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Van Halen Singer:


By Aliens!

3/21/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar has officially spaced out -- in fact, the guy actually claims he was abducted by real-life aliens several decades ago ... in Fontana ... and they had their way with his brain.

Sammy Hagar
Hagar tells MTV, “It was real. They were plugged into me. It was a download situation … or, they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment ... They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth."

Hagar insists the whole thing went down in Fontana, CA -- home to a NASCAR track.

According to the ex-rock star, it wasn’t his first extra-terrestrial experience either -- claiming he saw his first UFO when he was just four years old, hovering over a field near his home.

And just so we're clear, this isn't a joke -- Sammy insists, "That happened. That friggin’ happened."


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Marten Hoyle    

It was a natural DMT trip. Brain chemicals going out of whack can cause psychedelic experiences which have been linked to "alien abduction" and yes--people who experience it without knowing what it is have the tendency to go completely insane. The same sensation occurs in extreme pineal gland activation during sessions of meditation. Plenty of people go nuts like this after these things happen; Hagar is just getting attention becuase too few people know about it and he's famous. People are dumb. Read Rick Strassman's book "DMT: The Spirit Molecule." I've experimented with the substance-form of DMT and have had similar hallucinations; but as it occurs naturally in the brain, there are instances of people exeriencing it accidentally. The details Hager presents lead me to believe he's speaking as an unknowing user, like everyone else whose ever claimed to be abducted by aliens.

1278 days ago


Ever been to Fontana??? full of "aliens".... the illegal kind!

1278 days ago


The only aliens in Fontana are the illegal ones, not Space ones.

1278 days ago


Why do people have to be so freakin judgemental?

1278 days ago


So if I understand this , Sammy was abducted by a Gang of Illegal Aliens in Fontana. They Probed him repeatedly. They "Plugged" something into him. They "Downloaded" something into him. It wasn't the first time that this had happened. And to cap it all off, he didn't tell anybody about it....Hey Sammy, Wanna Go to Fontana?????

1278 days ago

Ryan H    

Leave Sammy alone. 'former rock star"???? This guy is a legend compared to half the trash you report on every day. I don't need to make a list as you guys damn well know what so called 'pop tarts and farts' I am talking about. At least Sammy can rock out and actually sing. Who cares what is beliefs are.

1278 days ago


Sam has been trying to find relevance more than usual. This year he cant wait for new VH then next day says it will never come out. He's a barking contradiction & is pissed he was not selected to Dancing with Stars. Will give him that, they have yet to feature a dancing poodle yet.

Rock steady Napoleon!

1278 days ago

He is one Ugly mother ****a

1278 days ago


Although, unprobable this guy was abducted by aliens, its strange how people will believe wholeheartedly in a "god being" they've never seen, but yet refuse to believe that alien species have been visiting earth for thousands of years.

1277 days ago

Mauffray smith    

Oh very sad that this person was abducted by the Aliens.This man family always trying to be Released from the Aliens.
Complex Cleanse

1277 days ago


For years I thought he WAS an alien!

Seriously, more and more people are coming forward with tales like Sammy's, most who are normal respectable people. Who knows - there might be something to all of this. Maybe 12/21/2012 will provide answers? Time will tell ...

1272 days ago


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1270 days ago


Sammy the truth is way to heavy for most sheepeople.
The fact remains,You are telling the truth.I have lost a lot of so called friends,after telling them my exact expierience they made fun, made me out to be the crazy one.Yes Sammy it is very true.
They told me its is (Mental .Sensory. Downloads). Mine was for the purpose of (Inter Dimension Transfer)The knowledge will come in split seconds, but from that second we have been given so much knowledge. I usually chew on this seconds worth of knowledge for about a month to fully understand and process.Sammy I would really like to know your download in private of course. Anyway this is too heavy for most.


1263 days ago

georgette Valenti    

I believe him because it happened to me almost 30 years ago I felt they were uploading or downloaded something into my brain The headaches following were severe which made me go to have an MRI of my brain (do***ented) and sent me to see a paraphsycologist to hypnotize me to remember the incident it was alien related I have been having visitations since I was Four years old. this is the truth. We are not alone but I am not afraid because my visitations has been of a friendly nature and I feel they are here to protect.

991 days ago
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