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Chris Brown

ABC Won't Press Charges

3/23/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has dodged a bullet after his alleged window-smashing meltdown at "Good Morning America" Tuesday -- because network sources tell TMZ .... ABC has decided NOT to press charges.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the NYPD will not investigate the matter because there is no complaining victim.

That's especially good news for CB -- because he's currently on probation for beating up Rihanna ...
and could have faced prison time if the judge violated his probation on grounds he committed vandalism.

We're told the judge will not violate Chris' probation unless New York prosecutes him ... and that's not going to happen.

No word if Chris will pay for the broken window.


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The only thing breezy about Chris Brown are his farts!

1309 days ago


Yeah, my friend knows him and hangs with him at the clubs. He's always doing LSD and other drugs. And he's a big *******. He hasn't changed one bit.

1309 days ago


I would put that S.O.B. through a window. This dude has problems he needs to be beat up but good. Thats why I don't listen to his music, I would never buy his crappy cd's either. they should just lock him up and throw away the key.He's a f***ing bum

1309 days ago


Yet another of the many reasons I do not watch ABC.

1309 days ago


I'm guessing most of us here havn't bought his new CD? What's the title...T.R.A.I.N.??

1309 days ago


And at looking at Twitter and Facebook. Most of his followers don't post at TMZ. "yo yo yo look at me,,LOOK AT ME..I'M COOL, BRO...SLAP THEM BEE-OU=CHES!

1309 days ago


This is so wrong. Why is ABC not pressing charges?

So it would be ok if I went in and smashed their window and threw a fit and I wouldnt be charged? I doubt that!

1309 days ago

Rose Garden    

Chris Brown should not be allowed on Dancing With The Stars. He is violent example to kids. People could have been killed with the flying glass. ABC are a bunch of wimps.

1309 days ago

Grandma of Four    

CREEP! It is all over the Internet that not only did CB approve the questions but so did his representative on the GMA sight! He needs to GROW UP before he hurts someone again! He has a violent temper problem! His reps need to have a very serious chat with him before the next incident. And, to ABC....Don't let him near Dancing With The Stars to hang around the contestants so he quite possibly looses his temper again!

:- (

1309 days ago

Blue Lake    

ABC is out of its mind. He could have killed someone with that falling glass. Now he's free to act out again like the violent thug he is. If ABC allows him to do Dancing with the Stars next weej, there will be a huge protest.

1309 days ago


As much as this creep disgusts me, I think there is a reason ABC isn't pressing charges. My guess... Chris probably didn't really approve of those questions (GMA's cover story). All in all, the dude needs serious help.

1309 days ago


No problemo! He'll act out again soon enough... and will continue to do so as long as he gets away with it.

1309 days ago


People need to stop passing judgement on Chris Breezy this is just another bump in the road he will still prevail

1309 days ago


New album sucks. Done. Dusted.

1309 days ago

FED UP    

I know this comment means jack sh*t, but ABC you are the problem with this country along with Obama telling Brazil to drill and giving them a ton of money to do so and not having us drill here!!!
Go ahead, don't press charges and when he beats the living sh*t out of someone else and maybe kills them, it will be your fault. That a**hole should be in jail!!!!!

1309 days ago
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