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World's MOST EVIL Church -- The Sing Along!!!

3/25/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those evil people from that evil church in Kansas won't listen to reason ... but maybe they'll listen to MUSIC!?!?!?032411_TV_taylor_still_v2

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1st! sing it bro's and sistaaasss

1285 days ago

anthony c    

they came to my high school wilson classical highschool and everyone from school came out and we made them leave in like 12 mins

1285 days ago

Sad sad    

I forgot have you guys heard their songs? It makes Friday bearable.

1285 days ago


Any church, mosque or temple that says "God hates the world" should lose its tax exempt status for starters. That sounds like a devil worshiping organization. If they want to be devils, I guess the US Constitution lets them, but at least, let them pay taxes! Is Satanism tax-deductible? Unfortunately, some of the posters on TMZ have probably already asked the US Government that question prior to filing their tax returns. So, you Satanists out there, are your devil-worshiping activities tax-exempt? Let us know!

1285 days ago

Sad sad    

Don't call them Satanist. That's an insult to all satanist. Funny enough "Devil worshiping" orgs are way more loving then the WBC. I should point out some Satanist actually do not believe in Satan so to speak more atheist and symbolic to being anti christian. There's different types as there is different religions of all kinds. Who cares.

"The Church of Satan is, of course, a well run company, and it needs to survive on more than good will alone. The Church has voluntarily dismissed the tax exemption that it is entitled to - all Churches should be taxed, and the first step in getting this done is to show people that it can be done."

I 100% agree with that statement all should be taxed.

1285 days ago


Here is a vote, that these POSERS get PWNED while in CA.

As an FYI these ARENT Baptists per se, they are just hijackers.

One day they will get it, can Ca deliver the goods?

1285 days ago



1285 days ago


Everyone should learn how to use the WBC for good. Wherever they go they get a lot of publicity. THAT is the opportunity to set up tables and booths right across from them to sell stuff or solicit donations for AIDS or whatever the charity is that WBC is protesting. They will only be supporting the cause through their protest. I think some kids on YouTube did this. My church is having a rummage sale. I wonder how I can get them to come protest . . .

1285 days ago


I Personally love this song! WBC are a**holes who I'm sure are reserving their own spot in Hell. Can God sue them for slander and defamation of character? Can we the normal people do it? I'd like to know that Harvey! Are they seriously stupid? Do they have some kind of logic reasoning blockage that stops them from procession rational thoughts? Idiots, *sigh*...

1285 days ago


And I suppose Heath Ledger(as in the signage) is going to hell because he 'played' a gay man in a movie? This bunch is whacked OUT! Need to stop giving these idiots any attention. They seem to be enjoying it far too much. They are everything a church is NOT supposed to be. Agree with others-it's a CULT.

1285 days ago


Doesnt the Bible say NOT TO JUDGE?? I knwo it does- so who are these people God?? Jesus was forgiving, and told all of you not to judge, least you be judged. These nuts, are what gives religion a bad vibe, and turn people away. Its one thing to voice your opinion, but to grand-stand and act like you are God, is blasphemous.

1285 days ago

Sin D    

I'm NOT a violent person, BUT these people need their ass kicked.

1285 days ago


How about a song for removing their tax-exempt status? How about IGNORING them. They spend over 200k a year. How about finding out who donates to them and write a song "honoring" the donors? Yeah, that would a Fabulous song.

1285 days ago


they are not Christians, they are antichrists. they are stating the opposite of what Jesus says. JESUS IS FOR LOVE AND FORGIVENESS. God doesn't hate the world. False! Church of monsters.

1285 days ago
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