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Evan Rachel Wood

The Merkin Tale

3/22/2011 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evan Rachel Wood is getting all sorts of buzz for a special wig she had to rock for an upcoming HBO project ... a wig that was custom built for her crotch.


The "True Blood" star is slated to go full frontal in the HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce" -- and at a recent NY press event explained, "Let’s just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s."

According to Wood, her co-star Kate Winslet encouraged her to do it -- “I looked at Kate and she was like, ‘You’ve got to do it. Trust me, it’s so brave. Put a merkin on and you’ll be fine.”

Apparently, she's not a method actor.


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48. How the hell does a pubic wig stay on? Is it like the stuff they use on eyelash extensions? Sorry, but growing it out sounds more normal than wearin a friggin toupee on your clam!

Posted at 6:28 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by toto

That's the whole point of the merkin. The actress does "full frontal" but without actually showing any lips. And I think it's tape they use to keep the merkin on.

1280 days ago


About 10 years ago, someone sent me this and I've laughed many times since. Author unknown.

What is a Merkin?

Gather 'round kiddies, you're going to get some learning you won't find in any book. I’ve been asked time and again, ‘what is a merkin?’ The response I’ve heard from many people to that question is “A merkin? Why that’s someone who was born in the United States!”. Hahaha. No. Wrong. Go back to Hamburger University and get your degree. In the simplest language I know, I will proceed to enlighten you on this subject that many great academic books have so negligently failed to include within their hallowed pages.

Ahhhhh. The merkin. Rolls off the tongue now, doesn't it. The merkin. Where to begin? How about the beginning, of course!

The merkin had its reign in the Victorian times. The Victorian era, though romanticized by silly modern women as a time of great loveliness and decorum, was in reality a time of over-whelming filth and degradation. Many a home was without the most basic of hygienic supplies—no soap, no shampoo, and certainly no deodorant. Bathing was considered a monthly ritual as the Victorians believed water was the bearer of disease and pestilence. Perfume, in all its cheap and tawdry forms was used to mask the overwhelming odors, but then everyone smelled like slutty street corner hookers.

The one thing these monthly baths, and liberal perfuming did not discourage was the ever-present lice and vermin found flourishing in some of the finest ladies’ pubic regions.

Now, these ladies could live with housework and drudgery from morn to eve. And they could live with the roaches and rats scampering in and about the homestead. But they could not, I repeat, could not, and would not live with a family of lice creating time-shares in their most private of lady parts! So, off went the curls! But alas, the dear ladies would feel a bit of a draft.

To nip this dire consequence in the bud (excuse the pun) a little hair wig was fashioned in all the latest colors and styles. This little wig became know as the humble 'merkin' .

Yes, the merkin. Finally, we get to the merkin. I can just imagine a clothes line full of the little periwigs blowing in the breeze on a gentle spring day. Doubtless, this is the romantic image many of those silly modern women hold as well, but that’s another story!

How did the ladies attach the merkin? Alas, I do not know, and I fear my imagination is far too delicate to consider the possibilities. I might hazard that the more petite ladies fashioned a garter of sorts out of bits of lace and ribbon, and the more portly matrons found need for a yoke and harness. Let us just say, attach it they did, and leave it at that. It is not so much the attachments we’re interested in, but the device itself.

OK, you’ve given us the history of the merkin, you’ve given us the definition of the merkin, but how do I, a simple internet surfer use this astounding new knowledge in everyday context? Relax Grasshopper, this new word dovetails quite nicely into ordinary conversation. For example, if someone is getting a bit snippy with you, perhaps a tad defensive you might want to instruct that individual to '”don't get your merkin all tied in knots!". Your boss reward a co-worker with a promotion? Good sports will kindly doff their merkin, and proclaim “My merkin goes off to you, my good man!” You may also find cause to celebrate any of life's little holidays with "Long live the MERKIN!" For those more patriotic events, you may want to solemnly proclaim 'I'm proud to be a merkin"

Whatever the context, remember to say it loud, and say it proud. Let us honor those brave women who desired a bit of fluff on the muff, and showed their pioneer ingenuity and spirit by introducing this wonderful cosmetic innovation.

1280 days ago


Ah, another of those neurotic women who rid themselves of all traces of being a sexually mature female and contrive to appear pre-pubescent to delight pedophiles.

Otherwise, TMI Wood-just do what you have to do for the role and not publicize it, for Pete's sake.

1280 days ago


I think a lot of people are missing the point of shaving/waxing one's pubic area. I personally shave everything off, and I don't do it for men- I couldn't care LESS whether men like it or not. I do it because I find body hair repugnant and *I* don't want to have pubic hair.

Many women feel the same way. It's just stupid to be repulsed by leg hair and then somehow attracted to pubic hair. I mean, by the stupid arguments seen here- a 5 year old girl doesn't have LEG HAIR, or UNDERARM HAIR either, yet most of you would be grossed out by your girlfriend having either, so why the whole "the only men who liked a shaved pubic area are pedophiles" take? I guess any man who likes a pair of nice, clean, shaved legs must also be a pedophile, then. So ignorant.

1280 days ago


I'd take a woman with a big,thick hairy bush over a clean shaven woman anyday.I want something I can bury my face into not something that looks like a little girl.

1280 days ago



Hardly, a thought-out comment that you made.

1. Most men are not sexually attracted to a woman's armpits or legs. But, the vagina...every straight man is.
2. You "find body hair repugnant" which helps protect the skin with warmth, oil, and from chaffing.
3. Since you hate hair on the body, then you must love the extra time used to shave, the occasional razor bumps, and all the itching that no hair down there brings.
4. Yeah, funny that you mention shaving your legs, armpits, and crotch, but you have no problem with hair on your arms! Which tells me that your "body hair repugnant" comment is exaggerated. And it tells me that you are lying that you only do it for yourself and not for attraction.
5. And I bet you would find it "repugnant" to see a guy without any body hair. And yes, a lot of male competitive swimmers shave everything not covered by the swimsuit and cap, except for the eyebrows.

1280 days ago


1279 days ago

Bobby Dee    

Superman wrote: "Most men are not sexually attracted to a woman's...legs"

I take it you're not straight.

1279 days ago

Bobby Dee    

Superman wrote: "Most men are not sexually attracted to a woman's...legs"

I take it you're not straight..

1279 days ago


60. Superman wrote: "Most men are not sexually attracted to a woman's...legs"

I take it you're not straight..

Posted at 10:32 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by Bobby Dee

Idiot. You just have a perv fetish. You probably love feet, also. Moron!

And that guy from comment #53 is wrong. A merkin was originally used to disguise the unsightly symptoms of a venereal disease in a pre-penicillin era.

1279 days ago

Bobby Dee    

You sound like a virgin. If you ever have a girlfriend, tell her that you don't find women's legs attractive. As an experiment, you might want to have a stopwatch with you so that you can see if you set a world's record for quickest breakup.

1279 days ago


Shaved cooch is gross. A trim is fine but bald is scary. Not to mention itching bumps & ingrown hairs.

1279 days ago


I applaud the actress for wanting to appear more "correct" for the period piece. I prefer the smooth approach over the fuzzy wuzzy look... however, to look authentic I guess the bush must go on.

1278 days ago


@Bobby Lee, you're a foot fetish idiot. Maybe you should look-up the meaning of words, like "most" and "sexually-attracted to", before you post your dumb comments!

1277 days ago


Sorry, but growing it out sounds more normal than wearing a friggin' toupee on your clam!


If she had laser hair removal, it won't grow back. BTW, If you can't tell the difference between an adult woman with no pubic hair and a little girl, then THAT'S a problem.

1276 days ago
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