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Dr. Murray Targeting Jurors Who Take Responsibility

3/23/2011 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With jury selection beginning tomorrow in the manslaughter case involving Michael Jackson's death .... TMZ has learned ... Dr. Conrad Murray is targeting 12 men and/or women who take responsibility for their actions ... this according to sources who have seen the jury questionnaire.


One of the more revealing questions:  "Do you believe patients have the responsibility to tell their doctors about their complete past and current social habits, including use of drugs, alcohol and prescription medications?"

A central part of Dr. Murray's defense is that Michael Jackson was a hard-core Propofol addict who hid his drug dependence from the doc ... thus Murray wasn't operating with full knowledge.

Other questions laser in on what people think of the case, with a heavy emphasis on social media.

-- Do you have a blog?  If so, describe.

-- Are you active on social networks.  If so, which?

The answers will lead Murray's lawyers to spontaneous comments of prospective jurors that could be more revealing than answers they give in court.

And the questionnaire asks:  "Do you financially support others outside your immediate family?"

Dr. Murray has had money troubles that could make him sympathetic to certain jurors.

Other questions include:  "At what age should a person be held accountable for their decisions, actions and consequences."

The defense is looking for people who believe in personal responsibility, such as small business owners. 



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PRO US    

Prisons need more doctors.

1306 days ago


First off, this so called Dr. Murray doesn't give a damn about the hippocratic oath, he doesn't give a damn about his own children/wife/girlfriends/whores he's manipulating with. Look at the guys character. He just don't care, MJ made a terrible mistake hiring this crack!!!!!

1306 days ago


Michael pay $150,000 a month for part-time Murray work. Murray still have practice in Texas and Nevada. Made more income. Murray no want kill Michael. Michael pay big money. Murray incompetent, negligent, lazy, mistake, strange? Patient dead. Tragedy. Nevada sanction Murray, say fraud when renew license. No like Murray.

Posted at 9:36 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by PRO US

You are funny. But in a good way. lol.

And btw, I always read that Murray put his practice on hold so that he could work for Michael full time.

1306 days ago


It doesn't matter what people say about Michael today he is happy and reunited with his LOYAL FRIEND DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR!!!

Posted at 9:40 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by dd

Same thing I said.

1306 days ago

JLo on Steroids    


1306 days ago


I hope all the Jurors picked for this trial have lost a loved one caused by the actions of a dumb neglectful ‘Doctor’!!!

1306 days ago


That's really not a lot of money per month to be managing the health and welfare of a celebrity of Michael Jackson's magnitude on a 24/7 basis. He could get that and some per month from seeing patients at his other offices I'm sure. Especially with the cost of healthcare being so expensive in this country, and specializing in cardio-vascular care is very lucrative.
Seems like he might have been offered way much more money by someone else to do what he did, which was to perform recklessly and unprofessional on his patient, putting his career at risk.
Posted at 8:57 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by Janar
I don't know. Michael was not critically nor terminally ill. Murray was nothing more than a glorified goffer (jmo). Murray actually brought michael's breakfast to him. poor murray even had the tedious and tiresome task of having dinner with the family as well. $150K was a fantastic salary for what murray was initially hired to do....yet the price cost micheal everything........
Bury murray and put him in jail where he belongs.

Posted at 9:11 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by mymjj5.

Hi mymjj5,

I like your posts and loyalty to Michael. But I have to say, that I don't agree with this one. Because, Murray was hired to make sure Michael stayed healthy and fit for the concerts. That's not saying that Michael was critically nor terminally ill. Or else otherwise, there would'nt have been any concerts scheduled period. Bringing Michael his breakfast, I don't think that was a daily task for Murray. After all, what was Kai Chase there for? And I don't think he was made to have dinner with him and his family either. Like the incident where Kenny Ortega sent Michael home from rehersal because he was feeling or performing well, and Murray was angry with that decision, claiming that Michael was fit.

