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Wolfgang Puck Sued for Firing 'Old Man'

3/21/2011 9:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolfgang Puck's super-fancy Beverly Hills steakhouse is being sued for sticking the metaphorical fork in a 52-year-old waiter -- who claims he was targeted because of his age.

Wolfgang Puck Sued
According to the lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, the honchos at CUT restaurant (GREAT bone marrow flan BTW) fired David Kallman after the guy was subjected to various negative age-related comments.

Kallman -- who says he was the oldest waiter on staff -- claims his co-workers would often call him names like, "old man" and "pops" ... and make grim jokes implying he would die soon ... saying, "It's not like you'll be around too long."

Kallman is suing Wolfgang Puck Worldwide Inc, among others, for unspecified damages exceeding $25k.

Calls to Puck's camp have not been returned.


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I signed up for Charlie Sheen's new business, i can't believe how fast i'm making cash, share the wealth.. Check it out.

1313 days ago


age harassment, smells like suep!

1313 days ago

Sir Boo    

Isn't a puck something you kick around with a hockey stick?

1313 days ago


idk It really depends on how these statements were made. I know lots of places that call someone "pops" as a nickname. It dosen't mean it was meant maliciously. Same with the you wont be around comment, if done laughing and smiling. I wasn't there, so can't comment how these were said. Guess we will find out in court, if it gets that far.

1313 days ago


25K ??? F*ck...Pay him and be done...before Gloria Allred shows up!!!

1313 days ago


Waiting for the open letter to the restaurant from Gloria Allred. Bet it doesn't happen!

1313 days ago


Kallman, go for it.

Paying for the name. Way over priced, small portions and the food sucked.

1313 days ago


some people just can't get along with everyone/anyone and age doesn't have anything to do with it. it's like success makes everyone hate the person, good grief, a restaurant owner should be able to hire and fire at will. you'd want that right too if your business represented your personal investment. if you don't like it start your own restaurant. all these silly claims waste the court systems resources. even if you are discriminated against, who'd want to stay in a place like that? god forbid you start your own business and succeed. then you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

1313 days ago


I used to work in a place with a man I was introduced to as "Pops". I worked there for years before learning his real name. To all who worked there, and customers too, he was and still is "Pops".

1313 days ago


Make sure you have a bowl of heart soup before you try the bone marrow dessert.

1313 days ago


I hope the alta ****er puts Wolfgang Nazi out of business.

I have that German piece of crapola.


1313 days ago


If you can't handle being razzed, then don't work at a restaurant. The nicknames "Old Man" and "Pops" are two of the more tame restaurant nicknames I've heard. Until recently, I worked in a fine dining restaurant for 7 years and we all said awful things to each other every night. But it was all in good fun and everyone had fun with it... making fun of peoples' age, race, religion, where you're from, what you wore out last night, who you hooked up with... nothing is off limits. It was entertaining every day and the folks who couldn't handle it, couldn't handler the boiling pot that is a restaurant atmosphere anyhow. This guy needs to get over it.

1313 days ago


Companies don't NEED a reason to fire anyone. They can fire you for whatever and whenever they want to. Ask the millions in the US who are looking for jobs. Most of which were "let go" due to cut backs.

Unfortunatly, also, in the US, it has become totally acceptable to sue for whatever idiotic reason you can come up with.

The US has become a melting pot of lazy, entitled aholes who think they all deserve special treatment.

1313 days ago


I am wondering if he complained about the name calling before he was fired.

1313 days ago


yeah what the heck is bone marrow flan? doesnt sound too appealing...IMO

1313 days ago
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