TMZ Live -- Lisa Lampanelli Unloads...

3/21/2011 7:20 PM PDT
Why the lovable Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli is defending Gilbert Gottfried's jokes about Japan. And, what she thinks about comedians using 9/11 in routines ... Lisa Lampanelli unloads on the world ... and Harvey! It's all on today's TMZ Live! 

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(0:00) Lisa Lampanelli is here! And Harvey is SWEATING -- literally -- because he's worried about what she's gonna say.
(2:00) Harvey attempts to talk about Bruno Mars' prosecutor being arrested for coke ... but Lisa finds a way to turn it against him.
(6:00) Mike has the REAL story about how Bruno's coke arrest went down ... and he smells a rat.
(7:00) Lisa tells us who sucked -- and who rocked -- at Donald Trump's roast.
(10:00) Is everyone being too mean to Rebecca Black?
(12:00) Is Charlie Sheen's recent behavior just an act? No ... because Lisa doesn't think he's THAT good of an actor.
(13:00) Should Comedy Central have celebrity guests roast people ... or just leave the joke-telling up to the professionals?
(16:00) Skype question for Lisa -- was it wrong for Aflac to fire Gilbert Gottfriend?
(18:00) Why was The Situation invited to the roast?
(19:00) If Harvey could only save ONE staff member ... who would it be?
(22:00) Who would Lisa roast if she could pick one person.
(30:00) If Lisa is the "Queen of Mean" ... who's the king?