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Michael Lohan --

Kate Major Assaulted ME!

3/23/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is already back at the West Hollywood Sheriff's office -- except this time, he's the one filing a police report ... claiming Kate Major is a LIAR ... because she's the one who assaulted HIM.

Michael tells TMZ, he wants to set the record straight -- insisting he did NOT attack Kate ... and demanding cops arrest her for filing a false police report, in which she claims he beat her up.

According to Michael, he never tried to frame Kate by cutting himself with a sharp object -- in fact, Michael claims Kate pulled out the object in question ... and did the damage herself.

But not only that -- Michael claims Kate was already trespassing when the fight broke out ... because he kicked her out of the apartment a long time ago.

And if that wasn't bad enough ... MiLo claims Kate didn't leave empty-handed -- she took off with clothes he had originally bought for Lindsay.

And we all know how Lindsay needs more clothes.


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Ok Enough with this fvcking Moron

1281 days ago


I can't comment on the he/said, she/said thing, but if he did kick her out, she had no right to be there. However, I'd need to know if he changed the locks and/or if she has keys and/or if he let her in. Because, if she had keys and/or he let her in, then he MIGHT be up shiot creek about the trespassing. As to the theft, it seems MiLo likes women who steal, so maybe that's why he raised his daughter to be a thief. *wink*

1281 days ago


He's a selfish freak.

1281 days ago


Why does he buy clothes for only ONE of his children?

1281 days ago


When is this stupid old man going to disappear

1281 days ago


Holy crap. It's no wonder that Lindsay is so messed up. Look at her parents. I'm actually surprised she isn't more of a mess.

1281 days ago


Classic Lohan excuse BLAME THE VICTIM!

1281 days ago


Amazing how all these girls attack him. Even I don't believe him. Just give me five minutes alone with him....

1281 days ago


Well, this is no suprise. what a guy.

1281 days ago


In October, 2010 TMZ showed photos of MICHAEL LOHAN faking slashes on his own arms, saying a stalker guy slashed him!

Now, Michael is doing it again, he slashed his own arms and said Kate did it!

The slashes in 2010 were clearly self inflicted!

Here is the TMZ article from October 2010 showing Michael Lohan faking slashes on his arm and side/back of neck where he could reach:

And what was Michael Lohan's made up story back in October 2010, you ask? He said some man was threatening him because they didn't want him to appear at Lilo's court case! And slashed him!

But it turned out he slashed himself!

Just like he did this time to try to pin blame on Kate!

Here is the first TMZ story from back then

and here is the one with the photos showing the clearly self inflicted slashes!

What Michael Lohan taught Lindsay:

1) Commit serial felonies

2) When you get caught, blame/bribe/slander the victim and claim you were set up

3) Slash yourself and do whatever it takes to help the lie

The problem for Michael this time is he already used the fake self-slashing for publicity in October 2010 and was caught by TMZ and others. He was not thinking clearly enough after this crime to come up with a better alibi.

1281 days ago


He's all ready contradicting his stories. Yesterday he told ROL , "They went to BlockBuster and then went back to his place together". Within 24 hours it changed from he was cooking dinner, to she was trespassing.

Now he's tweeting away his usual rants, trying to deflect the real issue here by bringing up supposed issues with her father. True or not, those are her issues Michael, not yours to exploit...especially if they're true. What kind of evil man are you to throw salt in such wounds?

Yes Michael, you ARE an inspiration and truly a Christian .

1281 days ago


I remember when Michael Lohan described Kate as a person who is JUST LIKE A DAUGHER to him. Now he has sex with her, takes naked pictures of her, chokes her, hits her, accuses her of stealing, kicks her, calls her filthy names and throws her across the room. SO MIKEY,just like a daughter ugh. You are a pig.

1281 days ago


This guy is so messed up. A long time ago, I would have given him a benefit of a doubt, but this just proves how much of a attention seeker he is.

1281 days ago


He is so many layers of disgusting.

1281 days ago


Oh, SHE assulted me!!! Typical abuser claim! This man is in such denial he will probably never change. I'll give Dina credit for something, she saw the writing on the wall and ditched this woman beater. Sad for Lindsay to have a pathetic man like this for a father. She does not need this guy in her life at all.
He's always acting like the concerned Dad saying, "I just want to help her", and "I'm here for my daughter". Yeah, she needs you like she needs another drink or another line. Go help yourself you tool.

1281 days ago
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