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Bam Margera

The Black Eye Photo

3/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is still sporting the black eye he obtained after a woman kicked him in the face at a hotel in Texas last week ... and now TMZ has a photo of the damage.

As we first reported, Bam says the whole thing started after a random group of people started yelling nasty things at him Thursday night ... so he called one of the women in the group a "sea otter" and a "beached whale."

Long story short -- the woman kicked Bam in the face after all of the yelling ... and left a mark.

Bam snapped this pic for us so we could get a look at his black eye -- but he still must be feeling the effects of that kick to the head ... cause he turned the wrong eye to the camera.



No Avatar


He looks dirty - like he crawled out of a garbage dump. Gross.

1310 days ago

La La Land    

He should press charges on the sea otter. Who does she think she is. So what he called her a name, you dont assault anyone.

And the people on here talking disgusting must be sea otters

1310 days ago


Why can't he just shut up? Like he looks sooo great? What a douche!

1310 days ago


Only word to describe Bam and his family: Douches!

1310 days ago

Hey Now    

Sea Otter that, you jerk.

1310 days ago


Grimey little pig, isn't he?

Glad that chick handed him his ass.

1310 days ago


Weren't this tool's 15 minutes up sometime around 2002? What an attention whore.

1310 days ago


How does this guy not have some kind of brain damage by now with the life he's lead?

1310 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Ick. Guy looks like he smells like a mop. Time to become a man, ya loser.

1310 days ago

Hot Blooded    

Aww, how adorbs is that? Punk showing off his battle wound.
And for those of you saying we're jealous and he's the man; what are you, 12?
He's known for being a royal douchebag. I'd rather be a poor nobody than a rich douchebag who gets the crap beat out of him by women.

1310 days ago

todd lee    

First you get knocked upside the head with a female with a baseball bat like shes Barry Bonds.

Then you get beat by another female.

Its apparent that you are not liked (by females) or anything at that. So maybe you can live in a cave away from dips#$%

1310 days ago

todd lee    

First bam gets knocked upside the head by a chick with a baseball bat acting like shes Barry Bonds.

Now he gets beat by another chick.

its apparent that people in general (especially females) hate your frigging guys, so maybe its best if you lay low and live in a cave away from dips#$%

1310 days ago

todd lee    

oh yeah, how old is this guy?

what person above the age of a 14 year old paints their nails black.

you queer.

1310 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

I love the Wild Boyz and Jackass, so I'm not a hater.
BUT what he did was 1000X uglier than what he claims she was. (she isn't) Weight can be lost, but he's ugly on the inside. Not to mention his scrawny guy-liner, nail polish scraggly self is nothing I'd want to wake up to.
Bam, pull your head out of your a**, be a man. How many times is it going to take of you getting your a** beat because of your idiot remarks before you wise up?
Besides scraggly and ugly on the inside, he's a moron too.
I say if this idiot says ANYTHING derogatory to ANYONE, it's open season to continue beating him up til he wises up!

1310 days ago


He looks like the dirty homeless walking through LA...

1310 days ago
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