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Charlie Sheen to Warner Bros: I Want a Public Trial!

3/23/2011 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen thinks the deck is stacked against him in his holy war with Warner Bros. over "Two and a Half Men," and he wants a public trial, not a closed-door arbitration.

Charlie Sheen Trial

Charlie -- who was fired by Warner Bros. and is suing the company for $100,000,000 -- claims Warner Bros. is trying to force the case into private arbitration because the judges who preside over these arbitrations do lots of business with Warner Bros.

So Charlie has filed legal papers, asking for a public trial in a public courthouse.



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#8, this rough patch is his life

1254 days ago


Give him his public trial... I vote lock him up and get him help!!! is that an public trial option?

1254 days ago


I have watched 2 1/2 Men since the kid was a little tyke and liked all the characters but I know this...if they do put Charlie back in the show I will never watch the show again.

Since all of this has happen I now see Charlie as he really is....a very mentally sick selfish person.

Posted at 10:33 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by Joann
Are you saying that you're just NOW realizing that Charlie Harper and Charlie Sheen are the same person? You honestly didn't realize that not a lot of writing went into that show because Charlie was just living his life on a smaller scale on screen?

Posted at 10:38 AM on Mar 23, 2011 by Tammy
NO Tammy...I knew Charlie Harper and Charlie Sheen were SIMILAR in many ways but I never followed Charlie in his early days.

I just started following him when all the facts came out about him and Denise. Didn't know he was a woman abuser.

I knew he was a boozer and did drugs but not to the extent that he did until it came out about him and Brooke, then the stories with the porn girls. I was surprised at how far down he had fallen.

The Charlie on the show is a scoundrel but a lovable one...the real Charlie is a scoundrel but a psychotic one. I am done with him.

1254 days ago



1254 days ago


just overdose already please!!!!!

1254 days ago


Well ... he's right.
He's gotta' protect himself from the corporate dogs.

1254 days ago


Idiot haters...

Sheen is simply fighting power. Real, raw, visceral true power, of which most of you posting on here TRULY know NOTHING about.

The power to manipulate the law through corporate lobbying. Wake up, get educated and then maybe you will find the enlightenment required to stop hating, whilst basking in a pool of your own ignorance.

America is being run perpetually, from behind the scenes, by a HANDFUL of uber rich, greedy billionaires. This is what you should hate.

As you see MORE and MORE stories about NATIONS (Portugal today) and even US STATES (IE: Wisconson blue-collar workers collective rights/paltry nest-eggs being taken away through LEGISLATION) BUCKLING to the DEBT that has been leveraged against them by these power-hungry economic hit-men sitting at the helm of the worlds economic systems.

These men control the laws. And thus your perception of what is right, good, okay, not okay. These men control the media. The message, the propaganda/political rhetoric.

It all takes massive amounts of money to accomplish, and currently 400 American citizens control more wealth than a combined 155,000,000 of the most impoverished.

THATS 400 people with MORE wealth, cash, property...assets than the lowest ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE MILLION Americans.

Charlie Sheen knows all of this. DO YOU?

Quit hatin' and start educatin'

Big Poppa

1254 days ago


He should check his contract. Most of them have mandatory arbirtation.

1254 days ago


@Tammy ("WB does not have the right to tell Charlie how to live his life. The decision to go to rehab is Charlie's and Charlie's alone. Furthermore, unless a person wants to go to rehab, it's a waste of time and money.")

I agree with you that if someone doesn't want to go to rehab it's a waste of time and money, BUT WB DOES absolutely have a right to tell him that if his outside habits affect his work that a condition of keeping his job No, they cannot say...outside of work you can't do drugs or drink or hang out with hookers. Although, they absolutely can enforce that none of that affects their production, their bottom line, and those he works with. ANY EMPLOYER HAS THAT RIGHT, that's why people are forced to take random drug tests at work. You can drink or do whatever drug you want on your own time...but you show up and work and it's still in your system, there are most definitely consequences your employer is legally supported in.

Many, fact most, employers state that there are consequences for being "under the influence" at work and those consequences include an opportunity to seek help (via rehab etc) and go up to termination. They gave him the opportunity for rehab (without firing him). They even put the show on hiatus so he could seek help...his choice was not to do that. That was entirely his choice. That choice however means that WB can in fact terminate his employment. I'll guarantee you his contract doesn't state anywhere in it that he can do/say/behave anyway he wants and there are no reprocussions if it affects their production.

1254 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

I hear Spielberg wants Sheen to replace Harrison Ford for a new series of Indiana Jones movies.

1254 days ago


I don't agree with Charlie's dim view of women (sex objects, anyone?), but I do agree that he deserves a fair and public trial. So yeah, bust those judicial azzes, Charlie. If they have to rule in public, they're far less likely to be um, "swayed" by their WB buddies.

1254 days ago


If it is in private arbitration, it is written into the contract which Charlie agreed to. Charlie only wants a public trial for all to see to promote his "I'm a Winner" ways to sell more concerts tickets.

BTW, A judge rejected his motion this morning.

1254 days ago


hey charlie!!!

1254 days ago


This guy is crazy but he knows what's he's doing. If he gets a public trial WB is in deep ****.

1254 days ago


this tool is a lost cause...he will NOT win against warner bros....he's the one at fault and only those who are equally mental would think he is in the right...i'm sure many of you out there are on the side of lunacy, so you have your leader in c.s...but make no mistake about it...he is not winning at anything, his life is little more than a parody at this point ---a great lesson in the effects of brain damage from years of drug abuse. r.i.p. team sheen

1254 days ago
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