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Elizabeth Taylor

The $11,000 Casket

3/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Taylor enjoyed the finest things in life ... and she will in death ... because TMZ has learned she was buried in an $11,000 casket.

We're told the casket is a top of the line, traditional Jewish casket -- built entirely out of wood using a special glue ... no nails whatsoever.

According to sources,  the casket is made out of mahogany -- lined in red velvet with a matching red pillow.

Hopefully, it's comfortable.


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@mrspatrickcampbell, Post #16: Should anyone send a message from there, I'm sure you'd be one of the first to know.

1275 days ago


@barb: "Hey Howie # 6... You are not jewish obviously. Google jewish burial."

Posted at 6:09 AM on Mar 25, 2011 by barb

What is your point?

1275 days ago


@Murf, Post #46: She obviously wasn't as insecure as some other people. You'll see what you look like when you're 79, if you're lucky. And Jane Fonda is quite a bit younger than Liz was. We'll see what she looks like when she's 79. She looks great now. The real beauty is on the inside, anyways. That beauty is eternal, if you have it.

1275 days ago


@Bobertbobert, Post 45: Get your facts straight. Jesus was born, lived and died as a Jew, as did his parents Mary and Joseph. Jesus' prayer book was the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament, which is the same prayer book that Elizabeth Taylor prayed from. Elizabeth prayed in English but Jesus prayed in Hebrew.

What do you think Jesus would think about someone who says vindictive things about Jews like you while the deceased's family is in mourning?

Jews did not reject Jesus. Jesus was given a Jewish burial just like Elizabeth Taylor. The body was treated exactly the same way according to Jewish tradition. Jesus was not killed by Jews either. The Romans crucified Jesus.

The Bible, the Old Testament, lays out very strict rules for what will happen on Earth when the Messiah will come, and those events that were laid out in The Bible for the 'coming of the Messiah' just did not happen during Jesus' life or upon his death. If you read The Bible, you would know that. That is why most Jews did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. That doesn't mean that most Jews did not agree with Jesus' views or his teachings. His teachings evolved from mainstream Jewish beliefs, values and teachings. Jesus is held in the highest esteem by most people in the world including Jews.

You can condemn everyone who doesn't follow your particular stream of Christianity if you want but that doesn't make everyone in the world who believes in something different a bad person, even if you think it does.

A good and peaceful Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, agnostic, aetheist or member of another religion is better than a bad, cruel, heartless person even if that person happens to be a Christian.

Jesus stood for love, justice, forgiveness and a thousand other virutes. Ask yourself if your post attacking Elizabeth Taylor is in keeping with Jesus' teachings like the Golden Rule for instance.

You talk about how Jesus will judge others when He comes back. How do you think Jesus would judge you for making the kind of attack you did in Post #45? As Jesus said, go and sin no more.

1275 days ago


@Everyone here at TMZ: Fran tends to laugh at everything she says, thinking that she's funny. Mostly, she's just angry, nasty, boring, disgusting, inappropriate, hateful and deluded. She does have some lucid moments but they don't last.

Not upset at her since you can't expect to find roses in a pile of manure. Just noting the facts, like Jack Webb did, so people can better understand her rantings.

1275 days ago


@Rita: "Regarding comment #6.

Mahagony is not grown in the United States, it's imported. With that said, it sounds beautiful and 11,000 is not expensive. Sounds like she planned her funeral and got what she wanted."

Posted at 1:58 PM on Mar 25, 2011 by Rita

You're quite right. Mahagony is a lovely hardwood. Thanks you for the correction. And I agree with what you wrote.

1275 days ago


Lassie Come Home; National Velvet; Little Women; Giant; Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf; Cleopatra; Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Raintree County; Suddenly Last Summer; The Last Time I Saw Paris; Taming of the Shrew … Richard Burton, James Dean, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman, Montgomery Clift … stars who worked with stars in masterpieces. Elizabeth Taylor was and will always remain a SUPERSTAR with a Heart of Gold.

1275 days ago


Please lets show respect for the dead wheather they were rich or poor. Any family has the right to give their love ones anykind of funeral they seem fit without anyone making comments.
My condolences go the the family, she was a great lady.

1275 days ago

Ann Borzi    

As an admire of everything Elizaeth Tayor and as a Civil Celebrant, I would have been proud to have been the Celebrant of her Funeral Service.
It's only fitting to say how much pleasure she gave to all of us over her lifetime. With all negative and prejudice which I am reading does'nt say much about us humans, may God help our soul when we meet our maker.

1275 days ago


$11,000 ? so what? My mother died in 2002 and her casket was over $10,000 and the vault was $5,000.

My mother was a great woman, over 450 people signed the guest register at her funeral, but she was unknown to 99.999% of the world.

$11,000 for some lame has been celebrity is nothing but cheap.

1275 days ago


"hopefully it's comfortable". Fire the ******* who had to put in that tasteless and unnecessary comment and repremand the rest of your juvenile staff for letting it pass. How very HOLLYWOOD of you. Rest comfortably and in Peace Elizabeth Taylor and thank you from my heart for all your work.

1274 days ago


Arthur Bach,

Spare us the tutorial, ET was a pretend jew...she "converted". Come back when that crypt-keeper, Joan Rivers, drops dead.

1274 days ago


To all of you people complaining here about how much her casket cost, what the wood and lining were made of and especially that it was 'hopefully comfortable' should just mind your own bloody business! It was her money spent after all, and she could well afford it; it wasn't your money, nor the taxpayer's; so back off.

As for the 'hopefully comfortable' crack at the end, she would have been the first one to laugh at it as she had a terrific and wicked sense of humor--and yes, obviously she intended to be 'comfortable', so what? You can spend whatever you like on caskets these days and $11k for one is not over the top. Give me an old pine box any day, once you're dead, you're dead--and you're not going to notice the difference you mindless twits!

1273 days ago


And this is a person who donated to charities during her life? So I guess that she donated to herself in death. Nothing wrong with a little clamour at a funeral, after all she earned it.

1273 days ago


11,000 is really not much at all..what do u pay the kids u hire to write this crap? It cost 8,500 for my Mom's funeral..and that was without the casket, she was cremated and the Urn was $60......0.00. 5,000-15,000 is what caskets cost. The 25,000 that was spent on MJ's casket was expensive. Elizabeth was worth an estimated $60......0 Million-$1 Billion (probably more than that now in death) she could have bought any casket she desired..TMZ needs to hire more experienced writers.

The comment about comfortable was childish..and unfunny.

1272 days ago
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