1306 days ago


too bad most small business owners easily get out of jury duty because of loss of income

1306 days ago


Everybody knew that Michael had a problem so Dr Death and his legal team can't use that as an excuse. The onus of responsibility AT ALL TIMES, was with Conny. HE, AND HE ALONE, was 100% responsible for the care and life of his patient. MJ walked into his home that night and, next day, came out on a stretcher in a body bag. Conny should NOT have been using Propofol in a domestic setting. Profopol is not illegal but Conny was using it in an illegal setting.Conny, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, gave MJ Propofol, and then, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, left the room. A so-called "doctor" gave his patient an anaesthetic, and then left his fully anaesthetised patient alone and unattended. What kind of medical person does that? Conny was 100%, negligent, reckless,incompetent and GUILTY. Murray killed his sole patient. Others should also be held responsible for MJ's dependency over the years but NOTHING, absolutey NOTHING, can alter the fact that Conny was ULTIMATELY responsible for MJ's death.

1306 days ago


Do you believe that it's not okay to kill others?

1306 days ago


Do you believe patients have the responsibility to tell their doctors about their complete past and current special habits,including use of drugs,alcohol and precription medications?

Do have a blog?

Are you active on social networks,if so which?

Do you financially support others outside your immediate family?

At what age should a person be held accountable for their decisions,actions and consequences?

Is this trivial pursuit or a guessing game?

A central part of murray's defense is that Michael Jackson was a hard-core propofol addict who hid his drug dependence from the doc...thus murray wasn't operating with full knowledge

What the hell are they talking about? Didn't murray testify at the preliminary trial that he was giving Michael the anesthetic for 6 weeks and then he was trying to wean Michael off it?

Oh yes he was operating with full knowledge.As soon as he realized he screwed things up and Michael was unconscious he tried to hide the evidence leading to his guilt.

It's really funny that they keep on saying that Michael was dependent on drugs while the coroner's report states the exact opposite.Do they know better than the coroner?
The next excuse they will come up with is the coroner is lying and murray is telling the truth.

1306 days ago


It doesn't matter what people say about Michael today he is happy and reunited with his LOYAL FRIEND DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR!!!

Posted at 9:40 PM on Mar 23, 2011 by dd

Oh they're reunited alright - but with all that screaming and trying to put out the fire I doubt it's a happy event.

1306 days ago

Danger Baby    


A big "C" award to you for your effort in figuring out that I am not the original DB after I told you so. (in case you can't tell, I am being sarcastic).

However, you have to work harder if you want the giant "C" award, as your collaboration effort from googling is far away from being factual and it is the laziest way of research. The Internet is becoming as unreliable as your age as it is realizing the commercial values while your age is losing its.

One tip for your budding career: Don't put your 45 years of fanatical obsession of MJ on your resume as you try to climb the ladder in your senior age - it is not a thing any sensible person would be proud of!

1306 days ago


conrad murray you are a ****ing loser and you know you are guilty as hell thats why you hid for 2 days and we know you destroyed evidence to save your assss so i hope you fry you slimy son of a biotchh ui wish i was on the jury to do it and if you get away with this dispicable murder may you be hunted down by jackson fans and hung by your big fat nostrils LOSERRR!!!

1306 days ago


This guy just doesnt get it does he ? It does not matter what MJ did or didnt do, it dosent matter what MJ did tell or did not tell Murray ( I refuse to defame the MD given to REAL doctors, you know the kind of CARDIOLOGISTS that actually KNOW how to do CPR). The simple fact remains that the drug he was ORDERING in large quanities, and lying on the form used to order it that it was being used in some"CLINIC", and not in a patients HOME, without the proper equipment to resucitate someone if they need it, or oxygen and defibrilators, not just nasal canula oxygen that he was using for what purpose who knows. The drug is NOT suppose to be used outside a HOSPITAL or OR or Surgery Center. I dont think Carolwood Drive is anything close to a clinic or a hospital. He also failed to tell the EMTs and the ER docs what he had given to MJ. He was in "saving my own ass" mode and not providing due care and living to the letter of his oath, of FIRST, DO NO HARM. If this guy walks, i really hope he has enough money to hire full time security. Because MJ fans will be so up in arms they will probably pool their money and hire the hit man for the family! Unless KATHERINE gets to him first with her bare hands. Never underestimate the power of a Mother, when you harm one of her children! This trial has the possibility of becoming the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY-for sure.

1306 days ago
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