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Chris Brown

Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst

3/24/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown finally apologized for his destructive behavior at "Good Morning America" -- but he made sure to take a few shots at the show at the same time.

Chris Brown Apology
Though Robin Roberts says Brown was aware she was going to ask about Rihanna, Chris told a different story on last night's "106 & Park" on BET -- where he said the talking points approved by his people were all about "positivity" and his new album.

Brown says he was "thrown off" by Robin's line of questioning -- and said she only brought up the Rihanna incident in an effort to "exploit me."

The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me," adding that "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

For their part, ABC News this morning said "Chris Brown was invited on 'Good Morning America' to perform and be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."

On this morning's "GMA," Robin added "It's time to move on."


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Glad to see those anger management classes really paid off. This guy needs to grow up. Does he think for a second he can enjoy all the benefits of his celebrity without these questions being asked of him by the media? Theres advantages & disadvantages of being in the public eye Chrissy. Learn to accept the bitter with the sweet. He probably would have been less phased if someone had asked him about the naked pic of him than being asked about Rhianna. Think his reaction speaks volumns. Any woman with any sense will stay far, far away from this guy.

1316 days ago


"exploit me."

CB, this is not about you. You criminally abused someone and you, being a public figure, can never put that behind you. Show that you are a different person and DO talk about it. Show remorse (which you probably don't have so fake it), and help educate the brain-dead fans of yours - especially the young ones who look up to you. They learn by your example and so far, you are not a very good one. Show us who you are by your actions, not your words. Nobody is trying to take away your music, you are throwing it away.

1316 days ago


who cares about this woman beater, put him in jail where he will end up any way. why abc did not call police is beyond me, people could have been killed on the street below- did the douche bag care about that when he broke the window like a 3 year old.

1316 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

You still suck Chris.

1316 days ago


The hallmark of all abusers or people with "anger issues" or whatever you choose to call them is that it's always everyone else's fault.

1316 days ago


What a "total pompous ass clown". Another example of a person who is totally undeserving of the material comforts he gets to enjoy on a daily basis. He needs to just "go away"
But here is a thought.. Not personally advocating anything,
What if everyone gets a copy of cd though on any bit torrent site. And what if all those folks, invested like 10 bucks in blank cds, and burned like 100 copies, and label them "NEW CHRIS BROWN CD FREE!", and put a stack in the laundromats, at the bus stop, other clever places. Then soon, free copies of his cd end up, all over the world, so no one will need to pay him a dime, to buy it, or even buy thru Itunes.
That's what he deserves.
Just a thought...

1316 days ago


Good thing someone handed him a banana, he will be calm for an hour now.

1316 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Cant someone just beat the **** out of him? That's what he really needs more than anything els.

1316 days ago


Once a thug, always a thug. Put him back behind bars before he needs to " release his anger" on another woman. History repeats itself.

1316 days ago


I'm really disappointed in BET sucking up to this abuser and giving him airtime! The guy is a car-wreck waiting to happen. He dresses up like a school nerd today, complete opposite to the thug-look he had yesterday, and whines/cries AGAIN for forgiveness, story of his life! Poor me! Everyone is against me, it is all everyone's fault, not mine, and now its ABC's fault! According to ABC there was no sheets before hand and they did tell his handler they would be bringing it up, so I guess Chris Brown lies too. The guy just doesn't get it. If he is trying to attract those sick chicks who dig guys in prison who murders people, then keep going with it Chris, you are doing a great job!
As for us with the $$$ we ain't buying it dude, we ain't buying you or your STUFF anymore.

1316 days ago


Chris I know u are young but this is a tough biz u have to know how to handle these situations....Oh PLEASE go back to ur natural hair color, pleeeaasse!

1316 days ago


You can't be "positive" when you are consumed with that much rage inside.

1316 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

You look like a Clown Chris.

1316 days ago


****ty half ass apology

1316 days ago


Roberts new what she was doing, although Chris is a legal adult, he is still a child in my opinion. No one would continue to question Charlie, Britney, Lindsay, Mel, or Paris the way he is being done.....

1316 days ago
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