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Charlie Sheen to Warner Bros: I Want a Public Trial!

3/23/2011 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen thinks the deck is stacked against him in his holy war with Warner Bros. over "Two and a Half Men," and he wants a public trial, not a closed-door arbitration.

Charlie Sheen Trial

Charlie -- who was fired by Warner Bros. and is suing the company for $100,000,000 -- claims Warner Bros. is trying to force the case into private arbitration because the judges who preside over these arbitrations do lots of business with Warner Bros.

So Charlie has filed legal papers, asking for a public trial in a public courthouse.



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The Charlie Sheen theory

Someone you haven't seen in five years contacts you and tells you they need you to help them or they will suffer severe
consequences. They explain they need you to drop everything
you're doing and focus on one specific talent you have in order
to help them with something that seems almost too amazing to be
real. You agree to this proposition and in doing so you change
your life, your area code and you devote most of your time to
this one endeavor. Almost immediately you're rewarded with
financial security, a wealth of new friends and power you never
thought you'd have.

You've just been put into play by Charlie Sheen eager to make
another million dollars to finance his addiction. You've become
not just a puppet on strings but also a cog in a machine you
won't fully understand untill your out. You've become a player
and an asset in an ever consuming machine with one purpose: keep the addict satisfied.
Just like an experienced fisherman would, Charlie Sheen casts a
hundred lines in at a time, contiually casting, re-casting and
attaching new bait. Charlie Sheen is trolling a sea of unlimited resources, he's fishing for the next big trophy fish. When his lines get crossed and snagged he just has to cut them lose and keep trolling.

1247 days ago


Read your contract IDIOT. You are SOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1247 days ago


Oh this point Charlie is playing a game with everybody and I choose not to watch, listen or read about him anymore. He's mentally sick and since most of the public thinks he's such a swell guy he's totally using the public to act more of a fool than he already is.

Instead of doing what he should be doing, which is to get help for his drug and alcohol problem so he can be a sober father to his children he's playing this ridiculous game with the public and the public is eating it up. I now understand why his own family has left him alone.

Warner Bros fired him and CBS should in no way offer him his job back. Either find a replacement for him or cancel the show. I'm sorry about the rest of the cast and crew but this has gotten ridiculous.


1247 days ago


I think Charlie will win because it is known (he annouched it on Howard Stern and a few other media outlets) that he was ready to work and did not want the show shutdown. He was not in breach of his contract and WB/CBS/Lorre are the one who made the decision to shut it down.

1247 days ago


Poor Charlie just can't stay out of the headlines. See why in the ultra-factual “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen” on The Loop Now (post number 7191), along with pithy commentary and our timely news quiz.

1247 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Ha...with all of Sheen's threats,slanderous statements,and admissions of felony acts out there on video now....he can put the final nail in his coffin with a public trial.I'm sure the cast and crew from "Men" will be happy to testify to all the drugs and unprofessional behavior they had to put up with from sheen as well. The attorneys for CBS/Warner Bros. must be laughing.

1247 days ago


It is my understanding there are 2 lawsuits. The one with Chuck Lorre should be public and go for trial. The other with Warner Bros should be arbitration I believe its in the contracts because Warner Bros is signed with Charlie's Production Company not the person. If it goes to public trial..all of TMZ stuff cannot be submitted...conflict of interest Warner Brothers owns TMZ. Charlie will get the last laugh out of this one. Pay or Play contract. Ooops Chuck Lorre. No Scripts. You did breach of contract. Good Luck All!!

1247 days ago


Oh DO it CHUCKLES...the court room antics will be worth the price of admission, and while he may be on his "best behavior" in the court room? That won't last outside...he will not be able to contain himself if things start going down hill...he will implode.

Be careful what you wish for CHUCKLES... you can't hide CRAZY TIME for very long :)!

1247 days ago


Anything to draw more attention to himself...

At first I thought he was funny, but now I'm getting kind of sick of him.

Charlie... whatever you're taking, stop. And whatever you're not taking, start.

1247 days ago


1247 days ago


As insane as Sheen acts this is a very sensible decision on his part. The arbitrator will typically move in favor of the person who hired them, and who continues to hire them.

1247 days ago



I think Charlie will win because it is known (he annouched it on Howard Stern and a few other media outlets) that he was ready to work and did not want the show shutdown. He was not in breach of his contract and WB/CBS/Lorre are the one who made the decision to shut it down.

Posted at 10:20 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by Tammy

While true in most instances...I'm sure Lohan was telling the Producer of that Linda Lovelace thing that she also was "Ready to Work".

Production companies have to protect the interest of the show and the other actors....CHUCKLES was in no shape (after over dosing the last time) to jump up and work...he can SAY anything he likes but rest assured their are about 100 attorneys for Warner Bros. with enough ammo to BURY CHUCKLES THE CRACK HEAD CLOWN.

1247 days ago


Like we need anymore of this! It should be dead and buried like this jerk's career. What more can they do with the trash show anyways? Oh..I forgot, the kid is older and in high school. They can all share the same woman.

1247 days ago


I have watched 2 1/2 Men since the kid was a little tyke and liked all the characters but I know this...if they do put Charlie back in the show I will never watch the show again.

Since all of this has happen I now see Charlie as he really is....a very mentally sick selfish person.

1247 days ago


Didn't buy a ticket to his Ho show...don't care what he does now. He's become a sad sorry person - who will probably take this insanity all the way to the bank. Uggh!

1247 days ago
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