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Judging Lohans -- A Family Affair

3/23/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan was just a warm-up act for her daddy at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, because Michael Lohan will go before the very same judge in the very same courtroom in which Lindsay appeared.

Truth be told ... Lindsay has faced two judges in Bev Hills -- Marsha Revel and Elden Fox.  Michael's domestic violence case will go before either Revel or Fox.

At least Michael won't have to ask for directions.


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Sad sad    

This is beautiful. Please go to Revel.

1257 days ago


Think that the (spoiled & "entitled") apple (LiLo) does not fall far from the (family) tree. Michael & Lindsay are like "two peas in a pod"!! Her dad has been time in jail for fraud, cocaine use, assault & several other similar things 2 or 3 times. I think that he even went to Betty Ford Rehab. He was in some rehab place...but cannot recall which one. It all gets so confusing. You need a "score-card" to keep up with Lindsay's rehabs, jail stints and her many court appearances. She is in court so's like Linds has her own revolving door and personal parking place assigned specifically to her at the court house (ha-ha)! (IE: similar to the reserved paking places which are reserved for the "Handicapped Parking"!) No wonder Linds has such an "addictive personality"!! BOTH her mom, Dina & dad, Michael have these same additive "genes"!! Sad to say, I think that she will somehow end up not serving any jail time ...if she takes the case to court at the April 22nd court appointed date (that date was set by Judge Keith Schwartz IF Lindsay decided NOT to enter a guilty plea or plead NO CONTEST" on March 25th.) The Lohans should get the "family plan" (BY NOW) for any of their future jail or rehab time!

1257 days ago


My dad has and continues to molest me.
I kinda like it.
Sex tape to follow (after we both run out of cash).

1257 days ago


milo fight with a man nothing is worse then a spunge that hits women you should be on jerry springer

1257 days ago


Isn't Revel the same judge that went behind the D.A's back and tried to score a deal with one the WORST rehab operators in Newport Beach to send Lo'life to? YES she was...

That same Rehab is located in the "War Zone" on the Peninsula and was photographed on the 4th of July having a HUGE DRUNKEN PARTY!

This judge has NO credibility as far as I'm concerned:


Published: Sept. 10, 2010
Updated: 6:17 p.m.
Rehab home uses duplex where parties occur

1257 days ago


sean is crack hard to light because dont you see the pattern dina is a hoe michael is a waste of sperm. and lindsay is a combo of both

1257 days ago


family portraits done by department of corrections

1257 days ago


i dont care how big a bitch that women is you walk away from it you have money to leave for a while gather your composure then do what you have to do. milo you are a sick bastard

1257 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Michael's rent must be due, he sure is popping up in the paps a lot lately.

1257 days ago


You know what? Lets just forget about these horrors. They are the dredge of society and none of them will be punished. In fact all these idiots are worse than the reality stars you all laugh at. LL,ML and Rhianna's ex are enough to make me just stick to DVD's and never watch another entertainment show again. These people are zero on the binary scale. Time to let them go TMZ. Their stories suck!

1257 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Which pays better Mikey...
insider trading or whoring to the paps?

1257 days ago


"family portraits done by department of corrections"


1257 days ago


ringling bros and baram and baily circus watch 27 lohan climb out of a vw bug.

1257 days ago


2 for 1 so the tax payers don't have to shell out money for this crap! unbelievable, the very least a family rate!

1257 days ago


I really don't know if has anything to do with race or not...However , I don't need anybody white.... to tell me what I should feel in reguards to racism either....Chris brown got a pass ,he should be grateful....when so many of us common folks would have had a different outcome. franky ,theses hollywood types are the most overrated people on the planet.

1257 days ago
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