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Robin Roberts

Chris Approved My

Rihanna Q's

3/22/2011 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Roberts asked Chris Brown if she could question him about the Rihanna incident BEFORE the live interview began on "GMA" this morning ... this according to sources connected to the production.

Robin Roberts

Sources tell TMZ ... Roberts insists both she and other "GMA" staff members spoke with Chris before the interview and asked if it would be OK to fire off "a few questions" about the Rihanna incident ... and Chris approved.

As TMZ first reported, Brown flipped out after the interview -- and apparently smashed a window in his dressing room.

Robin is telling people at the show she did NOT try to set him up ... and insists, "I'm pulling for the guy."

As for the broken window, sources say no one in the studio saw Chris throw the chair into the window ... but he was definitely in the dressing room when the window was smashed.

UPDATE 9:19 AM: After Roberts left the "GMA" building, she posted on her Twitter page, "Sure has been an interesting AM @GMA. Still sorting thru everything myself. Just my 2nd day on twitter, wonder what tomorrow will bring?"


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sick of it    

This is a guy with the mind of a CHILD..Children always throw things when mad.that's one side of him..The other side is he's a piece of TRASH..If anyone defends this THING then they have to be trash also..Enough said........

1308 days ago


She is so annoying.. and the worst interviewer. Se asks such stupid questions. Why do they keep her??? I would have been highly aggitated having her interview me too. She is a dead weight on that show.

1308 days ago

B3 Fearless    

He approved a "few questions" NOT for the whole interview to basically be focused on what occurred TWO YEARS AGO!

Robin is an experienced interviewer. She could have dropped it and didn't.

Unfortunately CB acted properly on camera and poorly off camera! Once again he's had weeks of good interviews and the ONE time he is on something major he F's up!

Ppl don't care if you are working on almost no sleep and have been working non-stop all they see are the few times you mess up.

SMH I'm a fan but this shows he needs to just stop doing interviews altogether.

Focus on albums, especially concerts where he excels and forget about everything else.

I am SO disappointed.

1308 days ago


well there goes his career...

3 strikes n you're out.

1308 days ago



Crazy violence from ANY race is disgusting. Charlie Sheen going nuts on his women is just as revolting as Chris Brown going nuts on his. Both are NOT winners. Losers. Gross.

1308 days ago


Hope they lock his ass up. Bubba at the state pen will teach him why he was named Chris "Brown". Losing!

1308 days ago


This guy is a loose canon. At this time he should be able to man up to his mistakes, cause what he did to Rihanna is world news and its something that is going to be on him for a very longer time. Chris should answer in a mature manner and respectfully say he understands the continue interesting and wishes it had never happen and doesn't condon anyone else commiting violence against woman. But instead he blew a physical tantum at a time that he has to show maturity and growth of trying to get his career on the move again, but instead he just pulled a major murphy on himself. This young man has anger issues and he seems to think that the "public" owes him support, instead of him trying to get his crap together. He's a time bomb... P.S He is also appearing live next Monday as a "special guest singer" on DWTS.....

1308 days ago

Jiggy wiff it    

Hit a woman will do it again. I am surprised he didn't belt Robin Roberts. His next album should be titled live from Corcoran State Prison. As for double standards for white people.....sorry no....Charlie Sheen doesn't get a pass from me either. He abuses woment too....and his life is also on the path of self-destruction. Both deserve what they get.

1308 days ago


Nobody is upset at the approved questions process? How will we ever know what is truth from anyone if the questions to people are asked in advance and approved. Where will we see the sjip-ups said by politicians and business leaders if they get to see questions or even lines of questioning up front. I'm not happy.

1308 days ago

va reb    

This is a guy with the mind of a CHILD..Children always throw things when mad.that's one side of him..The other side is he's a piece of TRASH..If anyone defends this THING then they have to be trash also..Enough said

YES YES YES you hit the nail on the head.

1308 days ago


Sloppy seconds #16..WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND AS DOES KARMA... TO WISH SOMEONE TO DIE IS PURE EVIL!! Just wait you ****er your day is coming........

1308 days ago


i watched the interview - he wa shandled with baby gloves so I dont know why he flipped out. she was not attacking him

he shoudl have charges pressed against him - freakin maniac

lastly - the only reason sheen doesn't get as much slack as him is because sheen will own up to everything he says or does - whereas brown tries to downplay his involvement.

1308 days ago

how lame    

The reason people still bring it up is because it was a big deal. Rihanna's face was pummelled by his fists and he also bit her with his giant teeth. Charlie sheens victims are porn stars and women who the public doesn t really care about like they do Rihanna!

1308 days ago


Who IS Chris Brown?

1308 days ago


I must say, when I first saw how much he had changed; tattoos, blond hair, his whole appearance, I felt something was wrong. I am not surprised at his behavior. I don't know who is guiding him, but they are not doing a very good job. So sad for Chris. I'm praying for him.

1308 days ago
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