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Guardian Angels

We'll Protect Liz from

Evil Church!

3/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. chapter of the Guardian Angels is on "full alert" -- and ready for action -- after those evil people from that evil church in Kansas announced they would be protesting Liz Taylor's funeral ... TMZ has learned.


Peter Steeves -- a proud supporter of the red beret -- tells us ... "[Those evil people] have been arrested for doing this before, and if they get out of hand here in L.A., we'll see to it that it happens again, and I'll be signing their arrest documents."

As TMZ first reported, the funeral is set to go down later today -- we're told the Angels are currently "getting ready."

Stay tuned.


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Every gay person in L.A. should turn out in support of Liz, who was so active in AmFAR and who championed many gay causes. Don't let these creeps get publicity for themselves by dissing her!

1311 days ago

Trev the 1    

i say we kill these evil bastards who wants to be part of a god who sends people to hell if they are gay. real christian attitude.

1311 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Need some Help?

1311 days ago

Alan Carver    

I just want to say "Thank You" to the Guardian Angels for being their and supporting the family during this difficult time as this family lays to rest their Mother, Actress/Screen-Legend and Advocate for those without a voice!

1311 days ago


Yeah, they got arrested before and the Supreme Court said they are allowed to do it. I think what Westboro does is vile, but as long as they stay non-violent and on public property they have every right to display their message. Actually I think it is good thing to let the world see what kind of people they really are.

1311 days ago


Here is a thought... Why don't we gather their home/phone information and then 'sales' list them all. They could be receiving phone calls, knocks at their doors constantly and I know that would drive me crazy!

1311 days ago


Sooooooooooo embarrassed to be from Kansas right now. Fred Phelps really isn't what Kansas is about, I promise!

1311 days ago


I've always rather liked the Guardian Angels. Still support them today.

Not holding my breath for te WBC to show up, though.

Does anyone in Topeka actually hire them as laywers?

1311 days ago


This church has to be like Scientology, give us all your money. How else can they book flights for their multitude and pay for it?

Jesus turned water into wine, these people turn water into sewage. Jesus turned a loaf of bread into fish for a mass gathering to feast on, this lot has turned fish rancid and bread moldy.

Anybody this judgemental of all human life deserves to rot in freakin' hell. Hey, I'll even hand make and provide, free of charge the handbaskets they'll need to get there.

Freedom of speech, my arse. This is hate mongering at "THEIR" spiritual level. Maybe these people should get out of the houses and bedrooms of the human race, hmmmm?

1311 days ago


These people are not Christians. They are bullies and haters and use the church as a shield.

1311 days ago


Good for the Guardian Angles

1311 days ago


#37...awesome idea...especially if we could get them swamped with stuff for gay and lesbian porn and what not. Wouldn't they just LOVE that?

1311 days ago


The WBC are a nutty family of lawyers that do this for attention. They don't care about Liz Taylor, they just know cameras will be around. They depend on stupid people like most of you posters to take the bait.

The WBC also don't get "arrested". They know how to stay a certain distance away while staying on camera.

They do sue when someone gets in their way, though. They make money that way too. Don't be such suckers. They will sue the crap out of red beret people if they interfere.

1311 days ago


if the guardian angels can provoke them into violence or someone following the word they spread commits a crime nothing will be done apparently.i have a strong feeling people are gonna get hurt thing i do know is do not mess with a berieved LGBT cause they can get real emotional..look at perez hilton!

1311 days ago

Politico Pablo    

There's no way members of the Westboro Baptist (Haters) Church will be able to get there on time, which is fine by me.

They believe they'll be raptured up into heaven while the rest of us will be doomed on Earth cause we aren't righteous like them.

1311 days ago
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