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Chris Brown

Back to the Grind

3/23/2011 4:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After his violent outburst on "GMA" Tuesday morning, a still shirtless Chris Brown unwound by ... bumping and grinding on some skankily-clad chick's booty at his record release party at Webster Hall in NYC last night.

Chris Brown
Chris will get it in the end.

Thanks to our friends at for the heads up.


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This clown is disgusting, just like the hooker grinding on him! Just like the hookers Tiger, Jesse James, Charlie Sheen, had! Nasty is nasty NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THE SKIN IS!!!! This hooker should wipe that grease off her waist & rub it on those ashy knees!! Mostly likely carpet dryness from giving *******s prior to this scene. Good lord, what is wrong with women these days? All it takes is a $1 to turn into complete whores these days? Fake knockers, "The Incredible Mr. Limpet Lips", blowfish face and a lifetime of knee replacements and all for what?

1256 days ago


Just horrible!!!

1256 days ago


Yeah...but, y'all be knownin' dat we is all creeated "equal"...y'all know wha' ah'm sayin'??? We is all duh same...ain't we? Be we greezy...Be we ig'nunt...We is as good as you is...and, dat is dat!

1256 days ago


nasty asshy skin - check
bad tats - check
strange looking armpits - check
fat - check
bad weave - check
ugly face - check
looks like the skank is a-o.k. for his new rougher image, too bad he can't pull it off though. He just looks like a dufus, a woman beating, immature dufus. He has fallen far to go from Rhianna to a skank ho hope for this idiot now!!

1256 days ago


That's gross. I can smell the stank from here.

1256 days ago


Glad to see I wasn't the first to notice that "fluid" on her waist and inner thigh ... what IS that??!!

That is so NASTY looking!

1256 days ago


can we talk about the man's face in the back? priceless. glad someone is in touch with reality. uh why are people still associating with this LOSER? and how is it that no one has kicked the **** out of him yet? makes me so mad he is going to get away with his temper tantrum. what he did was illegal. if i broke a window i'd be charged. way to send a message, GMA.

1256 days ago


Does this skank have no shame? Her pubes are sticking out the top of her bathing suit and she has more cellulite than Kirstie Alley. Nasty ho bag and he's a real prize, too.

1256 days ago


Dang! How sick is this sh*t???!!! What is that wet substance on her skin? Nasty!

Oh, and Chris B is an idiot. She might be too good for him!

1256 days ago


That shiny stuff is some sick puppy's nut juice she forgot to wipe off and she's got more stretch marks than a limousine.

1256 days ago


I think she is going to get it in her end.

1256 days ago


The worst thing is that THEY DON'T CARE that they are as awful as they are! They can do as they as destructive, and stupid, as they as useless to the nation, and to the world, as they please...and, "political correctness", and The Law will continue to make excuses for them...and, allow them to take the nation with them, as they crash and burn.

Their lack of shame and embarrassment, and refusal to what is such a corrosive influence, here.

1256 days ago


you would think she would rub some lotion on her knees!

1256 days ago



1256 days ago


This is so gross!! What's also shocking is that this creep is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!! As a guest singer. Doesn't Disney own ABC??? Walt must be rolling in his grave. This dude is a pig, plan and simple. No shame in this country anymore, Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Chris Brown...etc. It's one big SKANKORAMA!!

1256 days ago
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