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Elizabeth Taylor

The $11,000 Casket

3/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed the finest things in life ... and she will in death ... because TMZ has learned she was buried in an $11,000 casket.

We're told the casket is a top of the line, traditional Jewish casket -- built entirely out of wood using a special glue ... no nails whatsoever.

According to sources,  the casket is made out of mahogany -- lined in red velvet with a matching red pillow.

Hopefully, it's comfortable.


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You all are obviously LOTS LOTS older than I am. Your all taking about how beautiful Liz is. All I saw was an old lady who did not HOLD ANY OF HER BEAUTY. She did not hold up like Cher or Jane Fonda. Maybe in the 1950's she was considered beautify. If would have rathern stayed hidden than to let my public see me an old wrinkled up hag!

1276 days ago


Having made funeral arrangements for an elderly relative recently, $11,000 is not an outrageous price for a coffin. Well maybe prices are outrageous for any grade box, but $11,000 is in line with the rest.

1276 days ago


Glorified ....and certified whore with $$$$ 8 husbands and did Michael Jackson.....

1276 days ago


Ms. Taylor was notorious for always being late to any kind of function her entire life, which often causes inconvenience and worry for those kept waiting. I think it is rude and inconsiderate to be intentionally late. Unlike some here, I don't find it amusing at all that she would schedule her own funeral to be 15 minutes late. What about those family members/friends who are grieving...don't feel like catering to such nonsense, I would think...

1276 days ago


God bless all of you.Sorry for my English. I think the world will always remember this great woman, how ever I just want to call the attention of all of you not about the price paid for this(11K), but about what will happen with you after death? What will happen with your soul after death? Just ask that question to yourself, afterwards in this world, the only AND REALLY important thing is living your life with Jesus. Think about this and my advice is "Acep Jesus in your heart and live according to his commands." This is the most important thing. Again, God bless you. Sorry if my English is not good, I am Dominican(Language Spanish).

1276 days ago

Paul Lynde    

She wasn't buried..she was put on a shelf. gross

1276 days ago


Honestly Harvey.....I cannot believe the low level of intelligence your staff has. I no longer watch TMZ b/c the children you have working for you are innane, tasteless and jealous. You really need to fire them all and hire a professional staff that respects you and that have legitmate senses of humor. And here is an idea: there are so many out of work or struggling comediens out there - suit them up with cameras and have them approach celebs with terrific one liners to get a reaction. The cameramen you have are, quite frankly, drooling idiots. I guess the caliber of TMZ, at the end of the day, is a reflection of you......isn't it????? Guess you are doing it your way........

1276 days ago


assuming it was beautifully hand crafted
her wishes..her money
so people shouldn't have any negative comments

her family is respectful and loving to honor her wishes and not turn it into a spectacle

thankfully not a gold casket and public circus that the Jackson family wanted

at times like this, decent people allow the family their private grief and do not need a pubic display of anything

again..condolances to her family and closest friends

1276 days ago


Wake up people. I just barried my father-in-law and $11,000.00 is not that outragous for a casket. Average Price is about $4000.00. Funeral Directors are a scam anyway. Then pressure you and make you feel terrible if you don't purchase an upscale casket.

1276 days ago


There's a difference between jews coffins and other people's coffins? And I thought only the autopsy was different between religions.

1276 days ago


Hopefully, it's comfortable......
really TMZ? who writes this crap?

1276 days ago


Just like government spending - wasteful, and certainly no return.

1276 days ago

northern gypsy    

all things considered it befits her status...

1276 days ago


I don't understand why TMZ, or anyone else for that matter, would consider this newsworthy. She's gone, let her rest in peace.

Details of a wedding I can understand, but a funeral? Let it go TMZ. Move on, there's nothing to see here.

1276 days ago


Come on TMZ, that's not funny to me, it's just disrespectful. You've reached a new low.

Also, who cares. Actually 11,000 doesn't seem like much to me at all, considering how rich she is.

1276 days ago
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