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Bam Margera

The Black Eye Photo

3/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera is still sporting the black eye he obtained after a woman kicked him in the face at a hotel in Texas last week ... and now TMZ has a photo of the damage.

As we first reported, Bam says the whole thing started after a random group of people started yelling nasty things at him Thursday night ... so he called one of the women in the group a "sea otter" and a "beached whale."

Long story short -- the woman kicked Bam in the face after all of the yelling ... and left a mark.

Bam snapped this pic for us so we could get a look at his black eye -- but he still must be feeling the effects of that kick to the head ... cause he turned the wrong eye to the camera.



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Ivana Tinkle    

Octo- you're awesome- well put! And kudos to you for sticking up for your friends. I can see Lindsey NOT sticking up for her friend it were her friend.
And for the record, Lindsey I'm from the North, but no matter where we live treating women (or any other human) like that is wrong- it's not the first time a woman put him in his place. He's got more ego and celeb-atude than he has brains. Poor spoiled dumbass will never learn.
BTW-I LOVE Texas!!! BBQ and southern hospitality is the best!!

1275 days ago


What s*** he deserved getting his ass kicked. Dumb-ass never learns.

1275 days ago


Ok, this is funny! How freaking short is this guy to have an overweight (i haven't seen anything, i just read this post so i have no idea how he got kicked in the face)woman kick him in the face! Hilarious!

1275 days ago


I think it's hilarious that you're missing my whole point! Did you even read what I wrote? What makes you think I wouldn't stand up for a friend? Because I would choose not to fight? That's pretty lame. You most certainly would NOT see me doing the same. I absolutely do not condone him running his mouth. I never said I supported his behavior. I did say however, that I think it's wrong to lay a hand on ANYONE. Are you really that insecure that you wouldn't be able to brush off some aholes comments? People like him are everywhere. That's where you and I differ apparently. I think it's appalling that you find violence to be the answer. You obviously have no class. You can disagree with me all you want, but violence isn't the answer. I could care less if I'm outnumbered, I know what's right.

1275 days ago


Lindsey, feel free to gtfo of this section of the internetz and make your way to the nearest tree to hug.

I mean, how else would you release rage in a situation like that? Rationalization via "a chat" off to the side? In the state that douchebag was in Thursday night (drunk, ****ed on multiple drugs), there's really nothing else you can do to stop an abuser other than kicking his ass.

Well deserved, my friends are the best.

1274 days ago


Well, Bam did not start anything. You Texan idiots think you are so fantastic with that slogan "Do not mess with Texas!" Well, guess what? You always start everything with non-Texans, especially when you are drunk. That beached whale (HA HA!)'s friend (probably her boyfriend or brother or both) started s*** with Bam, boom, here comes the sea otter & beached whale insults, the idiot guy decided to protect the beached whale by punching Bam? I guess drunken Texans have no integrity. Insult, wait for somebody else to insult back, then punch?

The beached whale is the biggest coward of that group by waiting until Bam is on the floor, then kicking his face!


I suspect that beached whale was the one who stole Bam's $500 bracelet just so she can take a look at her cracked mirror with Bam's bracelet. Well, guess what? Your 15 minute fame is OVER!

1274 days ago


Let's all take a look at that beached whale's evil eyes. She must have schemed with her brother/boyfriend and their friends to set Bam up so the brother/boyfriend insults Bam for no reasons, only for Bam to call her a sea otter & beached whale, and the rest is history. I do have respect for good Texans, but I have NO respect for trailer park drunken Texan redneck trashes who start s*** with non-Texans. We New Yorkers don't take s*** from Texans who came up to New York and bring "Don't Mess With Texas" attitude here, which is so stupid!

1274 days ago


So...if she's a sea otter, then what does that make the members of your family???Whales??? Bam is such an ignorant piece of ****. Hey America, who cares if she's a bigger girl. He probably wanted to bone her and felt insecure. I HATE HIM.

1273 days ago

Danielle Hackbarth    

WELL....I personally know her father...SERIOUSLY...and I bet Bam wouldn't come to OUR HOMETOWN and call his daughter a f'n "sea otter"....That is far from what she is....Her daddy is 6'3 and one BAD M'FO!!!!!!!!!! HEY BAM,CHALLENGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!! U got my email....LMAO

1273 days ago

Danielle Hackbarth    

WELL....I personally know her father...SERIOUSLY...and I bet Bam wouldn't come to OUR HOMETOWN and call his daughter a f'n "sea otter"....That is far from what she is....Her daddy is 6'3 and one BAD M'FO!!!!!!!!!! HEY BAM,CHALLENGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!! U got my email....LMAO

1273 days ago

Danielle Hackbarth    

The true story is he popped off at the mouth,thought it was cute, and got drop kicked and knocked out for several minutes....LMAO. Bam, quit hiding what really went down and admit u got shown out by a WOMAN!!!!!!!! I would love to watch the chaos that would consume u if u came to OKC.... I love watchin' ya'll... but I was blown away that u couldn't tell the truth,yet you can act and do stupid **** on national T.V.. Come on...u get paid to do ignorant ****...and u said the wrong thing to ONE BADASS BITCH,so u got ur ignorant ass knocked out for FREE!!!!!!! Put that in ur juice box and suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!

1273 days ago


It's obvious that Danielle Hackbarth(What a weird last name) missed my point. You actually posted the same thing twice. What does that say about you. Since that girl is a beached whale, so you are probably a beached walrus. Well, guess what? You are so stupid that you actually drank lye when you thought it was water!

You should know better than that, because Bam always does that stuff on Jackass & Viva La Bam. I find it funny that you actually took offense to that when Bam mouthed off to that beached whale.


You are just jealous that you are not as rich as he is. Jealous little F*****!

1272 days ago



1272 days ago


I know that all of you hating on him and saying that he had it coming are all fat bitches your selfs.

1264 days ago


All of you haters are just jealous of Bam. What has he ever done to you? He didn't deserve what happened to him they were the drunks that started it.

1254 days ago
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