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Madonna Is a Tramp

3/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna, aka Esther, celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by dressing up as Charlie Chaplin in NYC this weekend.

Like a hamantaschen.


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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Madonna has DENEGRATED every Religion that she has joined!!! She is a sad example of ANYTHING decent--Her whole being is built around SEX and SHECKLES$$$$$$ because that is what she sells--- AND SICKOS but it!!!

1285 days ago

People are dumb    

I just want to point out that everyone contributing a negative comment to this photo is an idiot. Why comment at all? Madonna has made her career stronger by using controversy as a tool, so when you bag on her, you are participating in the very mechanism that keeps her famous. And that, truly, is the reason why she has lasted. Because even people who hate her can't help but talk about her. She's old, she's washed-up, blah blah blah. Say all the bad things you want; it only keeps her famous.

1285 days ago

Patsy Stone    

#11 I could not have said it better. Oh and why don't you jobless people browse inside the recently released 2011 Guinness Book of world record to see who the most successful female artist in the USA and actually in the world is currently. She's here, she's still on top, she's not going anywhere. GET USE TO IT!

1284 days ago



1284 days ago

Richard Krause    

She is doing it very well-her "job" managing her "career" the fame and name into her elder years,like cher, bette midler,dolly parton,and tina turner...all the diva's who have gone before her...paving the road that LADY MADONNA walked on,and continued paving for Brittany,Christina,Katy,and LADY GAGA...but its clear that LADY Madonna is indeed the queen,in that she still has the staying power over all her youngerlings,
in so many ways,one of them being her movies...NONE of these 20-something entertainers have that yet in thier roster...but mabey...mabey one will get very smart and see where the real fame is to be found in the movies not songs,and fame is what they really are seeking...look at the 4 big elders mentioned above....look at thier MOVIES....get it? seems to be a formula that really "cements" thier name fame...let alone all that Goddess worshipping Babalonian Idolatry,all that is quite a Mystery...Lady Ma-donna children at your feet....

1269 days ago


Does anybody really give a **** about this skank anymore? She is one of the least attractive "celebrities", has little if any talent, and is very confused as to which spiritual wagon train she wants to ride on. I bet Guy Richie is high-fiving everyone about his life saving decision to dump this one!

1142 days ago


I see all the "flamers" are out in force today...What, no Cher articles to defend??
Real men would not be posting their defense of this she man looking Ho!
And as for the young men, that just proves her unhappiness with getting old. These guys would not look twice at this hag if she wasn't paying them big bucks to do so!!

1142 days ago
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