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Guardian Angels

We'll Protect Liz from

Evil Church!

3/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. chapter of the Guardian Angels is on "full alert" -- and ready for action -- after those evil people from that evil church in Kansas announced they would be protesting Liz Taylor's funeral ... TMZ has learned.


Peter Steeves -- a proud supporter of the red beret -- tells us ... "[Those evil people] have been arrested for doing this before, and if they get out of hand here in L.A., we'll see to it that it happens again, and I'll be signing their arrest documents."

As TMZ first reported, the funeral is set to go down later today -- we're told the Angels are currently "getting ready."

Stay tuned.


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What is wrong with this church that they have so much hatred. I am a christian and would never think of treating anyone this way. This is not a church that is following the way of life that the lord told his people to live. This is nothing but hatred and they will have to answer for this. I applaud the Guardian Angels for stepping up and putting themselves between these idiots and the funeral.

1272 days ago


WBC spouts nothing but hate. To call yourself a religion is absurd and without a doubt shows that you people live in fear of what the world is becoming in your minds. Maybe you should change your name to the Westboro Satanist Club. Yeah, that should suit your group just fine. And as for the red berets, as long as they don't instigate them to violence and keep their distance, yet still block them from the mourners view, I'm all for their presence

1272 days ago


@6 dude name of church is Westboro Baptist Church. BAPTIST where does it say they are Catholic.

1272 days ago

fioo hoos    

They are all dead...who cares who hurts the dead?.So she said howdty2 a gay guys once in her lifetime half of hollyahoo is gay she would have to too work in that dirty dumb little rat hole town.Stop hypin a fight Timmy zee or they all will kick yourt tassies gay or whatnotevers.

1272 days ago

And thats the truth    

One of these days the leader of father of this cult disquised as a Baptist Church is going to kick off. I say there should be the largest disruption to happen at his funeral. Someone should throw a party on the streets and play music and wear party hats.

They picketed at a soldiers funeral and the dad of the fallen soldier lashed out at them. They SUED him, because the kids are attorneys and won around $100,000.00. This is how they make their money. The father of the fallen soldier was on Bill O'Reilly and Bill paid the bill for the father. I dont see MSNBC doing things like that.

1272 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

50# ya i know honest mistake corrected on 22#

52# Crazy they're just baiting people to take a swing and use our "justice" system to cash in.My god i can't imagine anyone saying something to my dead love ones like that it's depressing that people like this existed.Nice of O'Reilly to do that ya other news origination won't do that.

1272 days ago

Glen S    

Reverend Phelps used to be Ricky Martin's fan club director!

1272 days ago


In memoriam:

and, these people will come to her funeral

(I denounce the actions of the WBC as offensive, to say the least.)

1272 days ago


I live in Topeka where these people are from and I just want to say we all hate them too. They protested my high school all the time because we had a gay-straight alliance club. They're always out in front of churches and cemetery's during funerals here and I'm so sick of them. Just want to let people know not all people in Kansas are insane.

1272 days ago


Do these people ever stay home and do good deeds around the city? Anybody this homophobic has some issues they need to address,and then.......... come out! I see protest at their own funerals when that time comes.

1272 days ago


What make these jerks think that what they are doing isnt evil. They are worse than the people they are protesting. They bother innocent mourners. They are the ones that are going to go to Hell. I like the comment about when they protest, have another group come and stand in front of them and b lock all access to their protest. They are all more evil than the causes they think they are protesting.

1272 days ago


The news channels, TMZ, no one seems to have figured it out yet; Everytime someone runs a story about these sick s***bag hate mongers, they WIN. TMZ has put up an article mentioning their name, their views and essentially giving them exposure, good or bad, to as many people as they can. When the Tucson shootings occurred they threatened to protest at Christina Green's funeral and they called it off when they got an on camera interview with a news network. We have to completely ignore these A-holes or they get the last laugh. It doesnt matter if the entire country hates the Westboro Baptist Church or not. All they want is a free podium to stand in front of and spew their hate speech at the world. TMZ if you really feel how you do, and how most Americans do, you wont even put up a story about it. No more articles, no more pictures, no more interviews. Ignore these parasites so that soon enough no one will know their names. They will fade into non existance and society can move forward.

1272 days ago


What they do is sick and pathetic, but the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. So instead of making threats saying they should be killed, be smart and beat them at their own game. Show up to protest them. Be more vocal. Make signs about how much God hates them and their bigotry. Instead of resorting to violence or wishing the government would strip them of a right that you also hold dear, just turn the tables on them. It's been done already at soldier's funerals. Pretty soon they will get sick of coming to protest if no one can see them.

1272 days ago


One of these days, these so called "baptists" are going to protest at the wrong funeral and they are either going to get shot or have their asses whipped. I can't wait till it happens, because then I'm going to laugh all day! They don't have the guts to pull that crap where I live.

1272 days ago


All the WCRs achieve with their antics is that "christian love" equals hate which is not what their god had in ind.

1272 days ago
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