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Guardian Angels

We'll Protect Liz from

Evil Church!

3/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. chapter of the Guardian Angels is on "full alert" -- and ready for action -- after those evil people from that evil church in Kansas announced they would be protesting Liz Taylor's funeral ... TMZ has learned.


Peter Steeves -- a proud supporter of the red beret -- tells us ... "[Those evil people] have been arrested for doing this before, and if they get out of hand here in L.A., we'll see to it that it happens again, and I'll be signing their arrest documents."

As TMZ first reported, the funeral is set to go down later today -- we're told the Angels are currently "getting ready."

Stay tuned.


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Thank you, Guardian Angels!!!

1307 days ago


By protesting her funeral do you really think that Elizabeth Taylor really gives a rip, don't think so. It saddens me that people can't grieve and bury their loved ones in peace, come on now. Thank you Guardian Angels.

1307 days ago

Westboro sc*mbags are going straight to Hell.

1307 days ago


The best way to stop these people is to deny them publicity. TMZ and all other media....Please stop publishing ANYTHING about the Westboro Baptist Church...PLEASE.

1307 days ago


I wish people would stop referring to the people of Westboro as any form of Christian. Christian is to mean "Christ-like", and these people are surely not prescribing to the "what would Jesus do" philosophy! Love the sinner, hate the sin. Judge not lest ye be judged! I seriously doubt this is what the founding fathers of this country had in mind when they wrote the 1st amendment...they did not intend for people to desecrate funerals! I hope every last one of the Westboro family gets arrested if they show up to Liz's funeral!

1307 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

6# My bad Baptist

With freedom of speech comes responsibility and respect can't yell fire in a crowded room They should respect the dead and the grieving family and friend's.

1307 days ago


Its like an update of the Soch's and Greasers. This time its a bunch of ****s versus douchebags. Just leave the woman to rest and her friends remember her in peace.

1307 days ago


With freedom of speech comes responsibility and respect can't yell fire in a crowded room They should respect the dead and the grieving family and friend's.

Posted at 11:41 AM on Mar 24, 2011 by Hello is anybody in there?

that says it all. thank you

1307 days ago


Thank God Miss Taylor was a Jew and we bury our people within the next day. Hopefully these people are so ignorant they don't realize this and can't get there in time. BTW- do any of you people pay attention to our Supreme Court? They just found in favor of these idiots. RIP our most beautiful Elizabeth and God reward the Guardian Angels for watching over her.

1307 days ago


These sickos protest at everything from a funeral of a fallen soilder to the circus and ballets. They are NUTS!!!! What makes me even more disgusted is when they have young children out protesting with vulgar signs.

1307 days ago


I live in missouri. And when these wack jobs try to protest a funeral here they come out and help to cover the area with american flags and block the family from having to see the idiots. the best thing to do is to ignore them. say nothing thats what they want they are a family of lawyers and they want someone to touch them so they can be sued. it kills me these people are saying they are christians and spreading all this hate its just disgusting. RiP LIz

1307 days ago


Guardian Angels? pfft... As far as I know the WBC has never tried to steal an old ladies purse, so there's much really for them to do.

Call me when someone calls the Hell's Angels on these freaks. Now THAT is something I'd want to see.

1307 days ago


also on fb there has been a post going around it goes something like this "so the supreme court just ruled in favor of your 1st amendment right to protest funerals? well i invite you into my yard and lets see if your 1st amendment right is better then my 2nd ammendment right" :P just saying

1307 days ago


oops in my post up there i forgot to say the patriot guard comes to help protect the family from the wack jobs. my bad:)

1307 days ago
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