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We're Calling the Cops

on Chris Brown

3/22/2011 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC staffers called the cops after Chris Brown's tirade this AM to document the broken window in the building, and this could spell big trouble for the famous singer who is currently on probation.

TMZ obtained audio near the dressing room where Chris allegedly took a chair and smashed a window, sending shards of glass onto 43rd Street.  During the conversation between the staffer and a glass repairman, the staffer says "I have a police officer coming just to take a look at it before we do any work."

Despite the conversation, NYPD sources tell us ... none of their officers were dispatched to the scene.

If Chris did indeed smash the window, it probably constitutes at least 2 crimes -- vandalism and assault on the passersby below.   As a result, the judge in the Rihanna battery case could revoke Chris' probation and, worst case scenario, he could end up in prison.


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He needs to be locked up. He has got some real anger issues. He could have hurt someone with flying glass. Nothing but a f@*king loser.

1313 days ago


You have got to be kidding me. You all are a bunch of racist bastards. Who did Chris hurt again? Did you all see him broke anything? "Oh no put him in jail wherere he belongs. Other stars have suitcases of drugs in their homes, shoot their girlfrieds, put a knife to their wife's throat....what happens? "NOTHING"! It's as if you all were waiting for something to happen, rush to judgment. You all racist people can all go hell.

Posted at 12:11 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by pat


Speaking for myself only, I am not a racist. I can't stand a man who beats on a woman. It tells me one thing about his character, he is weak and a bully. And just for the record, I'm not a fan of CSheen either. What CB did to Rihanna will be his legacy for many years. He is NOT rehabilitated and the public knows it. If he continues on this path he is going to hurt someone. It sounds like his "fans" would just like to cover up his frightening actions, but that's not how you get healthy.

1313 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Maybe someday judges in California will wake up and start punishing these thugs for theri criminal behavior instead of slapping them on the wrist and allowing them to plea bargain down to misdemeanor crimes. He should have been locked up in the Rihanna ssault for being the pitiful, ignorant street thug that he is and now he would have violated his probation and be sent back to jail where he belongs.

1313 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Brillant career move. Until he hit Rihanna, no one had heard of this guy.
I think he did it on purpose to generate media buzz for his new
record album. Looks like it worked.

1313 days ago

alisha b    

IF he did damage anything or hurt anyone then he should suffer the consequences. My complaint is to GMA/ABC and Robin Roberts it's not NEWS if it happen 2 years ago and Chris Brown paid for his stupid mistake to keep bringing it up. Robin looked like an's not journalism...nobody is "WINNING" cause ya'll just keep displaying stupidity....Money hungry NETWORKS and STUPID the way the public still putting money in their pockets no wonder we are in a recession/depression/oppression>>>>>>They would get the black lady to look like an ASS on TV.

1313 days ago


Another made up story, yawn. Let it go already

1313 days ago


Chris needs to learn that there are going to be people in the world who are going to challenge you at your worst! His Fans are here and will always be, but you cant keep letting them down. When you have people who are in your corner you cant keep letting the ones who doubt you bring the worst out of you..That was abc not bet!!!! WTF does he have a team or a manager for? At the same time he is a grown ass man!!!! Make good decisions

1313 days ago


He has paid his dues for what happend, remember we werent in the car. He wouldnt have gotten Pissed had the reporter just did his interview about HIS album, not a past no one wants to remember

1313 days ago


Pat, you may want to justify Chris Brown's anger issues by calling everyone racist but you are obviously blind or just plain gullible. You ask, who did chris hurt? Umm, do you not remember the picture of Rihanna's battered face, looking like she just got out of a boxing match with Pacquiao. And I'm sure you don't think that it was Brown who threw the chair at the window, having possibly injured people at the ground. Why should we believe that it was not Chris who threw the chair, since he was the one enraged. Why would someone else throw a chair in his place, it had to be him. We all know what he is capable of doing when enraged, remember the Rihanna picture? I believe in giving second chances when people are truly repentant and demonstrate with actions that they are sorry. He did what the court ordered, did he do anything else to show that he understood how WRONG his actions were, or go talk to group of abusive men or abused women. Those are true acts of repentance. The only thing he has in mind is his music career, which would be fine if he had been doing something else along with that. He hasn't learned anything from that night before the grammys still the same guy who beat up Rihanna.

1313 days ago

Politico Pablo    

He knew what he was doing. Look at all the media buzz he's now getting to promote his new album. Nice career move.

1313 days ago


He needs to go to jail before he gets mad and kills someone! He could have killed someone today with the broken glass that fell to the street below. Hey - what's good for Lilo...

1313 days ago


Stupid ****head should gay marry Mike Vick!

1313 days ago


at minimum vandalism and reckless endangerment. He will do some time for this.

1313 days ago


Chris needs to learn that there are people in the world who will challenge you at your worst. when you have fans and people who stand by you and are always in your corner, you cant let those who doubt you "ANYWAY" bring the worst out of you. Your fans suffer. That was abc not bet!! and wtf does he have a team or a manager for????? At the same time he is a grown ass man, lets make better choices chris!

1313 days ago


#120 @MEME ("IT'S SO FUNNY TO ME HOW PEOPLE THINKS THEY KNOW EVERYTHING THAT MAN DOESN'T NEED NO JAIL YOU ALL NEEDS TO SHUT UP ABOUT HIS PAST LET HIM LIVE.") First, MEME...learn to speak properly and people will take you seriously. Second, the questions were run by him PRIOR to the show and he approved them...PRIOR TO THE INTERVIEW. He had an opportunity to say "I won't answer these questions"..but he approved them. No excuses.

No matter what YOU think of him...he doesn't have the right to behave the way he did and endanger the people on the street below. Just like Charlie Sheen, his stupid antics overshadow his talent and that's HIS OWN doing. "Talent" does NOT give anyone the right to behave in any manner they choose...I don't care how big their paycheck or their ego is.

1313 days ago
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