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Chris Brown

ABC Won't Press Charges

3/23/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has dodged a bullet after his alleged window-smashing meltdown at "Good Morning America" Tuesday -- because network sources tell TMZ .... ABC has decided NOT to press charges.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the NYPD will not investigate the matter because there is no complaining victim.

That's especially good news for CB -- because he's currently on probation for beating up Rihanna ...
and could have faced prison time if the judge violated his probation on grounds he committed vandalism.

We're told the judge will not violate Chris' probation unless New York prosecutes him ... and that's not going to happen.

No word if Chris will pay for the broken window.


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Ericka Smith    

I Love Chris Brown he is only human we as people are so quick to put down or give up on people if God was anything like man a whole lot of us would have been consumed yes we all know he has a promblem but lets just Pray for him God gives us chances after chances when we know we don't even deserve them but he is just that good to us if we can't forgive our brothers or sisters how do we expect our Heavenly Father to forgive us something to think about.

1273 days ago

Judith Allen    

ABC should have chris brown, the loser arrested. Being famous does not allow you to act like an idiot and destroy property. Someone below could have been seriously hurt or damaged for life from falling glass. I am boycouting abc til they teach him a lesson! He is trash. Media needs to stop celebrating him and move on to more deserving people.

1272 days ago


This guy is ridiculous. He needs anger management classes.

1272 days ago


Anyone who saw the pictures of Rhinna knows that he was trying to kill her and he was so flipant about it during the interview. His violent behavior shows that he will be abusive
to another woman he is not sorry for what he did. He is just a very violent person. If he is on DWTS, I will boycott the entire season. He should not be rewarded for his violence.

1272 days ago

Bankruptcy Foreclosure    

get off the blasted boy's back and move on,he clearly has so stop bringing up his pass. Some of you people passing judgement are far worst.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

1272 days ago


This guy should be arrested for his behavior. Just because he is an entertainer and has a few bucks doesn't mean he is above reproach. I would have been arrested and made to pay for the damages. So should he. This is a perfect example of the fact if you are a public figure that has some money you can piss in the face of the law and social morality and everybody will look the other way. And yet we as a country keep on saying how did we get to the state of social depravity our country is in?

1272 days ago


it was really messed up how she kept bringing that topic up when he clearly said he aint want to talk about it! he aint had to react that way but it wasnt completely his fault because it very obvious that he has a anger problem!

1268 days ago


I would like to know how people would handle it if Rihanna's reckless actions had caused him to lose control of the car, hit an oncoming car and killed an innocent family. She should have been charged for her behavior as well. Creating a public road hazard, Recless behavior, as well as assault and battery. I agree she should have only used enough force to stop her and no more. He went overboard b/c once he started he continued b/c of all of the built up hostility and abuse he'd taken for months without ever fighting back. Which is why they should have broken it off. She is no saint, nor is she a victim, she is an ABUSER!!!

1268 days ago


People should really research the court records. Rihanna was NOT seatbelted. She admittedly got mad after seeing a txt message and attacked him punching him in the head and face repeatedly WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. There is no dispute that she attacked him. She also hit her own brother in the head with a glass bottle and broke it. They should have dissolved that toxic relationship well before they did, but he did not batter her. There are numerous witnesses to her violent outbursts all during that relationship.

1268 days ago


people need to stop bugging him about rihhanna!!!You are all just haters!!Leave him alone!!!I hate haters!!!!!LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALONE!!!!!!!!

1219 days ago


Chris Brown iz a alrite dude yall need to chill out and giv him a break 4 i buss all of yall and itz not a threat iz a promise pplz i aint scerd to fight a dude a man woman i dnt care just leave chris brown alone dam he had enough wit diz **** datz long and gone itz ova itz a new yr dat been off ppl mind hell:-)

1205 days ago



944 days ago
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