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Chris Brown

I'm Artsy AND Fartsy!

3/22/2011 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just arrived to an art gallery in New York City ... sporting smart guy spectacles and a big, fat smirk -- just hours after he went ballistic at "Good Morning America."


As Chris made his way into the Opera Gallery, Brown simply smiled ... and tried his best to ignore the pack of photogs firing off questions about the "GMA" incident this morning.


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what a beautiful day     

If Chris Brown was on probation, Isn't this incident a violation of his probation?

1278 days ago

how lame    

He should apologise to Robin whatshername and pay for the window. Jerk. He got the publicity he wanted.

1278 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Press charges on this guy and put him in jail

1278 days ago


And yet the paps still give him the time of day. Ignore him and he might go away. That bitch doesn't deserve any publicity.

1278 days ago


yes Glenda. Try a link and also try actually learning what bipolar disorder is.
Being an ******* who hits women does not make someone bipolar.
People with bipolar disorder actually get psychotic like schizoperenics.
Stop trying to illicit sympathy for this jerk with bs medical issues.

1278 days ago


Let's face it; this guy is nothing but a big baby. He's trying to show just how tough and "gansta" he is but he comes across as a spoiled child. And really, the glasses?? Good grief.

1278 days ago


Charlie, Chris... two peas in a pod, only difference is Charlie is so stark raving mad he's kinda lovable and Chris is just mad, very, very MAD!!! Dude needs to take a Xanax and relax!!

1278 days ago


@ Glenda.......are you kidding? post a damn link next time....

1278 days ago


can SOMEONE take this lying TOOL off the streets already?
He's already Proved he has anger problems, now this? what's next, he KILLS someone and blames it on Rhianna? wtf

Goto hell Chris.. you cannot handle fame

1278 days ago


This dude is a psychotic punk with anger management issues. His talent pales in comparison to that of Rihanna. In fact, his talent pales in comparison to Big Bird and Cookie Monster. Maybe he should become a muppet.

1278 days ago


So, is he going to blame this outburst on his stepfather too?

1278 days ago


like none of you ***s & hoes never made a mistake!!! You ******* make excuses for Charlie Sheen, Lohan, Paris, and Ben Rothlesburger. But like Vick, Chris Brown is laughing all the way to the bank. But you haters have to stay employed as well I guess. Broke basterds!

1278 days ago

Best Mom    

I will NOT watch DWTS if he's on next week! Why should bad behavior be rewarded?

1278 days ago


Warning to anyone - don't annoy Mr. Brown unless you want a mess.

1278 days ago


OMG Chris Brown is PSYCHO!! Charlie Sheen may rant on and on but Brown threw a chair through some thick azz glass! I know Rihanna is GLAD she got away from this future inmate (He's still on probation.) He's not sorry for ANYTHING and career is heading in the sh*tter, new album or not.... The NYPD will probably be picking him up for felony vandalism bcuz you just can't go around throwing chairs out of windows cuz you're upset!

1278 days ago
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