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Charlie Sheen -- Clean As a Whistle

3/22/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is high on life -- and tiger blood -- but he's not high on drugs ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Sheen and his ex, Brooke Mueller, each took drug tests back on March 11 as part of their custody settlement.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ that Sheen got his results back within the last few days -- he passed. No word yet on Mueller's results.

The drug test clears the way for Charlie to see his children again, we're told, with a monitor present.



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Am I the only one disappointed? The only reason this has captured our attention is that we're hoping to get another glipse of this guy either on drugs, in serious twitchy withdrawals or having another manic episode. If the guy is under control, there's no point. It's like watching NASCAR. You watch for the crashes.

1281 days ago


You are disappointed because you are not his fan apparently.

1281 days ago


agreed but participant observation helps! when trying to uncover the unknown unknowns social scientists use particpant observation skills to deconstruct mannerisms and behaviorisms and if you collect enough video/pictures/interviews/radio you can build a profile. you combine that with the other particularities in a persons life you build a nice demograph of what is and what should never be. over priced actors spending much more of a carbon footprint than anyone else. unsustainable living. these stars got it too good. yeah i say monitor this guy and make sure he's recycling! i kinda feel sorry for this guy. all that glitters aint gold and this fan see's a whole world of uncertainties as his career is in a dogfight for its life. eh charlie? bloggin about you is better than playing xbox or ps3. remember that. we do this for fun! its why were called 'fans'. psychotics most of us. some of us demented and braindamaged. all i know is that you've been abused by your employer and this leftist is a sinister left hander so big business beware! i'm happy knowing charlie has thrown himself to the free market and is peddling his goods and wares anywhere he can! his father should be so proud to see his son surviving like a gypsy minstrel flogging his talents wherever he can! he's a survivor and his parents should be so proud. reminds me of that movie...

eh charlie? anytime you wanna trade places just let me know. come on down and live in the trenches with the little people and let me shine like a sheen would in an instant! xox

Posted at 9:26 AM on Mar 22, 2011 by steven katona


There is a difference between participant observation and judgment of a peson based on nothing BUT that observation. That is what I see around and that is sickening to me. And I am not just talking about posters here, but about all those "Dr Drews" who base their assumptions and diagnoses on what Charlie presents in the media. That's totally wrong.


Him passing his test is total BS... It takes 2-3 weeks for cocaine to leave your system... how did he take a drug test a few days after his binger and pass his test? Any kid that has taken a health class knows its BS.

Posted at 11:10 AM on Mar 22, 2011 by Alex


Looks like you need to take the class again. And FYI, Charlie hasn't touched the drugs since her started his rehab, and that was at the beginning of Feb.

1281 days ago


Those tests are good if you are 72 hours clean. What about since then? But he's gonna do what he's gonna do. He's half out of his mind, half geneous. Not sure what to make of it.

1281 days ago


Duh, it's a good thing he loves powder and rock instead of that evil corrupter of youth Demon Marijuana. All the test proves is that he hadn't used in the preceding 24 hours or so.

1281 days ago

Kathy M.    

It would not surprise me ONE BIT that in the near future we find out that Charlie Sheen has been paying someone big bucks for their clean urine. Maybe they should do a surprise DNA test on a few of his PEE samples just to find out if it his PEE or someone else's.

1281 days ago


hes needs to submit a hair sample..!

1281 days ago


My uncle, who is the same age as Sheen, has been doing drugs just as long and about 5 years ago his drug use put him past the point of no return - paranoid schizophrenic. I haven't heard that Charlie Sheen is hearing voices but his behavior is very similar to my uncle's. His brain is fried and he's never coming back to what he was. It's truly sad.

1281 days ago


bring Charlie back!!!! the show will never ever make it without him , big joke if you even try someone else!!

1281 days ago


This is all a joke. Everyone knows how drug tests go. No wonder our kids are out of control. Bad behavior seems to be quite profitable. Forget acting like we are civilized, it doesn't pay. Babies throw tantrums to get their own way until it doesn't work anymore. HINT HINT!!!!!!

1281 days ago


I'm amazed that he seems to have this cult like following that will cheer him on even when he's high as a kite and beating women. He has a HISTORY of abusing women, why is that ok with some of you viewers? Because he's entertaining to watch? He is a man unravelling, and if you can't see that, you're blind, stupid, or both.

1281 days ago


They trust Charlie and this guy's a REAL nut and to top it off He's a jew. John Galliano the world's best designer let that little jew pig wear one of his dresses for the oscar. You jeewwss have a nerve to be mad at John Galliano it's only you f---ckers that can afford his cloths.

1281 days ago


I am a recovering addict with three years me when I say that Sheen is gone with the wind. We all know there are tests (drink) that allows your drug test to show negative. I know that because I did that repeatedly. Charlie is in the last stage of addiction. He will either get clean or he will die very soon. Its a shame the praise he's getting, it's only going to cause his death. I love love love Charlie Sheen....he is a riot but Im not laughing. LOVE CHARLIE SHEEN! but it takes one to know one!

1281 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Unbelievable. I was almost certain he was back to using again after watching the third Sheen's Korner.

1281 days ago


Charlie Sheen's Secret Sex Tool -

1281 days ago
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