doubt something "I'll see it when I believe it"

1278 days ago

Lil Huero    

So Charlie Sheen wants to go into Haiti, is that her name(HE HE!)

1278 days ago

Hey Now    

"i used to like penn but if he's gonna buy into sheens b.s. "

I think Penn, Charlie, & Emilio have all been friends since they were kids.

1278 days ago


oh right, like the people of haiti have a single cent to spare to buy a ticket to charlie sheen's show? know who he is? want to hear a rich white f**ker talk about how hard his life is? are you kidding me?

1278 days ago



Reported this morning that CBS wants Charlie back for 2 1/2 Men. Les Moonves is talking to WB to soothe issues with Chuck Lorre.

This warlock can not be stopped, even after violent torpedos of truth.


Posted at 8:16 AM on Mar 21, 2011 by The Truth

If CBS brings Charlie back to Two And 1/2 Men I will never watch it again.

That was one of my favorite shows but now that I know Charlie beats on and threaten women when he is on drugs, is bat**** crazy, cares nothing about healing himself from drugs so he can be a better person, have a healthy relationship with women and his kids, makes me see him in a different light.

IMO, I think he's a weak, selfish individual who needs to grow the hell up. I will sign any petition, if needed, to help keep him off the show.

Posted at 12:45 PM on Mar 21, 2011 by Joann"

Because they care? Losing! You stink of misery and hate.

1278 days ago


Check out Charlie Sheen on Inside the Actors Studio.

1278 days ago


These young rich over paid actors could really help the world effort .( Truely look at Mexico .) The poor people are running from the murders and kidnapping of their family members .These are our neighbors 5 miles from my home in El Paso . Help Mexico cut off the money to the leaders that just steal it !!! Take back Mexico HELP AMARICA IN THE PROCESS !!! SHEEN AND PENN COULD BE HERO'S BUT I DOUBT THEY THINK THAT DEEPLY .

1277 days ago

Sean Penn is NOT the unofficial president of Haiti. Haiti needs sovereignty, infrastructure, and real leaders NOT Charlie Sheen. There are earthquakes, death, tsunamis, political unrest, etc. in this world and all you guys can talk about is CHARLIE SHEEN??? SERIOUSLY????


1277 days ago


Just a work about the producers of "two and a 1/2 men"; Do you hire a man to play the role of a character who is a slacker, heavy drinker/addict, womanizer, hates his mother, lives at the beach because he detests society and so he can fall asleep safely under the docks in case he can't get home because he was too "stoned" the night before (whew) and yet not respect the man when he actually is seen at a social function "in character"
1)I smell a hypocrite somewhere it isn't the man whose face is seen weekly on our prime time television screens.
2) If you don't respect a personality type why would you glorify it by making it the subject of a television show then air with children in the regular cast and at a time when all age groups are watching
3) Shame

1277 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah! winning!! :DDD

1277 days ago
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