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Elizabeth Taylor

Funeral Service Today

3/24/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth Taylor's private funeral service will be held today and she will be buried at the same cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed.

Elizabeth Taylor Funeral
We've learned the private service will be held at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA. 

We're told the service will be held this afternoon.

We've obtained the death certificate, which lists Mt. Sinai as the mortuary and Forest Lawn, Glendale as her final resting place.

Therefore it now appears Taylor's final resting place will not be the crypt next to her parents at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery.
Elizabeth Taylor Cemetery


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PRO US    

You stone the dead? You sick in head. You show no respect? You society reject.

1311 days ago


@lilac, Post #37: "Elizabeth went to heaven? Those of you saying it, how do you know? What is your basis? Only Elizabeth and God know where her soul is at this moment.

Married 8 times (adulteress) Husband stealer(adulteress) drugs and alcohol (addict) and supporter of Homosexuals and Pedaphiles. She was a Hedonist, her philosophy was that anything that felt good, was good. So, based on all this truth about Elizabeth, where is her soul?

I hope she accepted Christ in her life, asked forgiveness for her sins, and is now resting with him. I truly do hope this."

Posted at 11:57 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by lilac

lilac, you're so funny. You "hope she accepted Christ in her life"? She was Jewish. Jews believe in God. Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ. So, she didn't believe in Jesus either. You don't know that? What planet have you been living on?

You condemn Elizabeth Taylor as a "Husband stealer(adulteress)"?
It's none of your business.

The Jewish singer Eddie Fisher was married to the Jewish actress Debbie Reynolds when he fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor and she fell in love with him. Eddie left Debbie to be with and marry Elizabeth. Eddie and Debbie divorced. After all, they were not old-style Mormons (a branch of Christianity) and did not believe in or practice polygamy. Elizabeth converted to Judaism and became Jewish because that's what she wanted to do for a long time ever since previously marrying Jewish film producer Mike Todd who died in a plane crash in 1958.

So you as a radical Christian and absolute moralist, you want to impose your morals and your values on all other Americans, the way Ayatolluh Khomeini wanted to impose Islamic Shariah law on all Christian countries. You don't want to allow anyone to have the right to divorce because you think it's not right?
Who elected you Queen of the World? Who gave you the right to rule over us and tell us what we can and can't do even if we want to do something that's legal like divorce someone?

And you as a radical Christian think you have the right to judge one Jew for divorcing another Jew to marry another Jew?
It's none of your business. I understand if you're under the delusion that you can tell Christians what to do, because you're some kind of a Christian. But, you're not Jewish. You have no right to tell any Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or people of other religions, or agnostics or atheists what to do.

You have a lot of nerve, lady. And you're clearly delusional. God save us from self-appointed despots like yourself.

It's obvious that Elizabeth Taylor, whatever her faults and frailities which we all have, was a million times kinder, more tolerant, more supportive, more understanding and more helpful to others than you have ever been or could ever be.

1311 days ago


RIP, Dame Elizabeth Taylor!!!

1311 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

The Great moselliam... Its Very beautiful inside... she has a nice resting place!!

1311 days ago


Howie you're a Moron.

Only one God writes the rules. They are written down and available for you to read any time.
And the rules are never bent or changed for anybody at any time in human history..

1311 days ago


@Martin, Post #111: You are evil and you're smart as a pig, but the pig is cleaner and has more decency, dignity and integrity than you do. Then again, that's not hard to do since you are so utterly lacking in any virtue. You don't have the decency to let a person be buried in peace. You are a pathetic low-life. You are a prejudiced person and the hatred you feel for Jews is eating your soul from within and the rot is so far advanced it pours out of your mouth and drips from your finger tips. Sucks to be you. If you want to talk to someone who thinks like you do, why don't you write to Charles Manson. I'm sure the two of you would get along great.

1311 days ago


I am so glad that she was laid to rest with dignity and they gave those disgusting inbred bastards from that church, the slip. I will be making my contribution, to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation today. I am living with HIV & it is because of her selfless, loving efforts that I am alive today. had it not been for this angel, there would have never been fundingfor research to help me live today, God bless you Elizabeth. I am so grateful that God sent you to us & that you unknowingly helped me. I love you.

