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We're Calling the Cops

on Chris Brown

3/22/2011 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC staffers called the cops after Chris Brown's tirade this AM to document the broken window in the building, and this could spell big trouble for the famous singer who is currently on probation.

TMZ obtained audio near the dressing room where Chris allegedly took a chair and smashed a window, sending shards of glass onto 43rd Street.  During the conversation between the staffer and a glass repairman, the staffer says "I have a police officer coming just to take a look at it before we do any work."

Despite the conversation, NYPD sources tell us ... none of their officers were dispatched to the scene.

If Chris did indeed smash the window, it probably constitutes at least 2 crimes -- vandalism and assault on the passersby below.   As a result, the judge in the Rihanna battery case could revoke Chris' probation and, worst case scenario, he could end up in prison.


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Oh please..they dont even know he did it anyways

1276 days ago


What a classless dirtbag!

1276 days ago


ABC security cleaned up the whole thing DESPITE what ABC management told them to do. Why? Why would ABC security cover-up a crime?
Why would ABC security give special treatment to Chris Brown?

We'll never know Harvey, this is already forgotten, case closed. No charges filed.

1276 days ago


so, this dumbf*ck is mad because ABC is bringing up a violent incident in his life (which WILL define and haunt him through life, as it should) does he react? by getting MORE VIOLENT! anyone else see irony here?

another incident to add to your list of future interview questions that you will be harassed about. nice job chris brown! do you even HAVE any fans? if so, they must be as dumb as you.

1276 days ago


People want charges pressed against Chris Brown, for what? TMZ keeps saying he allegedly threw a chair into the window, then they say "sources" say no one SAW him do this. If GMA says they didn't see him do anything, then press charges against him for what?

1276 days ago


GOOD ABC better press charges here! I will boycott if not. Because if that was ME or YOU that pulled that crap. You better believe are as* would be tazered and in jail right now.

1276 days ago


send him away. what a jacka$$!

1276 days ago


This guys anger is out of control. If ABC does not report, they could be liable for any future incidents.

1276 days ago


Hell yes call the cops on him! What he did was completely uncalled for, destructive, and dangerous. If they didn't call the cops on him I'd be pretty pissed. If someone did that in your'd call the cops. If they did it in a restaurant, the cops would be called. If you are going to behave like this...expect to be finding yourself in front of a judge!

1276 days ago

Destro X    

He knows what he's doing. New album, publicity stunt!!!!

1276 days ago


They need to press charges against this loser woman beater! Look at the look on his face he is ready to beat on someone again!

1276 days ago


Throw this guy in jail along with Blowhan. In fact, thrown them in jail lose the key and forget about them. Both have had ample time to fix their mental issues and neither will get help.

1276 days ago


What a stupid stupid act by Brown. What did it prove? Little Baby was mad because his past actions were being questioned? (questioned submitted to him in advance) He smashed a window and endangered innocent people walking below.
Too much ego, too much attitude . Grow up.

1276 days ago


Hey, to all you CB supporters. When us "normal" people read your posts, All we say to ourselves is, "another woman beater who can sympothise with the douche bag" Believe it or not, some of us have never hit the one's we love. I know, you can't understand that. Thats why you R who U R... sad

1276 days ago


Please let him get his probation revoked so they can send his punk A$$ to prison so he can be somebody's little B!TCH for a few years, that is what he deserves

1276 days ago
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