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Chris Brown

Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst

3/24/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown finally apologized for his destructive behavior at "Good Morning America" -- but he made sure to take a few shots at the show at the same time.

Chris Brown Apology
Though Robin Roberts says Brown was aware she was going to ask about Rihanna, Chris told a different story on last night's "106 & Park" on BET -- where he said the talking points approved by his people were all about "positivity" and his new album.

Brown says he was "thrown off" by Robin's line of questioning -- and said she only brought up the Rihanna incident in an effort to "exploit me."

The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me," adding that "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

For their part, ABC News this morning said "Chris Brown was invited on 'Good Morning America' to perform and be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."

On this morning's "GMA," Robin added "It's time to move on."


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Davey Boy    

Still a tool in a giant box of tools. He'll act out again and then hopefully someone will throw a monkey wrench into his probation.

1280 days ago


Why dont they revoke probation on this street punk? He has all the cartoon tats to prove he is a certified loser!

1280 days ago

Davey Boy    

A younger version of Michael Lohan. Beats women and then gives a half-hearted mea culpa. Loser.

1280 days ago


Of course everyone is going to ask you about beating he **** of Rihanna. You cant make it disappear because you have an album no on cares about. You only get interviews now because people want to make some sense of out what you did and see your reaction. Dumbass, you should be in jail.

1280 days ago


Another punk let out of jail too early, looking for his relapse!

1280 days ago


He still doesn't get it. He doesn't have control over the questions in an interview. Nor should he. The interviewer is not on his payroll, her job was not to promote his album but rather to ask questions of interest to her audience (most of whom had no idea who he was other than some kid who beat up some girl singer they also didn't know). She was giving him a chance to promote his project for part of the interview only in return for a real interview. He was such a snot, arrogantly trying to "redirect" very simple and sensible questions with no skill at all. No wonder she ended up laughing at the guy. I realize he's still very young, but if he can't do interviews properly - he shouldn't do interviews. Let him sing and dance but don't let him talk. He just shoots himself in the foot.

A skilled interviewee may be able to charmingly redirect questions and still give a good interview. He doesn't have that skill, he was clumsy and came off very badly. Somebody needs to tell him that he needs to take out paid ads if he wants complete control, otherwise he needs to be prepared for anything. There was no excuse for him not having an answer to any question about his "legal troubles", it's been two years. How long does he need to come up with good answers that he can rattle off instantly? He could have endeared himself to the audience with a few well-chosen words (easily practiced) about how he lost his temper, did something he never should have done and hopes he never does again, that there were other ways to handle such a difficult situation and he knows that now, and he's grateful for the opportunity to show that he can do something other than beat up people. How long would that take? 20 seconds tops. Then his interviewer would have been happy, he would have been happy, the audience would have been happy, and he could chatter on and on about his little album.

Instead, he acts like a disrespectful jerk in the interview, then off-stage he loses his temper and breaks a window, ****tering glass all over the sidewalk below with no thought of possible consequences for someone under the window. Proving he has learned nothing and is just a clumsy thug and making people wonder if he just hates all women who have an independent thought in their head. I sure hope he's redeemable, but he's getting too old for people to just dismiss such things as "kid stuff". If he doesn't learn how to really control his temper (rather than just going through the motions for the court) - he's going to lose it at a really wrong time and with a really wrong person and end up wasting his life in prison.

1280 days ago


Its Miss Roberts asked those questions to put Breezy on the spot. The fact that GMA is going out its way to make nice is proof that they went back on their word to him.

Stay up Breezy your true fans love and support you.

1280 days ago


Nothing more than a publicity show, cause face it, how many of us cared (or even knew) he had new music coming out? He's just another no-talent, ignorant jerk pushing his way into the spotlight. *yawn*

1280 days ago


hey moron you were on GMA TO "exploit me."

1280 days ago


Wow people are suffering and dead over in Japan **** is happening everywhere and all we do is get upset about chris brown and the anchor that doesn't know how to keep the past in the past. What is this world coming to????

1280 days ago

Davey Boy    

Please. He was not exploited. He was asked pretty basic journalistic questions. He handled them OK and life would have went on if not for his outburst. He needs to be treated for his anger -- real treatment, not that little stuff he used to satisfy the courts.

Posted at 7:23 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by Myron


Exactly, Myron. Reminds me of Kayne West who also flew off the handle when asking legitimate questions regarding past events.

1280 days ago


herp derp!! There was nothing relevant about those questions. Lets all ask Miss Roberts about the cancer she had years ago over and over again.

1280 days ago


there was nothing relevant about those questions. next!!!

1280 days ago


jerk, hope he disappear forever

1280 days ago


The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me,"
Sure. That's understandable. Just like the way he "exploded" all over Rhianna's face with his fists to "release his anger" on her.

1280 days ago
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