1311 days ago


May you rest in peace, Liz. I hope Michael Jackson was there with you in your final moments as I know you were very close to him in life. We will miss you also.

1311 days ago

ruth rothwell    

rest in peace lizy, michael,s waiting at ta golden gates for ya another saint, gone but not ever forgotton,when i was little i loved ur movies still do lots of memories xxx ty lots beauty

1311 days ago


@Martin: You have the temerity (you think you're so smart, do you know what the word even means?) to tell others about God's laws.

God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses to give to the Jewish people. Moses was Jewish. God established a covenant with the Jews from the time of Abraham. Read The Bible.

Who do you think the Jewish people are? You think they are dirty people you can insult all day long? You are mistaken. They are the 'People of the Book'. The Book is the Bible. The Jews were the first monotheistic people.

How do you think Christianity and Islam developed? They developed from Judaism, Jewish teachings and Jewish culture. Christianity and Islam used them as a base and evolved their own religions with their own traditions and teaching s from that base. Without the Jews, they wouldn't even exist. Without the Jews, all the people of the world would still be worshipping idols, animals and natural events instead of the one true God.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three great monotheistic religions. But you don't know that. You are profoundly and inexorably ignorant. You preach from a place of hatred and prejudice. You wallow in a heart of darkness. You know nothing about God's laws. You are a sad, pathetic fool.
And you will never learn. But you do know what most people believe about you. It's easy to spot the evil in you. You don't try to hide it. Everyone appreciates they can see you for what you are and what you lack. Have fun writing your silly, prejudiced posts. You will never, ever win. Never.

1311 days ago


This is how bad Harvey Levin/TMZ is missing the Mel/Ox story. Levin is stooping to a new low.

"The A-List Rabbi" Levin, what kind of crap is that?

1311 days ago


You're right Howie. Sorry for the confusion! Too bad people find only enjoyment in their lives being trolls!

1311 days ago


Howie. Yes, you're right about Elizabeth introducing MJ to Christmas. They interesting thing I find in that is that she loved celebrating Christmas yet she converted to the Jewish faith after being baptized a Christian as a child. So in actuality she was introducing MJ to the secular aspect of Christmas and not the religious part yet both were very spiritual in their faith beliefs and always reading and reflecting on the existential reality of the omnipotent being=GOD!

1311 days ago


@boston-gal,,,, Posts 117 and 118: Yes, boston-gall,,,,that is what I thought you meant. No problem. Thanks for clearing it up!
Sad for those people who get sick pleasure being trolls.

Elizabeth and Michael had a very special friendship that was mutually supportive and loving. They were there for each other and looked for the good in each other.

Elizabeth had been deeply in love with Mike Todd. She had become comfortable with Jewish traditions and culture while she was married to him. When he died in the plane crash, she was shaken. Maybe she converted in part to stay close to him. She married Eddie Fisher afterwards but said she didn't convert for him.

She obviously retained an affection and attachment to Christian traditions. She continued to wear the Cross and celebrated Christmas. She was not really into organized religion. She didn't go to synagogue often, for example. She believed in God in her own way.

Of course, she made some mistakes and she did some things she thought in retrospect were wrong, like having addiction(s). I don't see how she could have been proud of how her relationship with Eddy Fisher affected her good friend Debbie Reynolds. But she was a very caring, generous, giving and supportive friend to most and an active advocate for charities. I was touched how she supported Rock Hudson when he was suffering terribly and charities for research and treatment of AIDS when many people thought it taboo, and how she believed in the gentleness and innocence of Michael Jackson, her friend, that he could not be guilty of those terrible charges.

Those who hate her because she did some bad things, made mistakes or because she decided to convert to Judaism are people full of hate. She was no Mother Theresa but we're all human beings and we're all fallible. She was usually kind, feisty, charming, confident, a free spirit and a good actress who loved life. She had a full life. May she RIP.

1310 days ago


When I die, I want to be put to rest as quick as she was...if not quicker. I hate the idea of my body sitting at a funeral home, or a coroners office pending service arrangements. Make it snappy and have a PARTAY!

1310 days ago
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