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Chris Brown

Apologizes for 'GMA' Outburst

3/24/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown finally apologized for his destructive behavior at "Good Morning America" -- but he made sure to take a few shots at the show at the same time.

Chris Brown Apology
Though Robin Roberts says Brown was aware she was going to ask about Rihanna, Chris told a different story on last night's "106 & Park" on BET -- where he said the talking points approved by his people were all about "positivity" and his new album.

Brown says he was "thrown off" by Robin's line of questioning -- and said she only brought up the Rihanna incident in an effort to "exploit me."

The singer says he then exploded backstage "to release the anger that I had inside me," adding that "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

For their part, ABC News this morning said "Chris Brown was invited on 'Good Morning America' to perform and be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."

On this morning's "GMA," Robin added "It's time to move on."


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And yet stupid ars women like tools like this. "he is so raw" As he is beating you down.

Posted at 6:50 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by Dann

Dann if any woman likes to be treated in this fashion, it's b/c she came from an abusive family and was raised in it and thinks the whole sick senario somehow equates with love. Something that Michael Vick does as education and therapy is to speak often about his abuse of animals to school children, etc. If you can't talk about what you did, then you have not truly dealt with it. And it is ongoing. JMHO.

1256 days ago


Hmm ABC first you said he was informed his past would be talked about and now you are saying no talking points were discussed. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

1256 days ago

michael hines    

i feel as though he had the right to explode but not the part about breakin g the window cuz like he said he was focused on talking about his album not anything that happened 2 years ago if they really wanted to know what happened and why it happened they shouldve asked him 2 years ago if it was me i wouldve done the same thing cuz if you think about it he is trying to please his fans family and friends so there is a lot of pressure on him about that and to bring something up like that shes really lucky he had more respect to go in his dressng and express his feeling cuz i wouldve punched her in the face

1256 days ago


Screw him. Will somebody PLEASE beat his ass? Robin Roberts and the GMA staff didn't deserve his behavior, hateful comments, violent outbursts and lies as he attempts to cover up. Come out of the closet already so you can quit being to angry, Chris.

1256 days ago


The new gay hair and glasses don't change the facts. You are a violent criminal. Anyone buying this crap should be on the short bus with him. Next stop......JAIL!

1256 days ago


Chris could have handle this situation differently and when asked about the past incident by relaying to Robin that what took place years past was in the past or something to that affect.
Robin like so many other so call journalist are looking for ratings. In all of our lives their are somethings we just want bury the bones. Why continue to try and rekindle burned ashes.
Think of terms of all the unkind and hideous things we have in our closets. If other only knew though some of those things have not been revealed, they still cause her shame and grief.

Journalist at its best and all for ratings at the expense of others lives. I too am sick of rehashing the same old past news.

Robbie, what have you been ashame of in your life???/

1256 days ago


He is a pathetic loser. He presents himself like a thug who never finished high school and clearly is not a smart person. I really wish ABC would have pressed charges. What he did was simply crazy and he could have very well hurt someone below on the street when the glass fell to the street!

I hope his album tanks and he just fades into the background.

1256 days ago

Jack Flash    

This guy is such a low life loser....he was a good guy with a bright future, but now he a thug and has no respect for anything or anybody...I wish kids would stop buying his album to promote his idiotic ways....PLUS he needs to get rid of those ridiculous glasses to try and look cool..makes him look more stupid than he already is!

1256 days ago


The new gay hair and glasses don't change the facts. You are a violent criminal. Anyone buying this crap should be on the short bus with him. Next stop......JAIL!

1256 days ago


With very few exceptions, I have just read the rantings of losers. Losers with no talent, no chance of any sucess and no chance of fame. Just sorry pitful losers with 2 things going for you an worn out internet opinon and ###hole.

1256 days ago


Someone just needs to take this ass clown behind the building and beat his ass. He's a thug with out an education, talent,and friends. To bad whomever shot Tupak didn't wait for this idiot!!!!

1256 days ago


How can GMA say that there were no talking points offered when they clearly stated that he approved their talking points??? Sound very messy to me on BOTH ENDS!!!!

1256 days ago


Sorry A-hole...can't win any respect from me by simply saying "I pallagize"...

1256 days ago


What a loser! He could of said I don't want to discuss that and been done wiht it but he's got to break things to prove he's a "man". Luckily he only broke a window and didn't beat another woman! He should be charged for destruction of property! He admitted he did it so charge him. Let him know he can't hit things whenever he wants!

1256 days ago

Get Real    

We would all be fortunate if he went away forever. What a loser! I am amazed anyone will sponsor or even report on this ignorant child!

1256 days ago
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