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Bam Margera

The Black Eye Photo

3/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is still sporting the black eye he obtained after a woman kicked him in the face at a hotel in Texas last week ... and now TMZ has a photo of the damage.

As we first reported, Bam says the whole thing started after a random group of people started yelling nasty things at him Thursday night ... so he called one of the women in the group a "sea otter" and a "beached whale."

Long story short -- the woman kicked Bam in the face after all of the yelling ... and left a mark.

Bam snapped this pic for us so we could get a look at his black eye -- but he still must be feeling the effects of that kick to the head ... cause he turned the wrong eye to the camera.



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Ivana Tinkle    

.... or a gay prostitute that had a bad night...

1279 days ago


He deserved it, he had no right to call the woman the things he did.

1279 days ago


because he's an idiot

1279 days ago


Angelwolf333, you sound like an uneducated fool. You don't make one bit of sense. I don't agree with Bam running his mouth, however the moment ANYONE(male or female) gets physical and lays a hand, foot or weapon for that matter on another deserves to be punished. The otter walrus clearly needs to have charges pressed against her. Stealing? Seriously? She sounds like a classly lady...NOT! I'm so glad I don't live in Texas.

I agree with you "huh"...most of the people on here spouting hate towards Bam are most likely the ones who have supported him by watching his shows and the movies. What a bunch of hypocrites!

1279 days ago


She shouldn't have stopped kicking.

1279 days ago


How the heck does anyone think she looks like a sea otter? Google a picture of a sea otter please people! Good for her for not taking some washed-up "celebrity's" pathetic insults.

1279 days ago

small asian penis    

I was going to buy the new Jackass 3D DVD, but nahhh.. Change of plans.

1279 days ago


Isn't kicking Bam in the head almost like stepping in a pile of ****?

1279 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

@ lindsey #66...... sorry, I don't condone violence, but Bam deserved it. He's an arrogant ahole.
I can almost see you doing the same if he insulted you so terribly.
Just because we've watched the show and disagree with his blatant lack of courtesy/respect to a woman in such a juvenile manner doesn't mean we are hypocrites.
Read carefully: Watching a show does not equal supporting this *******'s stupidity. Thus no hypocrisy occurred.
1) Buy a friggin' dictionary
2) look back at the other moronic things he said to hurt people

1279 days ago


Who was that girl i need a bodyguard!!!

A girl f***ed BAM out! Hahahah

1279 days ago


Ivana Tinkle...oh please! You don't condone violence, but you say he deserved what he got. That's contradicting. I wouldn't do the same, I don't result to violence and I am not an otter/walrus. I wouldn't be found in this situation to begin with. Actually, you are supporting his behavior by watching his show. Just because he runs his mouth does NOT give anyone the right to get physical. You must be from Texas, a friend of the otter/walrus or fat. You stfu.

1279 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Why is Bam hating on otters?? They are one of the cutest creatures on the planet!! Next time say something like fat c**t instead, this would be highly insulting to any woman and it doesn't hate on the otters and the whales. Bam has a way with the ladies- didn't one smoke him in the head with a bat last year? Too bad they didn't get the footage for the next Jackass.

1279 days ago


Thats what punk *ss holes get in Texas when they run their smart *ssed mouths at people they dont know.
SXSW has turned into a douche parade and I am glad one of these smug *ssholes got slapped down. What a douche!
Bam is a so gay he makes Rue Paul look butch!

1279 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

lindsey, you are outnumbered. What does that say about your lame opinion?

(cue the Jeopardy theme music)

1278 days ago


Oh, and just for the record, Lindsey, I DO live in Texas - I live right here in Austin and spent half the week attending the conference. If I had been there when he started running his mouth, the girl's friend would have had back up. I have seen that jerk do so many nasty things to people it would have been pretty hilarious to see him get what he has so richly deserved.
Should have blacked both his eyes - then HE would look like the most punk *ssed Racoon ever instead of just...a douche.
No, he is, truly, a Jack Ass. A Black Eyed Jack Ass, that is.
Texas is called the friendship state...that doesnt mean we put up with bullsh*t, it means we'll stick up for our friends, AND will whip your out of towner *ss if you get out of line in our state.

1278 days ago
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