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Banksy's Stolen L.A. Street Art -- The Hunt Is On

3/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several works of art created by Oscar nominated street artist Banksy have been "stolen" off the L.A. walls they were painted on -- and now TMZ has learned, the hunt is on to get them back.


The people who run the user-generated news blog ignited the effort with an open letter last week -- asking "the individuals responsible for the theft of this art to come forward and return the art to its rightful owners: the communities that received these unique and spontaneous gifts."


And as an added incentive ... AV is even offering to throw down cash "to purchase these stolen pieces and subsequently put them on public display so that the world can enjoy these creations."

Banksy couldn't be reached for comment. Because he's Banksy.


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what He said    

it probably stole it itself for pr but hopefully it never surfaces again.

1290 days ago


Jesus man! I could have drawn that in high school art class! Who in the hell thinks this Banksy is unique or better than average in ANY way? PLUS.... thats graffiti! They SHOULD have painted over the crap. PLUS Im betting Banksy is stealing his own crap to get attention!

1290 days ago

northern gypsy    

i'm not familiar with this artist...however...
i've seen some innovative graffiti art in my travels...
if it makes me stop and my opinion) it's a gift...
to be enjoyed by everybody !!!

1290 days ago


this is weird

1290 days ago

London calling..    

Banksy: culturally, politically and philosophically astute. No wonder many of you don't understand.. these words aren't in the American dictionary.

1290 days ago


@ #18 karissa

you could not have drawn that with 5 cans of spray paint in a matter of 20 minutes with out getting caught. Banksy's political and social messages are relevant and his art is worth more money than you'll make in a lifetime.

1290 days ago


WHOA!! Why is everyone so sensitive and angry in their comments?? Banksy just like every other street artist has his own style, his a little more political ;-)

The billboard piece is sitting on the CBS

1290 days ago


Clearly you don't know art, look up who's buying his art and how much they are paying for it. I'm sure people said the same thing about Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

1290 days ago


Hmmm, I think I'll take "NHL Jersey Woman for $30, Alex." So what exactly is a "NHL Jersey Woman"?

As far as the pollution this guy puts out, I say good riddance. It my be good but it also encourages others to "deface" public property. Like those gangs who paint their logo or fancy "evil" looking writing all over the place. Illegal is illegal regardless of the intentions.

1290 days ago

Joe Bibby    

Come on everyone...Banksy painted this on an abandoned building with the sole purpose of having it stolen...likely from someone on his own team. Just part of his latest schtick. Jokes on all ya.

1290 days ago


have these morons ever stopped to think.maybe the buildings owner had it removed because some vandal painted an eyesore on the wall??

1290 days ago


I'm GLAD they were stolen! I hope whoever took them DOESN'T give them back! Who wants to look at trashy depictions of beloved cartoon characters? It's vile and disgusting. I have to agree with those who say that the so-called "artist" of this graffiti is way overrated and that this is NOT art. I'm sorry for those of you who think that a picture of Charlie Brown smoking a cigarette and pouring gasoline is just SO "philosophical" or "political," but anybody who would do that to Charlie Brown is about as deep as a puddle of spit. Next you'll be thinking that Banksy's some kind of spiritual guru! Get a grip! It doesn't take any talent to make something awful out of somebody else's creation, teenagers do this kind of stupid stuff all the time when they're doodling in class! It's nothing special and it's certainly nothing to celebrate. It wouldn't surprise me if somebody stole this graffiti out of respect for the original characters or their artists.

1290 days ago


it was probably some toy ass kids who cant write their own ****...

1290 days ago


how about how he's breaking the law by creating "art" on other people's property. if he did something on the wall of my building id paint right over it.

1290 days ago


ummm nobody owns the art and nobody would have cared if he wasn't involved in a film that received an academy award nomination so stfu all you pretentious douches... this sheety attention has decreased my respect for the guy.. its looking like he'll be another fairey soon enough.... effing stupid. Hollywood ruins everything that is good for a buck.

1290 days ago
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