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Madonna Is a Tramp

3/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna, aka Esther, celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up as Charlie Chaplin in NYC this weekend.

Like a hamantaschen.


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Lomas Brown    

I didn't know Madonna celebrates Purim. I bet she'd like this video about Purim called Groggers Up. Hilarious!

1308 days ago


When someone is worth half a billion dollars, wouldn't you like to know how they maintained their career in order to continue to be successful? That is what you all should do. Embrace her. Cuz I don't see anyone selling out concerts at the prices she charges. Take a look around the biz people. No one does that except her. What takes some artists 2 years to bring in, she does in 4 months. Owkay~

1308 days ago


damn what attack... you don´t decide if madonnas time is over... she got more fans than any other and this is the point and the fact. and so long how she got her millions of fans she will be still alive and still on the top... and she will be for the nxt 10 years still on stage ..... **** you all the haters....

1308 days ago

a GARCIA    

wow, now I know where all the Perez trash went TMZ

1308 days ago


wow so many haters, America is really becoming anti-semitic. Why can't Madonna celebrate Purim? She does every year for the last 20 years. She has been studying Kabbalah for over 20 years now. The Liberals are such haters, geez.

1308 days ago


Leave the poor women alone , its a bloody fancy dress party for god sakes.

Actually dont leave her alone because the more people talk about our queen the better, this is one reason she has lasted 30 years, appart from the fact she has written and performed some of the greatest music ever.
long live the queen xxxxxxxxx

1308 days ago


There are an awful lot of haters on here. Most likely people wh dislike Madonna are jealous of her success and unparalleled waelth and fame. It's natural for losers who haven't amounted to anything to talk badly about the successful

1308 days ago


Good on her ,party and enjoy life she has worked hard for it.
I can't wait for more great Music from this queen.

1308 days ago

kelly michaels    

It is obvious the hateful comments come from this generation. It is not surprising, Madonna is a legend and still alive and everything she touches turns to gold. She has influenced everyone who is singing today. Although todays music if that is what you call it, is so boring and mechanical, that is why you kids wouldn't know Talent if it walked in the room. Music has no imagination anymore.

1308 days ago



1308 days ago

Israell Isaac    

All Madonna supporters, I agree with you. Her 2008/2009 Sticky & Sweet World Tour is the top-grossing tour by a solo artist (male or female) IN HISTORY!!! It amassed 280 million US DOLLARS!!! You can't call that a "has-been". 2008/2009 is very much recent.

And the whole concept of a "has-been" is ludicrous. Was Elizabeth Taylor ever a "has-been" for not having been in several movies these past decades? Such achievements last forever. Madonna's a Goddess and you just can't accept it but it's true. She can do it all! If she were so bad, she'd never have achieved everything she did.

Being provocative and dressing sexily alone would NOT have earned her any consistent & lasting success if it weren't for true talent (she co-writes most of her material), tough discipline (she's so flexible she can place both her feet behind her head, she trains for hours a day) and real intelligence (she has a message, something to say and is very cultivated).

If Madonna's tramp, then Marilyn Monroe's a tramp too 'cause she posed nude a number of times and was in a recently discovered sex tape (oral sex). Madonna did appear in her SEX book but never did have any type of oral/vaginal/anal sex publicly.

How many times was Madonna arrested for driving under the influence? How many times was Madonna committed, sent to rehab or jailed? NOT ONCE!!! How many times did other celebrities experienced all those things? Countless times... Therefore, if Madonna's so horrible, all celebrities and everybody in general are just as horrible.

1307 days ago


wow ..glamourous, awesome, beautiful, gorgeous, talented, excellent n powerful ..she is MADONNA

1307 days ago


.. "at this point in the universe, just intelligent, cultivated and sensible people can understand, appreciate and enjoy, the humour of this lady, Madonna is one of the best in Pop Culture and I'm sure she will be still impressing and stonishing us trought her work during the next beautiful years"

alexandre & Viktor

1306 days ago


You all will wish you look as good as her wen ur 53, STOP HATING! She's an old hagg and sooo...., we all will get old, but do you think you will be as rich and as famous as she is when you get old. She worked hard for her fame and past/present glory, give her credit and take a leaf.

1306 days ago


All this article said was that she dressed up as Chaplin in NYC for a Jewish holiday... Is it THAT bad? Why is everyone hating on her on what she's done in the Past?? Honestly, guys, it's because of HER that made it so easy for YOU to get laid in college!! (if you even went...) Whats wrong with expressing your sexuality and breaking rule barriers? Elvis did it in the 50s and no one's calling him a Tramp, or a S***, or a nasty hoe-bag! But because shes a woman and all you narrow minded low lifes still think that women have to be kept and reserved! Well welcome to the new Millenium!! And all you fat ugly bitches in your 30s, sitting on your couch, that are hating on her body, you WISH you had that type of body, and her looks, and could move like her on stage, when you were in your 20s!!! And she's 52!! Guess you can only imagine what youre gunna look like when youre her age...?? just saying ya'll!

1306 days ago
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