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World's MOST EVIL Church -- The Sing Along!!!

3/25/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Those evil people from that evil church in Kansas won't listen to reason ... but maybe they'll listen to MUSIC!?!?!?032411_TV_taylor_still_v2

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These people are NOT part of any church and should not be called a church group. I think they are the ones going to hell. They are all just part of some hick nut job family.

1271 days ago


What these people preach is judgement and Hate. God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten son, to the world as a sacrifice for their sins, so that that who so ever believes on his son, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

I know so many who do not believe this, and I'm sorry you don't. But that is your choice before God. Every man's heart is between him and God. To stand outside of a funeral of any person, regardless of who they were, and carry signs that say that God hates the World is a False Cult, that calls themselves a church, and uses Religious terms to describe themselves. They are a religious organization, but not Christian, or Christ like. They are false zealots, who do not follow the teachings of the Bible or Christ. God is love. God so loved the World..God is the judge not you or I. We can comment on and disagree with someones life style, but it is God who will judge all things, not you or I. You and I will be before that seat of judgment right along with everyone else.

1271 days ago

Sad sad    

Heidi Vanderhoeven They have got into fights. Someone slammed one of their kids with a drink on youtube. Fred douche won another lawsuit I see. How unfortunate. You know when the tapes not rolling he's laughing and saying suckas.

1271 days ago

Jen O.    

Ok, these people are not Christians! This is not the way Christ would have conducted himself. "Christians" like this give us actual ones a bad name.

1271 days ago


I get they are awful and everything, but worse then hitler and that other guy? No way. WBC is horrible but they've never killed anyone, let alone thousands of people.

1271 days ago


These hatemongers only believe in the Old Testament, and so theirs is a vengeful God. With the Phelps, it all goes back to the gays. The military funerals are ONLY picketed because USA is a tolerating gays. This "church" is so obsessed with homosex: it consumes every waking moment for them...

1271 days ago


TMZ because of you, these s***bags won ONCE again. Stop mentioning them, no articles, no pictures, no interviews. You keep giving them what they want, publicity. We need to completely ignore this group of low lifes or they WIN. They don't care what people think of their ideas, they win their victories when the media gives them a free megaphone to shout through. If you guys honestly want to make a difference for once in your history, STOP mentioning them and make them fade away.

1271 days ago


freedom of speach, dnt mean u all have 2 like it but every1 has a right 2 a voice

1271 days ago


People are quick and right to judge this bunch, however, there seems to be a lot, I mean a lot of self loathing in their group. Upon investigation, I would bet a paycheck, they will find a couple of closeted and repressed gay people, a child molester or two, felons, and tax evaders in the bunch.

That's the usual MO for lots of these folks, they hate everybody, becuase they really hate themselves. This is a group cry for attention, kinda like kindergarten gone bad....

1271 days ago


"I get they are awful and everything, but worse then hitler and that other guy? No way. WBC is horrible but they've never killed anyone, let alone thousands of people."

If only they had the legal means and chance, what do you think??? There wouldn't be a safe gay person in the entire US.

1271 days ago


If God hated the world, what makes you think that it would still be here? Idiots. As for the signs about Heath Ledger supposedly being in Hell, I wonder if his family can sue for that...

But what exactly is the point of their protests? Why would they WANT people to believe that God hates the world? Do they worship the devil instead? Sick freaks.

1271 days ago


Ok on behalf on all Kansans, I apologize for these inbred morons. We are ashamed of them and embarassed they are from Topeka. Everyone is gleeful when their "church" gets vandalized, or when a tall shapely drag queen blows Fred Phelps a kiss. It's pretty well known here that Mr. Phelps has a predilection for dudes, which is why he does what he does.

1271 days ago


omg i... cant.. stop.. lighting... at ...this

im like rolling right now, i haven't laugh this heard in a long time

but really i do not like what these poeple do, they put a bad name on Southern Baptist people (which i am) i have heard a lot of people talk badly about a lot of Baptist b/c of this group, but believe me they are the only Baptist church that i know of that does this stuff

1271 days ago


Ok I have heard so much garbage about this through CNN etc so I am just going to say this. I am a Christian and have been my entire life at 31 years old now and this makes me sick very sick to my stomach. I mean this not to hurt any feelings so please forgive me ok I do not support the gay lifestyle BUT I still love everyone as God's children God does not love you any less its not my job to judge you that between you and God. To call themselves a church is just a bad joke ok a church is God's people and those people reach out and love everyone what we are dealing with is a cult. If anyone is going to hell its people like this that speak hate God so loved the world and still does or we would not have forgiveness. On Behalf of the real Christians who live God's words my deepest apologies to those harassed by this cult (((hugs))) We love you Elizabeth Taylor who is now with MJ they cant steal your peace <3

1270 days ago


this church clams to hate gays...NOT...I was a member for less than a week...until Bob Mcxxx and his lover Mike Staxxx came on to me. I came home from the war and needed to join, NEVER did I think I would be hit on by these two "butt heads"...Mike went on to say, if I wanted a girl instead, I could have his sister if he could watch...I WAS GONE. the police said "nothing we can do about that" WOW

1270 days ago
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