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Dr. Murray Targeting Jurors Who Take Responsibility

3/23/2011 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With jury selection beginning tomorrow in the manslaughter case involving Michael Jackson's death .... TMZ has learned ... Dr. Conrad Murray is targeting 12 men and/or women who take responsibility for their actions ... this according to sources who have seen the jury questionnaire.


One of the more revealing questions:  "Do you believe patients have the responsibility to tell their doctors about their complete past and current social habits, including use of drugs, alcohol and prescription medications?"

A central part of Dr. Murray's defense is that Michael Jackson was a hard-core Propofol addict who hid his drug dependence from the doc ... thus Murray wasn't operating with full knowledge.

Other questions laser in on what people think of the case, with a heavy emphasis on social media.

-- Do you have a blog?  If so, describe.

-- Are you active on social networks.  If so, which?

The answers will lead Murray's lawyers to spontaneous comments of prospective jurors that could be more revealing than answers they give in court.

And the questionnaire asks:  "Do you financially support others outside your immediate family?"

Dr. Murray has had money troubles that could make him sympathetic to certain jurors.

Other questions include:  "At what age should a person be held accountable for their decisions, actions and consequences."

The defense is looking for people who believe in personal responsibility, such as small business owners. 



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Michael Jackson was found innocent in a court of law and FBI
found no wrong doing after investigations. Jordan Chaneler admitted lying about being molested by Michael Jackson, I don't
think he was considered a sick kid or underprivileged. He just
had a jealous father who got behind on child support.

1312 days ago


Murray sure didn't take responsibility, what he did was unethical. Now he and his desperate defense team is trying
to use cheap psychology on jurors. I hope they can see though
the smoke and mirrors.

1312 days ago


I cannot make any logical sense,out of Dr Murray claiming Michael was a hard core"propofol" addict,yet he ordered up 250 viles of "Propofol"for use every night for Michael to go to sleep,In order for Michael to complete his concert tour of 50 shows it meant being drugged,with propofol"Dr Murray took it upon himself to be the supplier of Michael"s hard core addiction,to claim He had not full knowledge is BS,WHY would a doctor order Propofol,as a sleep aid when it was a dangerous drug that never belonged for home use,unless Michael ask for it

1312 days ago


A duilama

"If MJ really have love in his heart, he would have gained inner peace despite he had done terrible things in the past including child molestation. "

You talk about God;you better do some self-surching.
It is bad to spread lies you know.
You keep talking about MJ and child-molesting..something he didn`t do,but you refuse to do some REAL surch about that.

It is proven that the FBI followed every move of him for more then 14 years and didn`t find ONE SINGLE THING!
You keep talking about the money that was paid in 1993; you better do some more/better research about WHO paid the money and why.
And why the boy didn`t want to go to court...(because it was all a lie and they where afraid that all would come out in a trial)

Everytime people here confront you or other people that are still posting this kind of crap,a reply with proof never comes...why is that?

If the FBI didn`t find anything on MJ,how come you did?
(prrof, not tabloid trash)
And share it with us please

1312 days ago


Yeah, Michael was responsible for his actions so was Dr. Murray. He was the one to agree to inject Propofol to Michael, he was the one to take $150 000 every month...I hope the jurors will see that.

1312 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

I can't believe the death threat making flunatic who is here posting with hundreds of nics has not been arrested. WTH? You are one sick troll who has been exposed via your vile fb. There is a petition to get you arrested. You are a danger to society, OBVIOUSLY!

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1312 days ago

tiger is a fraud    


How come you know nothing about the case? MJ paid. How come? He was guilty as sin. Innocent people don't pay. Are you that idiot from vindicat MJ? Sounds like it. OMG, you fools have been proven wrong a million times, yet you still post out and out lies on behalf of a dead junky. You have no credibility. Lies will never vindicate the dead pedo junky. You're site is one giant joke. Do tell us how Wacko kicked his drug habit which was yet another lie you fools posted on that lame site. LMAO THE DRUG ADDICT IS DEAD! Catch up to reality.

1312 days ago


Here is what I knew before 06/25/2011 the only way Murray wouldn't have known this would of been if he was living under a rock.

1)In 1993 Michael was admitted to a rehab for his addiction to prescription( just from that information alone that if Murray wanted he could of googled he should of been very careful about what he gave to Michael.)

2)Michael was one of the most famouse people in the world. He was one of the most photographed in the world. Every time there were pictures of him he was seen leaving a doctors office. And before his death we even knew the name of his doctor. If Murray really wanted to know and was worried about risk he could of contacted Dr. Klein.

3) Everyone in the world knew about unfortunate accident during a Pepsi commercial in 1984 and how Michael had to go through extensive reconstructive surgery on his scalp so you would think as a doctor that your patient may be taking medication for at least that.

4) It was also well known that he had Vitiligo as well which he did state he had several times even though so many did not believe him until after his autopsy report.

(So here we go we know he must of been taking at least two medication for just his medical conditions . We also know that he is a "risk" patient because he is seen going to the doctors several times a month. We also know that he was addicted to medications so he went to rehab. So just with these few pieces of information avalible on the internet for the most famouse person in the world. I think Dr. Murray could of put 2 and 2 together and figured out that maybe he should do some more research on his patient maybe he should be more careful about administering a powerful substance that needs to be used in a hospital setting. Maybe he should not allow this substance to be easily avalible to his patient if he is "at risk" of becoming addicted to it or overdosing it. I really do not feel bad for Murray. I hope he gets the max and gets thrown in jail. His B.S does not win be over.

