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Chris Brown

Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst

3/24/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown finally apologized for his destructive behavior at "Good Morning America" -- but he made sure to take a few shots at the show at the same time.

Chris Brown Apology
Though Robin Roberts says Brown was aware she was going to ask about Rihanna, Chris told a different story on last night's "106 & Park" on BET -- where he said the talking points approved by his people were all about "positivity" and his new album.

Brown says he was "thrown off" by Robin's line of questioning -- and said she only brought up the Rihanna incident in an effort to "exploit me."

The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me," adding that "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

For their part, ABC News this morning said "Chris Brown was invited on 'Good Morning America' to perform and be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."

On this morning's "GMA," Robin added "It's time to move on."


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he will get his girl beating punk ass kicked soon enuff

1272 days ago


A person has to grow up, have screw ups in their life, and try to evolve from a 16 year old boy to a 21 year old man, (and beyond) all while having the world watch and judge the entire time. How does he sleep? My heart goes out to CB. How sad. As for Robin Roberts, I've always idolized and respected her, so I do believe her when she says she asked if she could discuss his past. When he made the statement that he'd moved past it, I don't think he thought she would continue to ask about it. I believe that was what he meant by saying "I felt like they were trying to make the interview about something else." It was like yeah he gave the OK to discuss Rihanna but lets not dwell on it, he said his piece and expected the interview to proceed with positivity... I like the guy strictly for his talent, and I hope his future will shine brighter than his past.

1272 days ago


you guys are so negative okay he beat rihanna so u dont know why what if this were your son or nephew would you still say the samething...i think not you dont know him and only GOD can judge him so why dont u guys get a life and stop worrying about something that doesnt affect you AT ALL your life will go on ppl make mistakes ******* deal with it. ppl are so into these celebrities its crazy DUDE THEY ARE JUST PPL GET A ****ING LIFE they are just ppl that capitalized on a talent 5

1272 days ago


Everyone just needs to get off his case I always have and will love Chris Everyone makes a mistake and he happens 2 be sensitive about his its been 2 years, seriously get over it, if the woman who was assaulted ( I really don't like her)is over it so should u.

1272 days ago


He needs more help

1272 days ago


Has Chris Brown's appearance on DWTS Monday been cancelled, if not is it going to be cancelled???????????I am so apposed to him
being rewarded for such terrible violent behavior that I will
boycott entire season if he appears. If he is not stopped , he will eventually harm someone or himself fatally. He looks & acts like everything he has done is amusing.

1272 days ago


Awh man ~ i dont known if he really saying the truth about forgiveness :(

1272 days ago


first off he can stop apologizing because he does not mean it and I personally am sick of hearing how he acts out then oh poor me please accept how sorry I am. yeah tell me another fairy tale please. Grow up and people get a clue you are supporting this horrible behavior and encouraging it by accepting it!

1271 days ago


I am a DJ. I immediately stopped playing his music after he beat her. Then I was listening to the radio one day and his new song came on. I did not know it was his at first and I really liked it. Then I realized it was him and decided that this song is good and I started playing it when I worked. Now yet again he has dissapointed me with his behavoir. He is no M.Jackson and will never be and that new hair color is ridiculous. He looks like Missy Elliot and for him that is a compliment. This guy is a looser and I just can't seem to understand why he believe's he is amazing. I listened to the rest of his album , and really it's not allll that. Grow up , go to anger managment for the rest of your sorry life.

1271 days ago


I thank God we live in a country that values Free Speech & free journalism, journalism that does not cater to your so-called approved "TALKING POINTS! People are literally dying to have the freedom to ask questions freely, be it a politician or an entertainer.

1271 days ago


Pulling these ridiculous stunts just reaffirms his image as an abuser. If he thinks that his abuse history is off limits, then he is sadly mistaken. This was a terrible, criminal act that he did against a woman, and his current behavior just reinforces what he abuser. It's a shame to waste all that talent, but he has not changed, he is a criminal. He needs help.

1271 days ago


idky people are still talkin about him and this gurl y won't they move on let him live his damn life for once.

1271 days ago


Don't worry about the ignorant haters Breezy you are human ur not the first and won't be the last... besides does anyone know the whole story behind the incident probably not just he say she say stories (fabricated to make more juicier)at the end of the day there isn't any reason to cry over spoiled milk..... and half of the bloggers and commenters mad cause you bounced back....with that being said **** them breezy they can get the middle finger with the index finger followed!!!!!!(by the way that F.A.M.E cd straight fire i love it!!!keeep your head up!!!!!

1271 days ago


people need to let chris brown live people do stupid stuff why da hell are yuh guys still ntalking bout the riannah issue so wat he has anger issue most of you guy most likly have worst issue the only diffece is he maken more money then you guys ugggh let it go already...#HATERS

1271 days ago


i don't think he realizes what a jerk he really is, he always wants to blame other people for his troubles when in actuality he creates his own troubles. it is obvious he has learned absolutely nothing in the past 2years. you would think if his mom used to get beat up he would be a little more sensitive about the issue, hes a loser!

1271 days ago
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