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I Smoked WEED

Before My Oscar Speech!

3/24/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi Goldberg smoked a BIG, FAT JOINT before she won her Oscar in 1991 -- and was stoned off her ass during the victory speech ... so said the actress herself in never-before-seen footage obtained by TMZ.

Whoopi Goldberg

An unabashed Whoopi dropped the bombshell during a voice-over recording session for the movie, "The Pagemaster" back in 1992.

Whoopi explained how she smoked a "wonderful joint" to help calm her nerves before winning the Best Supporting Actress award for "Ghost" ... and was so high during the award show, she had to mentally coach herself on to the stage. 

Whoopi Goldberg WeedAfter the Oscars, Goldberg says she got a call from her mother -- who could tell Whoopi had smoked weed because of her "glistening eyes."

Whoopi noted, "Just because I do it doesn't mean you should do it."

Check out Whoopi's speech -- can you tell she was baked?


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Whoopie still sounds like she's high when she talks...I cannot stand her...the way she looks...dresses...sounds...she been washed up for years and will do anything to act like she is some BIG STAR!!!! Get Over YOURSELF!!!

1311 days ago

davy jones     

A comic smoked weed 20 years ago? Holy s&*^! Good thing TMZ is here with the news. Can't wait till 2031 so we can find out who had a vodka tonic today!

1311 days ago


20 year old news. I see the reporters at TMZ are hard at work.

1311 days ago

davy jones     

wow, a comic smoked weed 20 years ago? holy sh^%! i can't wait til 2031 so we can find out who had a gin and tonic today.

1311 days ago


I remember that speech and I have always thought it was great! She showed pride in earning an awarding for her skill, not her race or a cause, just an eloquent yet simple thank you. I love Whoopie she says her feelings & beliefs.

1311 days ago


She must have shared it with whoever was picking the winners...

1311 days ago


I think she's still baked. Have you seen her outfits she wears on the View? LOL

1311 days ago


So what, it's weed.

Here's the thing with Whoopi; she may be a far left wing nut but I like her. She has spunk and doesn't take crap from anyone!

1311 days ago


Why does Anjelica Huston look so pissed? It's not like she lost to Whoopi...

Also, thanks TMZ! You got rid of that annoying Greek ad! :)

1311 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

#1 Chriss ... well spoken. And I might add: 3rd... it's WHOOPI.
To #4 post: he's not gay NOW, but give him a few years to come into his full sexual balance. It'll be all over TMZ & Radar on Line that, ... guess what?!! The Bieb is GAY!

1311 days ago


Grow up! I am a 50 year old professional. I smoke daily. I enjoy it. It is not like I am a drinker. I smoked while I studied and smoked before exams, go figure. The people who have the most negative things to say about smoking pot, have bottles of pills and booze stashed. I have never been arrested and I consider myself a stand-up law abiding citizen.

1311 days ago


I don't think it was just weed. That looks like a crack cocaine blast to me. When you're asked if ur smoking in the black community that means crack. It could mean weed too but I just suspect crack was involved.
Bullsh*t, idiot. Why do people use the phrase 'black community' like every black person is the same? SMDH

1311 days ago


Every time she talks on The View she sounds stoned on dope. What's new?

1311 days ago


Is TMZ serious? She doesn't seem high at all; this was an awesome acceptance speech from a WONDERFUL actress!!

1311 days ago


I think she is funny, but she has to do something with those tents she wears and that hair looks like a mop from my cleaning closet on her head. Spend some money buys some cool clothes and get that hair done , it looks bad whoopi

1311 days ago
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