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'Dancing' Fans: CANCEL Chris Brown's Performance!

3/22/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's "GMA" meltdown this morning pissed off a HORDE of "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- and now they're demanding that ABC cancel the singer's performance on the show next week.


Chris was scheduled to perform on "Dancing" TWICE during the elimination episode next Tuesday -- but fans of the show are rallying online to make sure that doesn't happen ... overtaking the official "DWTS" message board on

Several users plead openly for ABC to cancel Chris' performance after the singer's outburst this morning -- writing messages like, "Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing with the Stars!  I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

But it doesn't stop there ... some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart Chris' performance -- in fact, another person writes, "I just sent an e-mail to ABC about him performing. I truly hope they cancel his appearance."

So we gotta ask ...


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How come Adam Lambert was able to patiently and non violently answer all the questions directed to him in every interview over the past year about his AMA performance?? Obviously Chris Brown cannot control his anger yet and needs more therapy. ABC is using him and his issues for ratings. Now that is sad on ABC's part. I have lost a lot of respect for ABC, GMA, Robin Roberts, and DWTS for their unprofessionalism. Just desserts would be to cancel Chris Brown and let Adam Lambert perform in his place on DWTS.

1277 days ago


If ABC had HALF a brain, they would cancel Brown and get Adam Lambert to perform! He is IN LA and working on his second album but I'm sure they could get him and he a MILLION times better and nicer than UGLY MAN BROWN! Wise UP, ABC!

1277 days ago


all you people need some prayer, because only one person able to judge Chris Brown is God himself, also the media have so many people fool about this breaking of the window, people have some sense where are the proof, if he broke the window and why do day want him on the show again if it really happen and remember his bodyguards were in the room with him, one of them could have broken the window.

1276 days ago


He's an infamous woman beater and men like that should never be celebrated on a family show simply because he can dance. An anger management class seems in order so that this poor millionaire can go forward. In the meantime he can cry into a bag of money provided by people who buy his music and don't care that he brutalizes women.

1276 days ago

james charles    

some of y'all people sicken me to the core LET THE DUDE LIVE. y'all forgive some of the worst people but wont let Chris live, you like Charlie but hate Chris come on!!!!!!!!!! amma stop watch the show if he performs, SHUT UP!!!!!!! you people is the same one that ridiculed Micheal and after his death played all his songs. God says practice forgiveness but yall dont even listen him.LET CHRIS LIVE. F.A.M.E

1274 days ago

james charles    

some of the previous contestants on that show have some things that as equally or even worse that what Chris brown did i aint hear y'all say anything not one thing. F.A.M.E

1274 days ago


Chris Brown rocked! Everyone needs to forget about the mistake he made 2 years ago!

1274 days ago


Chris brown has been trying his hardest saw all u people who thinks its funny who is laughing can stfu get a life n kiss my ass wat happen between him n rihanna is in the past it happened a long time ago get the **** ova it yall talkin bought he should grow up well u should grow up n forgive him 4 wat he did if u was once his real fan then u should support him threw anything even though wat happen was an accident n he apologized n think of how u would feel if u was in his situation u may say u wouldnt have done such n such but yet u will neva no cause u will neva experience his situation the way he experienced it so their for stfu n have a nice day

1273 days ago


Comments by posting #162

"Chris Brown rocked! Everyone needs to forget about the mistake he made 2 years ago!"

I wonder how you would feel if you had your face bashed in, and cigarettes burns all over your you'd change your tune

1273 days ago


You know, this new culture is funny. Rock stars throwing chair and tv's through windows used to be cool! I think it was awesome. If I could throw a chair through the window and then a few days later have the highest rated DWTS show EVER, I'd be very proud of myself!

1270 days ago

Fed Up Chuck    

He is a time bomb and is not ready for human interaction. He beat up a star and that is the only reason we all know is name. His talent is mainstream at best and should be boycotted until he truly gets help. Thumbs down for ABC not pyulling the plug. It will be a cold day in hell when I turn on DWTS again!

1268 days ago


c'mon guys wat hppnd to 4gvn othrs.....h mde a mstke ys bt w'v gt to mve on n leave de pst bhnd us....plz liv de chld alne

1085 days ago


"Funny how Russell Simmons endorses the new movie 'BULLY' (a film everyone should see when it comes out) and yet also supports Chris Brown's beating of Rihanna.(as seen on his tweet to Brown after the oscars) Apparently to Russell Simmons it is not ok to bully other kids but beating a woman halfway dead is perfectly alright. Way to be a male role model Russell"

924 days ago
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