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'Dancing' Fans: CANCEL Chris Brown's Performance!

3/22/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's "GMA" meltdown this morning pissed off a HORDE of "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- and now they're demanding that ABC cancel the singer's performance on the show next week.


Chris was scheduled to perform on "Dancing" TWICE during the elimination episode next Tuesday -- but fans of the show are rallying online to make sure that doesn't happen ... overtaking the official "DWTS" message board on

Several users plead openly for ABC to cancel Chris' performance after the singer's outburst this morning -- writing messages like, "Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing with the Stars!  I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

But it doesn't stop there ... some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart Chris' performance -- in fact, another person writes, "I just sent an e-mail to ABC about him performing. I truly hope they cancel his appearance."

So we gotta ask ...


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Clint Torris    

That is one douchebag *****.

1278 days ago

ella marie    

I wish that everyone would stay off of Chris he shouldn't have thrown a chair...but i would be upset if everyone after 2 repeat 2 years keeps asking him the same quesitons...he did an exclusive interview w/ Robin Roberts in order not to hear all of these questions again...i understand one question..but to stay on the incident when obviously he is there trying to prompt the album and get on with his life from the incident...i feel it's wrong...ask paris hilton every time she comes for an interview if she is a coke head...ask bruno mars if he is too...other celebrities do things and no one keeps bringing it up....why would he not be able to be on dancing with the stars...he sings...what is he going to

1278 days ago


I will not watch DWTS if Chris Brown performs for the elimination, and I probably won't watch the show ever again. It will leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Will anyone do the right thing anymore? My goodness, ABC.

1278 days ago


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown renames his new album F.A.M.E to J.A.I.L.


1278 days ago


Chris Brown has shown he is violent and unpredictable as a guest on a TV show. ABC should definitely cancel.

1278 days ago


The crazy DWTS watchers that will stop watching just because Chris Brown is on... get over it.

I have seen abuse and I have seen people get help and have gotten better… but it takes time!!! Honestly, people need to stop talking about how he is such a horrible person… he is working at it… and bring up a BAD subject isn’t going to make it better!! He needs to still work on stuff but give him a break! Human… we all make mistakes… at least he has been trying to fix his!

1278 days ago


Yes Chris Brown keeps making poor choices, who dosen't? Why don't people help him instead of kicking him while he's down.Do you think if he had controll over himself he would act out in such a manner. And why they keep bring up old stuff anyway. EVERYONE knows what he did to her was wrong, just like ppl want him to get over it why don't yall get over it too. All im saying is treat ppl the way YOU wanna be treated. Just pray for him.

1278 days ago


Oh has he beat on someone else and they forgot to write about it? It has been 2 years and has not touched anyone else since and I would be pissed off as well ( not throwing a chair ) because it is done with people need to stop talking about it. I didn't agree at all with him hitting her, and thought he should have been locked up. BUT he has gone through the courts and has done his punishment. He hasn't done it again.

1278 days ago


Laugh at Charlie Sheen who is soooo violent he held a knife to his wife's throat with the babies and company present one is asking him about that at all AT ALL !...we just smile and forgive the very violent out of control white man...and try to kill a then 19 year old black boy...ok ...19 and 40 something who should be held to the higher expectation of acceptabale behavior...but nooooo...let's just keep asking this poor black youngman about how he beat his out of control both drinking at the time hit him first girlfriend ! This is why people do not respect the Laws Of the Land ! just try to disagree with this PLEASE...

1278 days ago


His bad attitude is deep seeded. Only when he's on top and things are going "his way" can he maintain his composure...he's a ticking time bomb.
CANCEL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1278 days ago


get over it people!

1278 days ago


CANCEL IT! CANCEL IT! CANCEL IT! CANCEL IT! Make him suffer any way possible.

Princess RihALLAH wins yet again! Duh Winning!

1278 days ago


What did he do?!?!

1278 days ago


His bad attitude is deep seeded. Only when he's on top and things are going "his way" can he maintain his composure...he's a ticking time bomb.
CANCEL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1278 days ago


please get over it. how many of u break something when ur angry. Further more that butch was a pain in the ass. lets talk bout the album not her dried up ass.

1278 days ago
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