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Madonna Is a Tramp

3/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna, aka Esther, celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up as Charlie Chaplin in NYC this weekend.

Like a hamantaschen.


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Are you kidding me?
Madonna has not only paved the way for provacative performers like Lady Gaga and Brittney Spears, hell she's been immitated and followed all her life for her ever changing provacative in your face style,..Yes, she is THE Original Material Girl. And she's topped the charts for years with hit after hit! She never goes stale and doesn't give a **** about negative comments. Madonna you're an Excellent Charlie Chaplin, I dressed up one halloween as Charlie, and it is always a mixed crowd of emotions when a woman dares to dress as a man. You've got what it takes, Talent, Guts, Hardwork and Brains! Go Madonna we love you!!

1208 days ago


She is still nasty after all these years. I liked her when she first came on the scene, then she got really weird and I stopped liking her ass. She is so nasty.

1208 days ago


I always thought Madonna was gross.

1208 days ago


LOSERS!!!! Madonna has been around for a reason. Thankfully. There is no other talent out there and the Madonnawannabies are getting REAaaaaLLYYY boring and tired -- JLO, Steffani, Britney, Xtina, Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce no need to go on. Not enough character space. They are fabricated talent in mini skirts. So as long as Madonna is around, the others have somebody to follow and copy.

1207 days ago


dont forget everyone was on acid qualudes window pane u name it when she was out there. I got high but never thet high were I thought she was( music) no never happened for me. She was a skanky hoe than riding around in her limoe picking up men &women doing it anywhere everywhere she's taking hiv meds ask her!that's why she adopted

1207 days ago

martin austin    

i think she s fab, and if people dont like her so what, all people have critics,loads of people hate lady gaga, and beyonce,but life is short and people should do what ever they want at any age after all we will all age and we will all die, so party while you can as todays critics will be tomorrows old news, xxxx

1207 days ago

sam grav    

Gosh, all these haters! U guys are so bored in your own life, that you constantly attack people you are jealous of .. Get your own lives, and dont make comments if they are not constructive. Madonna changed the whole music scene and shook it up, she paved the way for all the artists we have today and she is groundbreaking and infamous... deep down you all love her.. now go and attack someone worthless like kardashian, hilton, lohan etc.. they are the bitches who need help, not Madonna.

1207 days ago

Frank Savage    

Madonna is one of the most creative and entertaining stars there are in the world. Sadly, most people don't understand her, but she truely has ruled the world and made a huge difference. Most stars today don't even last 10 years before they fade away.

1207 days ago


like madonna is original....she ripps everyone off...she takes credit for things that don't originate with her!

1207 days ago


All this people posting horrible comments about Madonna are d i s g u s t i n g losers. How can she be 'over' if she had the TOP GROSSING TOUR IN HISTORY BY A SOLO ARTIST E V E R??? And that was in 2009, not in the 80's!! I mean, if Madonna is 'over' then what the hell are YOU guys?? I bet u r some kind of FAILED crap. I'd pay to see how you look like or what talent you have or what success you have had in life..... I'd pay for it. Lets face it: u r all a big FAILURE! LOL....I pity u really :)

1207 days ago


Just Amazed at all the haters!
I agree w 11 and 15
MAdonna dont stop doin what u doin baby dont stop keep movn keep groovn!!!

1207 days ago


To all Madonna haters, thanks for the comments. Its just show that Madonna can still get your attention. Collect mirrors as early as today and take a look of your self if you are already 40s or 50s. Like what the sayings said, if you say bad things to someone, it will comeback to you in three folds. So goodluck and God bless you.

Hooray! Long live the Queen......

1207 days ago


So many people on here are so ignorant. Shes dressed as charlie Chaplin because its a PURIM party! Not just because she felt like it. If you people knew anything past your own malicious useless comments you would understand this wasnt an attention thing. If it was she'd be posing instead of getting out of a car, to go to a party- in celebration of a religious holiday. I usually don't comment on these things, because they mainly consist of people who like to hate just to see their own writing so they can feel relevant for 10 seconds. and if the woman was so over, they wouldnt be following her to photograph her. You're all mainly angry because she's more relevant almost 30 years into fame than you will ever be. Hate away, no ones actually listening.

1207 days ago


Well, I remember Like a Virgin and then more and more then the change, the explosion, the video clips that were forbidden, the things that make part of the music industry to keep and catapult someone to the nr One. Madonna has copied? Yes, but she has not just copied, she has ENHANCED, what was just an idea, something that nobody knew if it would become interesting, like Vogue. I am not a Madonna follower, and I know she has her ego, but this has nothing to do with what is going on in this sick world, right now. You are talking about Madonna, look at the world how it is right now? where is the ego? Please grow up!

1207 days ago


hahaha, poor people of stupid minds, who dares to critizied Madge... I will like it to have it in front of me and see what can offer to world to feel the right to talk about such SUPER ARTIST, i can tell you all, maybe that persons not even have a life !!!
#6 you bye bye to another planet, your are such stupid brain filled with nothing

1207 days ago
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