Facts that we know and point to Murrays guilt:

1) Murray stated that he was trying to Ween Michael off of propofol becasue he seemed to be addicted to it. ( I am sorry I have to laugh at this because if you are trying to so call ween your patient off of that drug why would you be shipping dozen boxes of the drug you are trying to ween your ONLY ONE PATIENT to your girlfriends house.)

2) If you knew your patient had a "problem with meds" then why would you leave vials easily reachable next to your patients bed or at his house??

3) why did it take you over an hour to contact 911 when your patient was dying?( hmmm let me guess where you tyring to hide something Murray??

4) Why did you request one of the bodyguards to help you "clean up" the room before calling 911??(it does not make sense if you cared for your patient and you were not doing anything wrong would't 911 and your patients life be a priority??)

5) Why did you not tell the paramedics that were helping you save your patients life about the Propofol that you had administered??

6) Why did it take you not tell the UCLA doctors about the Propofol that you had administered wouldnt you think that would be important to disclose??

7) Why did it take you two days after your patient dies to come clean to the officals to tell them about the Propofol??

8) Why after almost after two years since your patients death are you now saying your patient was frail and weak. But then in the morning before your patient died you told the insurance provider that his patient was healthy with no medical issues.Which one is the truth Murray?? How can we believe you now??

9)As a cardiologist if you knew you did not know how to do CPR why didn't you have other life saving equipment near by if your patient was "frail and weak"??

10) why Murray has your story change withen this two year period at least 4 times or maybe even more?? Whats going on?? What should we beleive.??

My 2 cents: I smell B.S with Dr. Murray he is trying to confuse the jurors and fish for the right jury members that may buy his b.s story with his questions. I am sorry but I do not buy his story that he was not well aware of Michael's addictions to rx drugs.Hello unless you were living under a rock everyone knew he went to rehab in 1993!! That should just have been a warning sign to do more research before accepting the position. He could of just researched on his own and he could of ask for information on Michaels other doctors and contacted them. I also do not understand if Michael was so frail and weak why did he tell the insurance the same morning before Michael died that he was in great health?? Why did he hide the fact that he had administered Propfol to authorities. I do not need to repeat myself.To me Murray is guilty i just hope that the jury men and woman are smart enough and not easily influenced by Murrays "charm". Just from everything i pointed out he is a liar and nothing he said can being taken as fact. I say let the autopsy report speak for itself and the facts that have come out of the investigation. I know that Michael was not a perfect person. I am not blinded by the star I know that he had his problems.But come one he was a human being. But what was different about him from me and you or any other star. Was the fact that almost all of his life since 11 years old he was in the limelight. He was being stocked!! He lived in a fishbowl. Anythig he said or did was being critized . Even a rock after a while when you keep on dropping water on it ends up with a hole in it some times it takes months some times it takes years. And I really dislike when people speak of him saying that he was a pedo that he was not the facts from speak for themselves. No matter how long this trail takes I just want justice to be served for Michael and his children. His children are suffering not only did they lose their beloved father but they have to hear about all this nonsence about their father. I just want the truth and the facts. But to be Murray is not saying the truth or facts because his story keeps on changing. R.I.P MJJ love you

1312 days ago


He's 'targeting jurors who take responsibility'?? How bout docs who 'take responsibility'? Oh, this guy! Clever of the defense. Trying to weed out the MJ fans by asking questions r/e blogs & social networks. They'll have to do a lot of 'weeding':)

1312 days ago


@ tiger is a fraud

Yes, MJ is dead,we all know that.
But it seems in todays world truth is dead to.

Remember there where the criminal case and the civil case 1993. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Read about why the settlement was paid on the 2 sites below ( has to do with the civil trial taking place before the criminal trial)

Once the civil trial was settled, the criminal trial continued and there was not enough evidence to charge Michael.
****Jordan DIDN`T want to testify in the criminal case....WHY NOT....???? *****

I found 2 websites for you where it is easy to read for all and understand the difference between the civil and the criminal case:

I copied some info from there :

__ After Jordan refused to testify, the District Attorney's case fell apart. The authorities literally tried everything to find evidence
that would corroborate Jordan's story.
They contacted hundreds of children who had stayed at Neverland and could not find another "victim."
Even though authorities used aggressive interrogation techniques, not one child said anything bad about Michael.
They also searched his house from top to bottom and took photographs of Michael's naked body.
**** The case was brought in front of TWO grand juries but no charges were ever filed due to lack of evidence. ****
There might be the odd tabloid rumour about what investigators found but let's put it this way-
if there was any evidence that even remotely supported Michael Jackson being a pedophile, charges would have been brought against him.
As Michael Jackson said in his interview with Diane Sawyer, "They found nothing, nothing, nothing that could say Michael Jackson did this.
Nothing! To this day, nothing. Still, nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing." __

1312 days ago


Sweet heart the only fool is you go please go back and get an education.

1312 days ago


1312 days ago


tiger is a fraud / therock / Ali

All one and the same and always spewing the same old crap.


1312 days ago


Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson:

1312 days ago
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