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'Dancing' Fans: CANCEL Chris Brown's Performance!

3/22/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's "GMA" meltdown this morning pissed off a HORDE of "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- and now they're demanding that ABC cancel the singer's performance on the show next week.


Chris was scheduled to perform on "Dancing" TWICE during the elimination episode next Tuesday -- but fans of the show are rallying online to make sure that doesn't happen ... overtaking the official "DWTS" message board on

Several users plead openly for ABC to cancel Chris' performance after the singer's outburst this morning -- writing messages like, "Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing with the Stars!  I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

But it doesn't stop there ... some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart Chris' performance -- in fact, another person writes, "I just sent an e-mail to ABC about him performing. I truly hope they cancel his appearance."

So we gotta ask ...


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I think that's not fair. He makes the same mistakes people make on a day to day basis but yet since he's a celebrity he should be ridiculed? That's ridiculous. You people are hypocrites. No one knows what it's like to be in this man's shoes so how can you judge him. The bible says "let he without sin cast the stone first." Are you doing everything "picture perfect"? NO! And neither is that Robin character! Invest as much time in your life as you do in seeing other people down and hell you might be the next Bill Gates!

1288 days ago


Why is it still get dragged up from 2 years ago rihanna has moved on so should everyone else!! he is a great artist performer singer actor dancer he is well rounded in all these so leave him alone!!! i think if i had done something i regreted and said sorry many times and tried to make myself a better person in may ways i would have went nuts aswell!!!! STOP HATIN!

1288 days ago


If they let this abuser perform I will never watch another ABC show again

1288 days ago


I feel he has not learned anything. Mistakes I have made in the past, that I am sorry for, I apologize again when they are brought up. For those people who support him have never had a violent person in thier lives.

I think Rihanna is moving past that time in her life. To stay angry gives him power over her and she is strong women with class not just a victim. We have got to start holding people accountable for thier actions. Do we really want young men looking up to someone like him. With fame comes responsibility.

1288 days ago


It's official, he is a psycho-woman beating, anger freak! He did not deal with it the first time, very disappointing, maybe he can't deal with it, it is just a part of him.
That's it, I'm done, will never buy another thing with his name on it period. ABC should have charged him for breaking stuff and acting like a mental patient! He Better not be on Dancing, they would be crazy having him around, looks like he could lose it at any second!

1288 days ago


Cancel the whole damn show!!! Get off the couch and get a life! Stop living through others and judging others. It's funny how people don't see what happens with their own eyes and quickly believe what someone says. I wish everyone would let the lord do his job. He doesn't need any help!!!

1288 days ago


I don't think he has any remorse. He states he didn't hurt anyone. You don't go around breaking windows and throwing things and think that is the way to release ANGER. And I don't think Robin Roberts kept presuring him, she asked a question but was very nice about it. He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions.

1288 days ago


CANCEL it!!! ABC should listen to their viewers and cancel his performance. As a family centered network, they are placing money and ratings over the values this network seemed to demonstrate. Chris Brown has now admitted to his violent outburst at GMA by issuing an apology. However, I think America is growing tired of his apologies, which seem insincere, and somehow turn him into the victim. It’s bad enough that he is a felon, convicted of a violently beating, biting, and threatening to kill someone he had a personal relationship with, and 2 years later (as he likes to point out) he still has serious anger issues.

Because he is an entertainer, it’s like his behavior is accused and that is unacceptable. It’s time that we, the viewers, take a stand against what is broadcast on network television. Just like the revolutions around the world that are standing up against violent governments, we need to stand up against organizations that turn their cheek to violence. Having this man perform is condoning his violent behavior. He threw a chair against a glass window because he was angry at the questions he was asked! He said he had to release his anger? When did that become the appropriate way to release anger? What if that window ****tered onto the sidewalk below and there were children or adults walking there? Would that make it worse to you, ABC???

1288 days ago


I can't believe he may still be performing. So who's in possession of the ABC CEO's sex tape, CB himself or his manager? Or maybe it's the DWTS producer's sex tape.

Does DWTS have permanent advertisers? I hope people are expressing complaints to them, also.

1287 days ago


Seriously folks you need to get the "F" over it. Everyone wants to continue to bash this poor kid. He did his time for the crime he committed let it go. I would be pissed as well, if everytime I turned around the biggest mistake I made in my life was thrown in my face. You are damn right I would be mad like Chris was, but instead of punching Robin or anyone else, he waited and went back stage to blow off steam. Didn't beat the **** out of any,kind of sounds like he has his learned his lesson. I am soooo sick of reading the BS that you hypocritical, judgemental *******s continue to spit out of your oh sooooooo perfect mouths. If you never watch Dancing with the Stars again because Chris Brown is on there who the "F" cares. Such a bunch of self rightgeous *******s in this world it never ceases to amaze me.

1286 days ago


Chris should be allowed to perform on dancing with stars, he has done no more than some of the other stars that have appeared on that show. Charlie Sheen is a drug addicted and everybody is following him so what is wrong with this world? This world is a mess, and we have double standards.

1286 days ago

Smart Lady    

I can't believe DWTS even entertained the thought of having this abuser on their show. He's an out of control idiot!!!There are so many great entertainers they could have chosen without choosing a LOSER like Chris Brown. If this is all that networks thinks of their fateful viewers, as much as I enjoy DWTS, I'll have to boycott the show. It's the only right thing to do....

1286 days ago



1286 days ago


No DWTS or future ABC till he gets more help

1286 days ago


The man is trying to get over his negative pass and everybody trying to rewrite it with indelible ink. He is frustrated you all trying to let him relive his terrible act.

1285 days ago
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